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November 2003


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Wavell Cowan <[log in to unmask]>
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Moretown School Announcements <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 11:23:52 -0500
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{\rtf1\mac\deff2 {\fonttbl{\f2\froman New York;}{\f3\fswiss Geneva;}{\f4\fmodern Monaco;}{\f13\fnil Zapf Dingbats;}{\f16\fnil Palatino;}{\f20\froman Times;}{\f21\fswiss Helvetica;}{\f22\fmodern Courier;}{\f23\ftech Symbol;}{\f1109\fnil Trebuchet MS;} {\f2001\fnil Arial;}{\f2002\fnil Charcoal;}{\f2003\fnil Capitals;}{\f2004\fnil Sand;}{\f2005\fnil Courier New;}{\f2006\fnil Techno;}{\f2010\fnil Times New Roman;}{\f2039\fnil Impact;}{\f2305\fnil Textile;}{\f2307\fnil Gadget;}{\f2515\fnil MT Extra;} {\f4513\fnil Comic Sans MS;}{\f7102\fnil Andale Mono;}{\f7203\fnil Verdana;}{\f10840\fnil Klang MT;}{\f10890\fnil Script MT Bold;}{\f10897\fnil Old English Text MT;}{\f10909\fnil New Berolina MT;}{\f10957\fnil Bodoni MT Ultra Bold;} {\f10967\fnil Arial MT Condensed Light;}{\f12077\fnil Arial Black;}{\f12171\fnil Georgia;}{\f14213\fnil Webdings;}{\f15011\fnil Gill Sans Condensed Bold;}{\f16383\fnil Chicago;}{\f32525\fnil VT100;}{\f32526\fnil TTYFont;}}{\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0; \red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\stylesheet{\sbasedon222\snext0 Normal;}}{\info{\title 8/19/02}{\author Pulmac}} \paperh15860\widowctrl\ftnbj \sectd \sbknone\linemod0\linex0\cols1\endnhere \pard\plain \ri-540 {\f20 \'00\'00\'00MORETOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL\par Regular School Board Meeting Minutes\par Tuesday, November 11th, 2003\par \par FOR APPROVAL\par \par }{\f20\ul Present}{\f20 : \par Board members - Kent Holden, Wavell Cowan, Karen Horn, Deb Hunter, and Mary Nowlan \par Principal - Roberta Barone\par Interim Superintendent - Bob Gerardi\par Senator - Ann Cummings, Representative - Anne Donahue\par Parents - Jamie and Carl Wimble\par \par Meeting called to order at 5:50 pm by Chair, Kent Holden\par \par }\pard {\f20\ul Approval of Minutes}{\f20 : \par }\pard {\f20 Wavell moved the adoption of the minutes of the regular board meeting of October 14th, 2003. The motion was seconded by Karen and approved.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Request for Residency Status}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The Wimbles registered their daughter at the Moretown School at the beginning of the year as they were completing renovations on a house on the Wimble senior property and planned to move from Richmond early in the school year. However, delays have prevented this and now the question of legal status in respect to residency has come up. Kent explained that he is in touch with the Richmond school board and if they are amenable, all is well. If, however, they wish to sustain their legal right to receive the block grant money then the Wimbles will be responsible for paying an equivalent tuitioning fee to Moretown. To strengthen Kent' s hand, the Wimbles indicated that they would move to Moretown before the end of the year even if it meant moving in temporarily with Wimble senior.\par }\pard {\f20 \par The Wimbles departed the meeting at 6:05 pm.\par \par }{\f20\ul Special Education}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 On a motion by Deb seconded by Mary the board unanimously approved the final draft of the Moretown plan for Special Education funding reform, and instructed Wavell to hand deliver a copy to Commissioner Richard Cate during the meeting of the Group with the Commissioner, scheduled for the following morning.\par }\pard {\f20 Wavell explained the current situation to Ann Cummings and Anne Donahue in respect to the findings of the Special Education Funding Study Work Group that Wavell had officially joined as a representative of the Moretown Board. He gave out copies of the Moretown plan. The board requested help from our political representatives to ensure that the Moretown plan received a fair legislative hearing and if appropriate, find a champion to help push the plan to the center of the legislative agenda. Ann/Anne agreed to study the plan and get back in touch with the board.\par }\pard {\f20 \par  Ann Cummings and Anne Donahue departed the meeting at 6:25 pm.\par }\pard {\f20 \par }\pard {\f20\ul Board Orders}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Upon a motion by Mary seconded by Wavell the following board orders were unanimously approved for payment: Board Orders #18 for $96.75; #19 for $46,782.55; #20 for $45,498.93; and #21 for $138,764.18.