At 12:06 PM -0500 10/27/98, Doreen DeCosmis Wayne wrote:

>ARE YOU KIDDING!  Chelsy doesnt SHUT UP sometimes, especially when being
>ignored around other people.  Either she is barky or just a spoiled BRAT!

 aussies and shelties are also often "barky".

        When I take my dogs in to the woods, Bess, my deaf and nearly blind
13 year old aussie, will smell something (or imagine she smells something)
and prance off the trail a couple feet and bark in the general direction of
whatever she thinks she senses. Or maybe she's just doing it cuz it is fun.
Robb, my other aussie, will race off barking some to let the other dogs
know she's on the trail. Quinn will take off (and pass Robb) but he never
barks until he's actually on to something or has it up a tree. Randy would
also start off after Robb but he wasn't really capable of a full tilt rush
through the underbrush so he'd get part way in to the woods and just bark
encouragment. (meanwhile Bess would have lost interest and started eating
some dead or disgusting thing...).
        Robb is the one who barks if she isn't getting attention and barks
at people who come in the drive. Randy only barked if the other dogs
barked. Quinn only barks if someone he doesn't know comes in the yard.