March 2001


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Hope Greenberg <[log in to unmask]>
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Thu, 1 Mar 2001 13:40:55 -0500
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> As chair of the yet to be formed, much anticipated, when the heck is
> Andrew going to get it going, IT Communications Committee, what I'd
> like to see is Advocats used as the central IT announcement and yes,
> discussion, list.  The culture should be "if it wasn't announced on
> Advocats, then it doesn't exist".

Is Advocats' subscription list still primarily dept. IT folk? Aren't
there plenty of other UVMers who might like to get IT announcements and
who are subscribed to one or more of the lists already mentioned but not
to ADVOCATS? I'm not sure fewer lists is the answer. It would be hard to
consolidate IT issues as they cut across so many areas of the
university. And people don't always interpret a list's purpose
identically so there are posts that seem "off topic" to some. Also, the
desire to set up a new list that is "just right" seems to be so much a
part of the human psyche that list proliferation seems inevitable. (Hey,
wait a minute, it's not just lists: there's program proliferation,
department proliferation, college proliferation, administrative position
proliferation, etc.--a real UVM tradition!)

Anyway, if there were to be list consolidation, I'd lay it out like this:

IT-ANNOUNCE: moderated; announcements of UVM specific IT topics,
meetings, projects, infrastructure changes

IT-GEEKS:  unmoderated. Ask your Word, HTML, PHP, Mac, Win, LINUX, etc.
questions here.

IT-PLAN: for discussion of long-term UVM IT plans, possibilities,
futures, etc.

IT-COOL (or IT-STEVE): a place to post and discuss the neato-keen new IT
stuff that is perpetually in the geeks favorite "real soon now" category

- Hope (who will not weigh in on the index.htm/.html debate other than
to say there seems to be a definite magical learning connection between
people understanding the concept of index.html and people understanding
the importance of naming conventions, file and directory structure, file
management, and what URLs really are)

P.S. to Wes:  jpeg, because it include the experts. Without them it's
just a bunch of instant camera shutterbugs.