February 2004


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Mary Coleman Howland <[log in to unmask]>
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Choice Coalition <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 20 Feb 2004 08:31:19 -0500
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Hi Guys,
This is an interesting article about a Pro-Life demo that is being organized to
counter out Abortion Rights March on April 25. Infuriating!

RightMarch Plans Counter-Protest Rally Against Liberal March in DC
> By Jimmy Moore
> Talon News
> February 11, 2004
> A conservative political action group is planning "the biggest
> counter-protest in history" in April to combat a liberal rally planned
> for Washington, DC on April 25, 2004.
> RightMarch, which has led the fight against leftist groups like
> and International ANSWER over the past year, has organized
> a conservative rally on April 23-25 in the capital of the United
> States.
> Their rally will coincide with a planned event by a group of the
> nation's most "radical left-wing groups" on April 25, including the
> American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for the Separation of
> Church and State, the Democratic Socialists of America,,
> the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association/Freedom From
> Religion Foundation, Feminist Majority, the Feminist Peace Network,
> and the Hillary Rodham Clinton Support Network.
> Other groups participating in the liberal rally include the
> International Socialist Organization, MS. Magazine, NARAL, the
> National Education Association, the National Gay and Lesbian Task
> Force, New Yorkers Say No To War, the National Organization for Women
> (NOW), Planned Parenthood Federation of America, People for the
> American Way, Progressive Majority, Refuse & Resist, Secular Coalition
> for America, Socialist Alternative, and the Young Democratic
> Socialists.
> RightMarch said they will be ready for the "tens of thousands of
> radical liberals" who have organized a march from the Lincoln Memorial
> to the National Mall because of a "critical mistake" made by the
> organizers of the liberal event.
> "They failed to secure the sidewalks midpoint along their parade
> route, and we now have a permit for eight blocks of sidewalk on either
> side of Pennsylvania Avenue, from 15th Street to 7th!" RightMarch
> boasts in an e-mail to supporters.
> Dubbing the event by the left-wing groups the "March of the Radical
> Leftists," RightMarch says it is thrilled that the liberals "will have
> to pass through eight blocks of peaceful, hard-working, patriotic
> Americans holding up various signs and banners promoting conservative
> values and denouncing all that these socialists hold dear."
> Calling their counter-protest "Operation Witness," RightMarch says,
> "It will be a powerful witness for Truth!"
> Estimating the cost of conducting the counter-protest to run in the
> hundreds of thousands of dollars, RightMarch is asking for people who
> share their concern about these liberal groups to join them.
> "We are devoting extensive time, resources and energy to ensuring that
> the 'March of the Radical Leftists' is a public relations disaster for
> them, and a complete success for our conservative cause," RightMarch
> writes in the e-mail. "We must witness for the Truth."
> RightMarch admits this will be a daunting challenge for the
> conservative political action group, but they are ready to give
> conservatives an opportunity to "confront the legions of
> 'hate-America' liberalism."
> "[T]he time has come for the 'silent majority' to speak up loud and
> clear, and to let these out-of-touch whackos know that we will no
> longer sit idly by while they occupy our streets carrying signs
> comparing President Bush to Hitler or some other such nonsense," the
> e-mail exclaims.
> Pooling their efforts with the Society for Truth and Justice,
> RightMarch says they believe they will be ready to have plenty of
> "patriotic Americans taking a stand for what's right."
> "This battle, at this moment in our history matters," the e-mail
> contends.
> Describing this as a literal battle that will "inspire our troops" and
> "demoralize theirs," RightMarch believes the battle between liberalism
> and conservatism is as contentious as it has ever been in the United
> States.
> "Operation Witness" will include food, a music concert and training
> sessions for getting active in your local community on Friday night.
> On Saturday, the participants will have the opportunity to engage in
> "peaceful, legal demonstrations at local abortion clinics" during the
> day followed by a worship service at night.
> Then on Sunday, described as "the big day," there will be a prayer
> service on the Mall followed by lining up along the parade route where
> the liberal march will pass by.
> "We will stand as witnesses against the forces of liberalism and
> socialism, closing with a farewell service at 5:00 pm," the e-mail
> explains.
> More information on RightMarch counter-protest, can be found on the
> "Operation Witness" website.
> Brendan O'Neill
> ACERCA campaigner
> Action for Social and Ecological Justice
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> (802) 864-8203 Fax
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