\par }\pard {\f20\ul WWSU}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 As an aftermath of the WWSU retreat, Bob Gerardi indicated that he is seeking to coordinate two study groups to look at (a) improving the functioning of the WWSU status quo and (b) moving to a single WWSU preK-12 school district . Board members indicated little interest in participating unless it was clear that all boards would participate. Karen felt that continuing dialogue was desirable and was prepa red to see if any creative ideas for a single school district could be developed. Wavell expressed the hope that the current search would result in the hiring of a dynamic superintendent who could then be a powerful driving force for reform.\par }\pard {\f20 The WWSU executive committee has authorized Bob Gerardi to employ whatever part time help he may need in executing any routine tasks related to curriculum coordination , and to see what quality candidates for full time employment might be available. Bob indicated that two seemingly reasonable candidates had applied for the position and an administrative team would be interviewing shortly. \par }\pard {\f20\ul Executive Session}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 On a motion by Kent seconded by Deb, the board moved into executive session at 6:50 pm for the purposes of discussing legal and personnel issue. The board emerged from executive session at 6:55 pm.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Letter from Michelle Baker}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Kent read a letter from the recently departed business manager, Michelle Baker in which she thanked Roberta and the Moretown board for their support during her tenure of office at WWSU.\par }\pard {\f20\ul FY 2005 Budget}{\f20 : \par }\pard {\f20 Roberta distributed copies of the initial draft budget, expressing her appreciation for the efforts in this regard of the new business manager, John Pike. The board scheduled a special meeting for the following Wednesday (Nov 19th, 6:30 pm)  to initiate discussion of budget details. All board members were asked to review the data and e-mail any questions to Roberta by Monday.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Adoption of Warned Policies}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The adoption of the following policies was moved by Deb, seconded by Karen and approved: (F19) Anti Hazing; (F20) Protection of Pupil Rights; and (G11) Internet Access Use.   It was agreed that Deb would finalize the electronic version of the new, completed policy manual and provide this on a floppy disc to Roberta's administrative assistant . She in turn will provide appropriate hard copy manuals or floppy disk copies for school administrators and board members and will be responsible for archiving and the careful future updating of the policy manual.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Hunting on Town School Land}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The Select Board have authorized the posting of a school safety zone in accordance with the plan proposed earlier. Kent indicated that he would organize a po sting team. Wavell volunteered to create some art work for permanent signs to be located at normal entry points to the town-school land in the spring or summer of next year.\par }\pard {\f20 \par Bob Gerardi departed the meeting at 7:55 pm.\par }\pard {\f20 \par }\pard {\f20\ul Community Reports}{\f20 : \par }\pard {\f20 Deb plans to draft a community report describing a grades 1/2 project which has been researching and visiting the one room school houses that originally serviced the various Moretown areas which are now collectively  serviced by busing to the Moretown elementary school. The action planning draft report will be prepared for distribution to parents and also for publication in the Vermont Journal. Kent and Karen will shortly di stribute a draft article on the new multi-district teacher contract.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Action Planning}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The proposed format for standard annual reporting of NSRE assessent scores was approved by the board, subject to changes that might flow from the action planning groups. The question of how to proceed with activating  action planning for this year was discussed. Deb felt that greater community involvement would attend organizing some kind of e-mail or internet chat format. Wavell advocated the concept t hat the community action planning group could be cultivated as a farm system for future school board members. \par \par }\pard {\f20\ul Adjournment}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 On a motion by Kent seconded by Karen the board meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.\par \par \par APPROVED\par \par Date: __________________ _________________________________________\par \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab Wavell Cowan - Board Clerk\par }\pard \par }