At 8:08 AM -0400 5/12/99, Joan Neidhardt wrote:
>Thanks for the ideas on links for collies.    Lassie (all 8 generations) was
>awarded Honors Dog and Hall of Fame titles by the AWCA last year.   The CCA
>has given Lassie so many awards over the years I lose track!    Maybe I'll
>mention the awards, which give the names of the organizations and people
>could always use a search engine from there to find them!

        that's a good solution... in my nastier moments I would be tempted
to put a notice that said something like: "We would have liked to have
linked to CCA's website but they denied us permission."

Your method is much nicer.

I don't really understand why the CCA doesn't want you linking to them but
there are so many things I don't understand Iguess I won't lose sleep about