At 09:25 AM 4/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Another curious thought...I might have asked this one before, I can't
>Is your farm collie incrediably responsive to you?  Once again, I'm not sure
>if this is just her personality or a whole farm collie thing.
>But it surprizes me every time a dog person who has worked with dogs for 20
>or 40 years stops & expresses their shock at how responsive she is to me.
>So far everyone acts like this is very unusual.  But none of them have ever
>been around ES or OTFS either.  So I wondered if other farm collies are like
>I take this wonderful behavior for granted & am spoiled to it.  Figure I'd
>better start bracing myself for dog #2 if this is unusual.
>Kay----------My Border Collie is like that.  She hangs on every word I
say....rarely leaves my side, and when I speak, looks deep into my eyes with
a wonderful head tilt, hoping that I will say something concerning her, or
ask her to do something.  She really knows how to get into my heart and