March 2001


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Mike Austin <[log in to unmask]>
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Departmental Technology Coordinators <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 14 Mar 2001 10:25:43 -0500
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On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Tim Raymond wrote:

> I would like to not provide a machine for domain name service however
> I would like to be able to make updates to our records myself so I can
> make sure it is done when I need it.  I feel confident that I am
> capable of upgrading records. It makes sense to merge our records onto
> the DNS servers CIT uses.  We could set up sccs or rcs (I prefer sccs)
> to maintain locks on files so that two people aren't editing at once.

We could definitely look into this.  Since this is an issue specific to
EMCF (for the most part), let's talk about the technical aspects of
merging DNS "off line".

As for email ...

> I would like to not have to supply a machine for an email server, but
> I need to support our usernames

What do you mean by support your usernames exactly?  You want to retain
the [log in to unmask] addresses?  How closely do your usernames map to
our usernames?  We'd have to work on syncing this.

> we don't have quotas on our mail files.

We have quotas on the INBOX only.  That's set to 10MB.  All other mail
folders don't have a quota.  Would that meet your needs?  We are
considering increasing the INBOX quota to something larger like 15MB this
summer, but haven't evaulated the impact yet.  Do you have thoughts about
INBOX quotas?

> We use elm,pine,eudora,outlook,netscape and mail to read email.

We offer Pine services.  Over 50% of our users use Pine to read their
email.  Built in support for LDAP queries against our LDAP database.

We allow any IMAP or POP application (eudora,outlook,netscape,etc...).
We offer SSL and non-SSL versions of POP and IMAP so users can encrypt
their sessions if they want.

We also offer Webmail via SSL.  Webmail is slow, so we're looking for ways
to speed that up.  But it's a fairly function rich webmail client, with
full access to all your Pine/IMAP mail folders, and LDAP query support.

We don't have elm installed because very few people used it, and it had a
new security hole every month for a while back a few year ago.  If there
was a strong desire to have elm installed, we could probably do that.  I
haven't looked at elm in many years, so I'd need to make sure it would
integrate well into our DFS environment.

'mail' technically can be used as well.  But YUCK.  :)

> Some of our users have their own mail servers so we have to support
> sending their mail to the proper place.

How do you do that now?  With .forward files in their central accounts, or
via seperate mail addresses ([log in to unmask] versus raymond@emba)?
Whatever you do now, we can probably do as well.

> Our users need to be able to use pop/imap from afar.

No problem.  In fact, they can use SSL versions of POP and IMAP from afar,
and secure their passwords over the Internet.  They could also access the
Webmail interface from afar if they were at a conference where they only
had access to a web browser.

If you have any specific needs not talked about here, or any comments
about the above, please let me know.