At 11:36 AM -0400 5/7/99, Kathi Tesarz wrote:

>Is Lucky the Collie that Jan posted about?  Her/his head looks just like

        Yje dog I posted about yesterday is Wyn, but I did think Lucky
looked alot like Mica, the collie that was lost in AZ in January. I popped
back and forth and back and forth between the two pictures for a while and
Mica has more white (although the picture of Lucky isn't too great) but I
was sure hoping it was Mica that was on that page.

        I couldn't find any more details on Ebony other than the short
sentence, amybe I missed a link. There was a bi-black sheltie came through
ES rescue (on the way to BC rescue) nearly two years ago. He didn't survive
his heartworm treatment, alas. Is bi-black more common with shelties?