Your collie sounds special and wonderful and beautiful!  I happily found the
farm/victorian collie website a few weeks ago and have been lurking in the
shadows enjoying so much reading of everyones' love of collies and what they
used to be and their desire to bring them back.  The history of collies
fascinates me and I too love the collie look from days past, and had not
known that collies like that can still be found.  Funny--since we had a
collie that died last fall at the age of 12 who I now realize was more of a
farm collie type.  He was a bit on the small side as male collies go even by
today's standards, weighing 55 lbs or so, but he had a shorter and wider
face, pricked ears, a tail that curled up over his back.  And he was an
orange sable and white, but with no blaze.  I used to think that maybe he
was part malamute or husky because of his tail, but regardless, he was a
gorgeous dog.

In looking at collies on the internet since our collie died, I had found not
one single collie that is of the farm or victorian type.  That is, until
joining this list.  Every collie site I had found has collies with either
the long pointy nose or the blunted or squared off nose.  Type and size vary
from one part of the country to another. They are all beautiful as to me all
collies are, but not what I remember seeing as a child just 35 years ago.
Lassie of course was my hero(ine) and while that collie type may not be the
true victorian type, I've learned that Lassie would never be a show winner
these days.  The blaze and white paws are two of my favorite characteristics
of a collie and they among other characteristics of Lassie are a no-no by
today's standards.

We have three collies now, puppies of different ages.  The girl has a narrow
pointed face and the boys have more blunted noses.  They are all beautiful
to me, and I would not part with a one of them, but in my love of collies I
hope to breed a line of collies of the old fashioned type, if I can ever
find someone of like interest who would join with me in the venture.

Well, who knows what the collie of tomorrow will be?  As fashions come and
ago, perhaps the collie type from times past will return and in a few years
will be the preferred type for show standard!


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> Hello!  My name is Laura Plumley, I live on a 200 acre farm in southern
> West Virginia.  I was thrilled to find a web site dedicated to the type of
> Collie I have always loved.  I own a 4 year old male(it took me a while to
> find one like him) that has the build of the Sunnybank dogs.  He is a deep
> orange and white sable with a full blaze on his face( I love this marking)
> and stands about 26 1/2 inches at the shoulder.  My husband uses him to
> herd our cattle with.  Our cows can be mean to dogs but Sonny will not
> down.  He is the perfect farm dog, he is not dog aggressive nor does he
> to kill chickens ect.  He stays on the porch while I'm inside and never
> leaves my side while I am out.  I would love to hear from other Collie
> people out there too.  I also own a Sheltie, Border Collie, and German
> Shepherd.
> Laura