At 11:34 PM -0400 4/28/99, Dean Mair wrote:

>No direct information but from what I've heard he is concerned about
>health. I don't know how much testing is done but I heard at least one of
>the bitches he selected to lease was based on some health criteria.

        as the most famous collie (even if show breeders cringe every time
they see him) Lassie could do a lot for promoting collie health issues...

>I wouldn't say it was a vague attention to detail. The amount of white,
>including the blaze, are a requirement. One thing about Howard vs Pal,
>Hollywood rules. I heard that after Pal, the dogs were larger because the
>child actors got bigger and they wanted to maintain the size ratio.

        Howard and Spook have/had very different blazes than Pal and the
rest. And Howard at least, in my opinion,  lacks the grace and spark of
Pal, it's more than just size and look, soemthing is different, something
is missing. Pal and the early Lassie clones seemed different. Howard just
seems like a big fluffy dog.
>It is reported that Pal came from Glamis Kennels, a show breeder, and was
>sold as a pet because of his large blaze and big eyes. I personally
>consider him a poster child for the Classic Victorian Collie.

        don't worry - we won't tell anyone....
        gee, maybe we should change the name of the list to "the collie