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May 2001, Week 2


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Cathy Wolfson <[log in to unmask]>
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Cathy Wolfson <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 11 May 2001 16:03:42 -0700
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On Fri, 11 May 2001, Debbie Skolnik wrote:

> Hi Cathy,
> Re your question about Jack Cooper's Ph.D., it's in Human Development with a
> special focus on Health Care Administration.  He's finishin up a M.L.S.
> degree at the moment.  He teaches Health Care Administration at a college on
> Western Connecticut, and has a consulting business in Health Care Admin as
> well.

I conclude from what he posted, and I could be wrong, that the program
he's in emphasizes free market management styles.  I had wondered if his
Ph.D. was in Business Administration.  Nothing wrong with free market
principles per se, but I still stand by my point that hospitals (and other
healthcare delivery points) can only be managed by free market principles
to a point.  And that point has been WAY exceeded in the U.S.A. at this
time.  And what's so ridiculous, and frosts my butt bigtime, is that not
only are people NOT getting the health care they need and deserve, but
we're continually paying MORE for LESS!!!

> Interesting what a hornet's nest has been stirred up by this topic -- I
> confess I expected this to happen.  Unfortunately, we (as librarians) still
> have (collectively) an image problem and most of us are underpaid and
> undervalued for what we do, IMHO.  I really think we need some sort of
> unified public relations campaign to change this image.  Ideally, our
> professional association would be leading it.

I'm all in favor of stirring up hornets' nests!

An idea which I've had for some years is a sit-com.  Starring librarians.
Not just we health sciences librarians but all types.  Each week a weird
and tough question, and Lord knows we get 'em, could be featured, as well
as something interesting going on in the library or the librarian.

You could have as a main protagonist a public librarian who looks slightly
ditzy and maybe in her private life is, but who really nails the
questions, and from time to time refers questions to health sciences
libraries, university libraries, or whatever.  She could have an ongoing
thoroughly wacky romantic involvement.

There would be possibilities for rafts of secondary characters in various
types of libraries with whom she maintains connections.  These librarians
could be of all ages, both genders of course, different appearances,
different types of lifestyles suggested, but all have in common the desire
to help people find information.  Every now and then different roles in
libraries could also be featured, with amusing slants.

I can just see the leadin now.  I have a great gif of a computer sticking
out a huge tongue from its monitor.  Show a harried person with a coffee
cup stained, paper wadded up and overflowing the wastebasket, books,
newspapers, and magazines piled every which way and some open.  At some
point the computer shows the 404 message.  Ominous music like Dragnet or
Twilight Zone or some such.  Ominous voiceover with a message like,
"You've just gotten a bejillion hits.  You've been searching for HOURS.
You can't stand it anymore.   AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!"  Then triumphal
music.  Enter SUPER LIBRARIAN!!!

Hey, it's Friday afternoon, what can I say?

--Cathy     :-)

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