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UVM Conservation Biology Discussion Group <[log in to unmask]>
Christopher Joseph Gorman <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 17 Apr 2007 16:58:32 -0400
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UVM Conservation Biology Discussion Group <[log in to unmask]>
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(Hi Guys, This is a letter from a colleague of mine Linda Leeds which
includes further excerpts from my writings explaining more of the consequences
of my theory,  Best, Chris Gorman).


I agree with you, Sala (and serveral others on Listserv).

At first I thought I Chris Gorman's Biological theory of evil was highly
fallacious--but two of my colleagues made the following type of chart in our
department conference room on our table at a meeting--and it changed our lives.
 So I'll give the basic outline for how to make it so that everyone can begin to
get their heads around this theory--it isn't going away.  The world we live in
is not what we think it is.

And Chris Gorman is going to help lead us out of it with his company's work he
says, which I'll take to the bank for now.  But as an academic educator in any
field, his theory is in biology which is outside my main area of philosophy,
but now that I understand it--it is my duty to spread it to all others I
encounter in my work and personally so that we can all make steps to overcome
the slave world we live in (until we get out of it).

We called the chart a 'Gorman-diagram' in honor of Mr. Gorman's theory (I am
sure soon Dr. Gorman).  We took a large piece of paper, the kind we use for
presentations in our conference room and laid it across the main table in the
room (so as to have lots of room to write); and we each took a pen.

Then, we drew a big set of circles around the permiter of the paper which left
room for a big central circle--

This is just like a venn diagram, except we draw the separate elements in the
outside circles and then what everything has in common in the center--and this
is because it is impossible to figure out everything in your head before you
map everything out--we left the chart out for a week and would go back and add
things to the central circle when the connections dawned on us.

Essentially, we had 4 or 5 outside circles and the outside ones were categories
(to be filled-in freely by the participants, in brainstorming fashion, you can
almost make it a game--it's definitely fun to do--because the theory works so
perfectly once you understand it):

Outside Circle Categories (types of categories):

Political History --kings queens, dictators, empires, countries, presidents,
their actions all that stuff in political history.
Entertainment History --everything from religions in world history, other types
of mythology, folklores, ideologies of various cultures and societies, stuff
from art, music, theatre, dance, opera, rock'n roll, movies, all entertainment
stuff from history.
History of Technology--self explanatory.
The Facts of Modern Times--basically all the other categories rolled into one
but specifically referencing the modern-day setups of our lives, governments,
ecnomies, societies, etc. (which, of course, have been grandfather to us from
all the past stuff)
And finally,
 How elements from the outside circles now fit together perfectly applying the
simple axioms of the biological theory--
We were amazed at how many we fit together in the center circle over the course
of the week--it is astounding how everything in the course of human history and
in the setups of modern times fits together under it.

And we reserved a special red marker for--if during the week, one of the
elements from one of the outside circles somehow fundamentally disproved
everything that was in the big circle--we were going to circle the element in
the outside circle, draw a curved line (for clarity) to the big circle from it
and then cross out the whole big circle in red ink had something come up that
would disprove it--we never needed to pick up the red marker.  Still haven't,
and we have the diagram hanging on the wall of the conference room still for

Part of people's confusion about understanding this theory lies in the fact that
it exists on a more fundamental level with the physical constructs of the
societies in which we live with the physical infrastructure and laws that
supposedly 'bind' us than most people realize.  It is hard to see past at
first--but remember that all technology since the dawn of mankind has been
corrupted by this--since one of the tenets of Chris Gorman's theory is that
evil existed as part of the initial genepool of humanity--certain individuals
of the species had it from the beginning.

