August 2009


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Izaguine <[log in to unmask]>
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Coalition Against Tobacco Student Activists <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 29 Aug 2009 18:17:26 +0200
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 his usual morning greeting,-- "I've got so'thin' for you naow, Miss
Lucindy. You're a master-hand for pets, but I'll bet a red cent you
ha'n't an idee what I've got for ye naow!" "I'm sure I can't tell,
Israel," said she; "you'll have to let me see it." "Well," said he,
lifting up his coat and looking carefully behind him as he sat down on
the settle, lest a stray kitten or chicken should preoccupy the bench,
"you see I was down to Orrin's abaout a week back, and he hed a litter
o' pigs,--eleven on 'em. Well, he couldn't raise the hull on 'em,--'t
a'n't good to raise more 'n nine,--an' so he said, ef I'd 'a' had a
place o' my own, I could 'a' had one on 'em, but, as't was, he guessed
he'd hev to send one to market for a roaster. I went daown to the barn
to see 'em, an' there was one, the cutest little critter I ever sot eyes
on, and I've seen more 'n four pigs in my day,--'t was a little
black-spotted one, as spry as an ant, and the dreffullest knowin' look
out of its eyes! I fellowshipped it right off, and I said, says I,
'Orrin, ef you'll let me hev that 'ere little spotted feller, I'll git a
place for him, for I do take to him consarnedly.' So he said I could,
and I fetched him hum, and Miss Slater and me we kinder fed him up for a
few days back, till he got sorter wonted, and I'm