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Wavell Cowan <[log in to unmask]>
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Moretown Educational <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 11:02:40 -0500
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Attached in the normal manner draft minutes of the meeting last night.
Any changes etc. ASAP ... thanks  ... Wavell

{\rtf1\mac\deff2 {\fonttbl{\f2\froman New York;}{\f3\fswiss Geneva;}{\f4\fmodern Monaco;}{\f13\fnil Zapf Dingbats;}{\f16\fnil Palatino;}{\f20\froman Times;}{\f21\fswiss Helvetica;}{\f22\fmodern Courier;}{\f23\ftech Symbol;}{\f1109\fnil Trebuchet MS;} {\f2001\fnil Arial;}{\f2002\fnil Charcoal;}{\f2003\fnil Capitals;}{\f2004\fnil Sand;}{\f2005\fnil Courier New;}{\f2006\fnil Techno;}{\f2010\fnil Times New Roman;}{\f2039\fnil Impact;}{\f2305\fnil Textile;}{\f2307\fnil Gadget;}{\f2515\fnil MT Extra;} {\f4513\fnil Comic Sans MS;}{\f7102\fnil Andale Mono;}{\f7203\fnil Verdana;}{\f10840\fnil Klang MT;}{\f10890\fnil Script MT Bold;}{\f10897\fnil Old English Text MT;}{\f10909\fnil New Berolina MT;}{\f10957\fnil Bodoni MT Ultra Bold;} {\f10967\fnil Arial MT Condensed Light;}{\f12077\fnil Arial Black;}{\f12171\fnil Georgia;}{\f14213\fnil Webdings;}{\f15011\fnil Gill Sans Condensed Bold;}{\f16383\fnil Chicago;}{\f32525\fnil VT100;}{\f32526\fnil TTYFont;}}{\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0; \red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\stylesheet{\sbasedon222\snext0 Normal;}}{\info{\title 3/13/01}{\author Pulmac}} \paperh15860\widowctrl\ftnbj \sectd \sbknone\linemod0\linex0\cols1\endnhere \pard\plain {\f20 MINUTES\par MORETOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING\par Regular Meeting\par Wednesday, February 13th, 2002\par 5:45pm in the library of Moretown Elementary School\par \par }\pard {\f20 DRAFT\par }\pard {\f20 \par }{\f20\ul Present}{\f20 : \par Board members - Kent Holden, Wavell Cowan, Karen Horn, Amy Kuzio, and Deb Hunter.\par Principal - Roberta Barone\par \par Meeting called to order at 5:53 PM by Chair, Kent Holden}{\i\f20 \par }{\f20 \par }{\f20\ul Approval of Mi}{\f20\ul n}{\f20\ul utes}{\f20 \par }\pard {\f20 Wavell moved the adoption of the minutes of the regular January 10th board meeting. The motion was seconded by Deb and unanimously approved. \par }\pard {\f20\ul Board Orders}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Upon a motion by Amy seconded by Wavell the following board orders were unanimously approved for payment: Board Orders #5 for $325.14; #34 for $884.00; #35 for $42,570.39; #36 for $44,395.33; and #37 for $35,509.99\par }\pard {\f20\ul Board Report for Moretown Matters}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The draft material dealing with (a) rising educational costs, and (b) understanding the Moretown budget and its tax implications, for publication in Moretown Matters, was reviewed. After a split decision to delete the last sentence in  part (a) which might have been interpreted as Board disapproval with the proposed Harwood budget, the material was approved for publication. \par }\pard {\f20\ul Teacher/Staff Negotiations}{\f20 \par }\pard {\f20 Kent indicated that due to the illness of union representative Jeff Isham no new negotiations had taken place and this matter should therefore be tabled till the March meeting.\par }\pard {\f20\ul PreTown Meeting}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Kent indicated that it was the responsibility of the school board to chair this years pretown meeting. It will be held in the school gymnasium on Monday, March 4th commencing at 7pm. It was agreed that the set-up used last year (s electboard table and school board table side by side along hallside wall of gymnasium with about 100 chairs in semicircular rows facing the tables) would be employed. Library and classrooms will be open for viewing by meeting attendees.  50 copies of the budget plus 50 copies of a reformat of the Moretown Matters material should be available for the meeting. The meeting agenda will be as follows:\par }\pard {\f20 \par Opening of meeting by Kent.\par Introduction of candidates for election and opportunity for candidate statements.\par School Board agenda:\par Introduction of members by Kent\par Highlights of board activities over the past year by Kent\par Budget overview by Kent followed by discussion\par Action Planning review by Deb\par Newspaper review by Wavell\par Selectboard Agenda: to be confirmed by John Hoogenboom\par Introduction of members by John\par Presentation by Firehouse committee\par Budget presentation and discussion.\par Adjournment by Kent with messages (e.g. classrooms are open for inspection, etc.)\par }\pard {\f20\ul \page Kindergarten Staffing}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The question of projected numbers of students slated for FY2003 Kindergarten was reviewed. Based on these numbers, including three very high needs children, the decision to split the students into two classes for a morning and an afternoo n session and arrange teacher contracts accordingly was approved.