Hi all,

Erika du Bois in Nova Scotia has 7 tricolor pups out of Ladybird
(daughter of Hawleyville Prince) and Max (tri ES from Kaschaks). Erika
is especially excited about these becuase physically they resemble
Prince, and two of them are marked just like Prince's father, Kennedy's
King. They are 6 weeks old now. I believe she said 5 girls and 2 boys.
She said Max is a doting father.

She had no trouble placing her last litter locally and placed in the
homes she believed were most interested in possibly helping to carry on
the line. But  now she thinks it may not be possible to keep the line
going by depending on ly on people in the local area. So she is
especially interested in getting some of these pups into homes that are
really interested in preservation, even if they are far from her. She is
willing to ship when they are old enough, not before 8 weeks and I think
she said she'd prefer to wait until 10 weeks to ship, but you'd have to
talk to her about that of course.

If any of you are interested in talking to her, email me and I will give
you her phone number, or else you can give me yours and I'll pass it on
to her. She is hard to reach right now, because of lambing, and said
best time to reach her is between 6 and 7 am, her time.

Iff she sends pictures in the next day or two, I might get them around
end of next week.

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