A woman down in TN has lost her farm collie Chip and is still looking for him. I've created a web page for him at: - for those without web access, he's a fairly collieish looking dog, lower ears and lighter than full rough coat but otherwise very collieish.

Identifiying marks include: 

       Partial white mane (starts at top of right shoulder and continues through chest,
       stopping at bottom of right shoulder) 
       4 white feet 
       white tip on tail 
       black stripe running down ridge of nose & black "mask", tan eyebrows and
       muzzle, tan in legs. 
       Was wearing a collar (blue nylon with fabric decorative strip sewn on)
       identification and phone numbers in indelible ink on back of collar, collar had
       rabies tag (it expired in July) 


Please call 615-300-6535 (car phone with voice mail, please leave
message and a return number) or email Vivi Miller at
[log in to unmask])