I am happy to say I'm finally seeing a gradual improvement in Hidi's work.
Last night (the ducks were allowed to 'escape' into the dark yard) I started
Hidi once to get the ducks out of the cedars - she came out without them &
wanted/tried to work from the come by side, but I called her back & re-sent
her on away to me.  A huge mile stone for me - once I gave the command, I
kept my mouth shut & let her work!  I just stood there & she brought them
out.  She started to whip around & stopped them to bring them back to me,
but I called out "put 'em up" & she did just that.  Now, it wasn't
technically correct, nor did it look good.  For some reason I don't
understand, just as they are entering the coop she wants to get to the front
and stand in the doorway while they pass by her into the coop.  Looks like
she's counting heads.  ha.  But - not only does it look messy - but they
split & this time some took off again.

Another huge mile stone - I was still back at the cedars @ 70 feet away! (&
not saying a word)  She went after the ones who didn't go in - brought one &
put it up.  At this point she came a few strides to me & was looking at me
so I indulged myself & gave the command 'look back'.  She went out for the
others (they were hiding out of site) & did a good job of putting them up.
I clicked when the last duck went in.  She got her treat a moment later.
I'm not sure what's made the difference, more confidence, me using her to
work more, or what, but she's becoming less & less interested in the food
reward - sometimes opting to continue working & ignoring the food treat.

After that I went to the next pen (keeping some males separated) and used
her to "hold" them in the pen while I left the gate open & did all of the
chores.  At one point I had to go down to the house & refill the water
bucket - I wasn't sure what she'd do since I haven't worked with this
concept much.  But I was glad to see her still holding the gate & waiting
for me when I came back.  click & treat for her  The c/t ends the behavior -
so soon as I clicked she went in wanting to work them.  But when I said
that'll do she quit & came out of the pen.  c/t - good dog!

Over all I've been real pleased with the progress.

BTW - I have 3 or 4 extra males for sale.


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