But because of modern science now we are able to truly realize what is going
on--with genetics.  In comes Chris Gorman.  This evil we all know deep down in
our souls is different than our true human values--feels that way for a reason.
 This is indeed  the same animal as the 'original sin' described in the bible.
Paul (formerly Saul), like George Orwell and Chris Gorman (hopefully soon all
of you)--understood this as well, and that is why he created the fictional
story of Jesus and wrote the new testament (he and his employees basically
wrote the whole thing as far as we know, and it makes sense with this)--and
injected into Judaism, he had the enslavement of them by the evil Roman Empire
and jewish cult leaders being persecuted as the perfect smoke screen to
pursuade others that there was a real person for those who needed that as

He travelled around the whole Mediterranean promoting the truth of Christianity;
because he knew that the struggle between good and this disease of evil was so
close--so close a battle that humanity would need to look for indivdual leaders
throughout human history who were putting together projects in the slave
societies to help free humanity from its enslavement by the original sin of
evil forever, so that humanity might not die but have eternal life.

So who is this liberator, the main person, has he/she already come--the main
person, yes.  It is not Chris Gorman, he just will be finishing up the job of
eliminating the last remnants of evil forever in our lifetimes.

Aside from the whole of the industrial revolution itself in the West--Gorman
explains that the principal eliminator of the disease of evil in recent history
(for all time really) was in fact Karl Marx.  He explains:

"The entire Communist Manifesto, when read from a modern perspective (looking
back on the twentieth century, and now with China) has nothing to do with
economics at its core as a system--it is a system of government--one which
practices the pure will of totalitarianism and absolute despostism to a degree
greater and more absolutely than has ever existed in the history of the world.
What claimed to overthrow fuedalism was creating immediately a system far more
autocratic and complteley authoritarian in its structure than feudalism ever

Indeed in the structure of communism lies a fundamental deception.  In fact, in
the light of my recent discovery of the biological basis of human evil,
communism fits into this idea as well in the following way--the communist
manifesto is the perfect description, in a form of government, of the way evil
operates to setup things to cause destruction.  With its operation as a
deception that toward the masses--and disguising itself in the notion of
comparing it to the American Revolution, using the word revolution to evoke the
positive reaction in the reader, when really it is a destructive system.  It
includes the deception that all evil despotic system use that is somehow
well-meaning in the wrong and somehow meaning to benefit the people--but it is
a total lie from the drawing board.  It is a system setup so that the eye and
will of big brother is able to act upon any individual in the slave state
completely--in which the dictator has absolute, unquestioned power over life
and death of all his subjects.

    The manifesto has red flags all over it in this way (no pun intended).
"Dictatorship of the proletariat"--what madness.  Thus the system communism is
so in accordance with the nature of the way evil operates that it appears (or
would appear to an evil person I conjecture) as if the document were in fact
written by an evil person.

     But it wasn't.  Karl Marx created Communism as a tool to beat evil.  And it
worked.  It already happened.  In the twentieth century and no one realized it
yet.   Until now.  It rounded them up--he knew the theory would be dicredited
and would therefore expose evil people all over the world whom he knew would
want to us it as a system--because: working with/in a communist government is
instant employment for evil.  Evil people would have almost no choice but to
use it.  And that is exactly what happened in the twentieth century.   If you
understand my theory about the way, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Kim Il Sung, Che
Guevara could have actually caused much more destruction to the world behind
the scenes as uknowns--what happened helped the world--and no one realized it
at the time.  When wew were looking up at Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi
Amin, Imelda Marcos, Obote, they were actually the ones enslaved by us.

Evil has already been beaten.  The genetic disease is so marginalised at this
point that it is just the systems we need to get out of.

Karl Marx was a genius.  I would not have thought of what he did--he was truly

Indeed, though not by the mechanism we had at first understood--we in the end
shall be living in a 'Marxist Paradise' in the future because of the work he
did.  And we have Mr. Marx himself to thank.

Chris Gorman"


Linda Leeds
Associate Director
Bundt Philosophy Library
Austin, Texas

"Treat everyone around you with an extraordinary amount of respect.  Because
it is only by complete and absolute happenstance that you are not instead the
other person."
          -C.J.Gorman (from personal email greeting)

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"Treat everyone around you with an extraordinary amount of respect.  Because
it is only by complete and absolute happenstance that you are not instead the
other person."
          -C.J.Gorman (from personal email greeting)