Traveler is so similiar to Chelsy.  She is getting that thick winter coat
now, a lot more sable and black, especially more sable in the face.  She is
50lbs. now.....almost 10 lbs. more than Chipper was.

Question?  Chelsy is more a people dog than a!  Meaning, she does
not socialize or get rough at playtime with other dogs, she loves a good
chase though, for those than can keep up, but she is such a primadonna, she
hates to get pushed around and funny.....the other dogs dont bother her at
all, I think they know she doesnt like it.......she does not bite or get
nasty but she shows her teeth with this really scary face when they start to
annoy her and I just laugh, she would never bite another unless they try
first.  She walks around the group........sniffing around and minding her
own it safe to assume its a herding thing?  But most of
all if I want to walk away and go back to my car to leave, she goes for my
ankles barking as almost to yell at me like "I dont want to leave
yet"......yet she doesnt play with the other dogs.  She loves to play with
people......but when they have dogs with them she doesnt go near them
because she is afraid they (the dog) will push her out of the way.  She
barks at dogs and plays the role of a tough girl from the car, but if I let
her out I know she wont play.  She'll run away.  She doesnt like to play
rough at all with dogs, but I can easily wrestle with her or anyother person
for that fact.  When dogs are walking towards her she sits and waits for
them to come to her with the face of an ANGEL!

Does anyone else deal with this similiar personality in there dog?

Sometimes I think she was a Queen in a past life.

Just curious.  Doreen
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Date: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 7:00 PM
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>go to:
>Traveler is darker, no light guard hairs on his back, and the black goes
>farther down his legs.
>Compare to:
>> > >Traveler is in his summer coat, it is black with red roots, sable
>> but
>> > >guard hairs are all bicolored, red at the root.  His undercoat is real
>> > >light
>> >
>> >         hmm, I was thinking he'd lighten up. I thought his puppy coat
>> > very dramatic and I think it's cool he's kept it. How much did he end
>> > weighing and how much do you think Dixie will weigh?
>> >
>> >         jan
>> Traveler weighs about 65 and Dixie will likely mature around 50.
>> Jacob is not quite as big as Traveler.
>> Elaine