g. bisco wrote:
> g. bisco wrote:
> > Once dead the dog usually has a lot of fun
> The DUCK! Once the DUCK is dead! Not the dog!
> --
> Gina
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But..the dog will be a dead duck if he doesn't stop ducking the ducks!!

Sorry I couldn't help myself but this was kind of going into that tongue
twisting humor.

I know that dogs naturally chase anything that runs on the ground and is
small. a friend of mine acquired a rottie because of the same situation
you had except the rottie scared the chickens to death and didn't eat
them.  Maybe a shock collar(I know I'm going to get my fanny burnt for
this)on low voltage that anytime he gets near them..give him alittle
jolt.  I don't know...but it worked for my friends who's retriever
wouldn't bring the ducks back and started chewing on them.

Pattie, Maddie and Hannah(forever chases those darn chipmunks)