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Moretown Matters as a Paper of Record:}{\f20 \par }\pard {\f20 It was moved by Kent, seconded by Deb and unanimously approved that Moretown Matters be established as an alternative paper of record to allow warnings to be legally published in either the Times Argus (current paper of record) or Moretown M atters.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Policy Review Program}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 After discussion it was agreed that for the policies on Fiscal Management (E1), Budgeting (E2), and Risk Management (E5) Deb would develop proposed drafts based on information in the old Moretown, the new  WWSU, and the VSBA model policy statements generally giving authority to the school board or designee. It was furher agreed that the following policies as developed in the draft WWSU policy manual should be warned in Moretown Matters  for public discussion and adoption at the March board meeting: (A1) Policy Development; (A2) Policy Adoption; (A3) Policy Dissemination, Administration and Review; (B1) Board Member education; (B3) Board Member Conflict of Interest ; (C1) Conduct of School Board Meetings; (C2) Public Participation at Board Meetings; (D2) Staff Development; (D4) Personnel Files; (D5) Substitute Teachers: (D6) School Volunteers; (D7) Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace ; (D8) Public Complaints About Personnel; (D9) Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing of Transportation Employees; (E6) Emergency Closings; (E7) Safety and Security; (F1) Student Conduct and Discipline; (F2) Bus Discipline; (F3) Tobacco Prohibition; (F7) Student  Safety; (F9) Alcohol and Drug Abuse; (F10) Child Abuse and Neglect Rporting Protocol; (F11) Comprehensive HIV Ploicy for Schools; (F13) Admission of Resident Students; (F17) Weapons; (G3) Limited English Proficiency Students.\par }\pard {\f20\ul After School Program}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Deb's draft for an advertisement seeking proposals for an after school program to be presented in the Moretown school was approved with minor changes. This will be placed in Moretown Matters  and also submitted for publication in the Times Argus and in the Valley Reporter.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Jan 31st Financial Statement}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Roberta reviewed the statement indicating that there were no surprises, and the current projected fund balance is a comfortable plus $22,559.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Roberta's Five minute Feature}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Roberta reported anecdotally on problem solving mathematical instruction in a grade 1/2 classroom; on her work with a student group developing a survey form for student responses; and on the grade 5/6 students'  planned overnight trip to Ottawa and visits in support of curriculum studies to the Museum of Civilization Mayan exhibit and an IMax viewing on ancient Egypt. In addition, a visit is palnned to the National Gallery of Art.}\par \pard {\f20\ul Ottawa Trip}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The Ottawa trip introduced above was formally authorized by a unanimous vote of the board.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Action Planning}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Deb gave a brief review of how the action planning process is pointing toward an open public meeting on Friday, March 22nd as part of the MACC program.\par }\pard {\f20\ul \page Student Letters re Testing:\par }{\f20 After a discussion of the letters received from Grade 5/6 students expressing a negative attitude toward standardized testing and their concern that the new Federal Education act would increase the amount of this testing, the board expressed the view that current levels of standardized testing meet the requirements of the new act and that they would resist the introduction of any additional testing. It was agreed that each board member would send a response to their assigned student.}{\f20\ul \par }\pard {\f20\ul \par Formal Assessment of Principal}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 An assessment sheet to allow the board to assess the performance of the principal was distributed. Kent asked that all board members fill out this form and submit it to him in a sealed envelope at the next board meeting  so that the information can be passed along to central office for tabulation and review.\par }\pard {\f20 \par }\pard {\f20 }{\f20\ul Adjournment}{\f20 :\par On a motion by Deb seconded by Amy the board meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.\par \par APPROVED\par \par \par \par Date: __________________ _________________________________________\par }\pard {\f20 \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab Wavell Cowan - Board Clerk}\par }