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September 2003


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Wavell Cowan <[log in to unmask]>
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Moretown School Announcements <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:22:28 -0400
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{\rtf1\mac\deff2 {\fonttbl{\f2\froman New York;}{\f3\fswiss Geneva;}{\f4\fmodern Monaco;}{\f13\fnil Zapf Dingbats;}{\f16\fnil Palatino;}{\f20\froman Times;}{\f21\fswiss Helvetica;}{\f22\fmodern Courier;}{\f23\ftech Symbol;}{\f1109\fnil Trebuchet MS;} {\f2001\fnil Arial;}{\f2002\fnil Charcoal;}{\f2003\fnil Capitals;}{\f2004\fnil Sand;}{\f2005\fnil Courier New;}{\f2006\fnil Techno;}{\f2010\fnil Times New Roman;}{\f2039\fnil Impact;}{\f2305\fnil Textile;}{\f2307\fnil Gadget;}{\f2515\fnil MT Extra;} {\f4513\fnil Comic Sans MS;}{\f7102\fnil Andale Mono;}{\f7203\fnil Verdana;}{\f10840\fnil Klang MT;}{\f10890\fnil Script MT Bold;}{\f10897\fnil Old English Text MT;}{\f10909\fnil New Berolina MT;}{\f10957\fnil Bodoni MT Ultra Bold;} {\f10967\fnil Arial MT Condensed Light;}{\f12077\fnil Arial Black;}{\f12171\fnil Georgia;}{\f14213\fnil Webdings;}{\f15011\fnil Gill Sans Condensed Bold;}{\f16383\fnil Chicago;}{\f32525\fnil VT100;}{\f32526\fnil TTYFont;}}{\colortbl\red0\green0\blue0; \red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blue0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red255\green255\blue255;}{\stylesheet{\sbasedon222\snext0 Normal;}}{\info{\title 8/19/02}{\author Pulmac}} \paperh15860\widowctrl\ftnbj \sectd \sbknone\linemod0\linex0\cols1\endnhere \pard\plain \ri-540 {\f20 \'00\'00\'00MORETOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL\par Special School Board Meeting Minutes\par Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003\par \par FOR APPROVAL\par \par }{\f20\ul Present}{\f20 : \par Board members - Kent Holden, Wavell Cowan, Karen Horn, Deb Hunter, and Mary Nowlan \par Principal - Roberta Barone\par \par Meeting called to order at 5:20 pm by Chair, Kent Holden\par \par }{\f20\ul Board Organization}{\f20 :}{\f20\ul \par }\pard \ri-540 {\f20 The board reviewed its future operation options in the light of Karen's decision to leave the board at the end of her current term in March 2004, and of Kent's announcement that he may well have to step down as chairman by  June of next year. It was agreed that the board should begin a recruitment campaign for new board members and give thought to a future board chair.\par }\pard \ri-540 {\f20\ul The Foreign Language Program}{\f20 : \par Roberta indicated that the new French program is progressing well in terms of the student response. Primary school teachers are still coming to terms with the new arrangements which at the moment they feel are disrupting, impacting, or a ffecting their class timeplans in the teaching of social studies and science. Some potential initiatives to allow different scheduling were discussed but it was felt that the current plan was a good one and should be continued.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Classroom Teaching}{\f20 : \par }\pard {\f20 Roberta discussed some of the initiatives that are being tested out this year as the staff responds to its work on the science of brain development; i.e. aligning classroom teaching with the results of research on brain receptivity; dev eloping the proper balance between "memory" and "understanding" as the focus of classroom teaching; as well as the teacher development work in respect to the teaching of problem solving skills in math instruction. In a general discussion about promoting the concept of continuous evolutionary improvement in the quality of classroom instruction it was fel t that the board should be more involved in the current "goals for the year" program which Roberta conducts with each member of her staff. Roberta will consider how this can best be done.\par }\pard {\f20\ul The Concept of Institutionalization}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The meeting discussed the general question as to how best to ensure that the growth and improvement in classroom teaching strategies, that is, the overall gains in quality in classroom instruction that are occurring at Moretown will not be seriously interrupted or degraded when staff or principal changes occur at the school. In other words how can such progress be  effectively documented so that new staff will be able to pickup where others have left off , maintaining the momentum and concepts for continuous improvement; to stand as it were on the backs of those who have gone before and not have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Roberta indicated that she will give thought as to how such ideas could be i mplemented in a practical way.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Optimizing The Role of the Principal}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 Kent reviewed a question that the board has posed in the past \endash does Roberta feel that the demands on her time do not interfere with her getting into th e classroom as much as she feels is desirable in order that she can have the maximum beneficial impact on enhancing the quality of classroom teaching? Roberta was encouraged to frequently review this question in her mind and recognize the board's willingness to consider providing additional resources to allow a delegation of less critical responsibilities if these were starting to impact on her available classroom time.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Optimum Use of Technology}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The meeting discussed the general question of controlling the growth of educational spending at Moretown. Since the major cost  is associated with staff salaries and fringe benefits, a major potential area for thoughtful investigation is how the effective use of computers in the classroom might allow individual teachers to effectively organize educational activities for a larger cohort of students. For instance if the "memory" component of instruction and parts of the "understanding" component could be organized to occur via student-computer interaction  the teacher could simultaneously be interacting with another group of students where the teacher-student interaction was essential to promoting the "understanding" phase of teaching. In other words pupil-teacher ratios might in this way rise to higher levels without in any way reducing the quality of the student educational experience. The Board speculated that for such a scenario, a major investment in computers and computer programs could be front-ended by a bond issue, sold to the community based on the future pay back implied by the more efficient use of teacher time.\par }\pard {\f20 Roberta indicated that she will explore the possibilities of this idea through discussion with faculty and initiate activity in this area by working out an approach to identification of potentially useful software that could be conceived to fit into such a plan.\par }\pard {\f20\ul On-Going Board Review of Progress}{\f20 :\par }\pard {\f20 The subject matter presented above represents a long term view of where Moretown school seeks to go. The board would like to continue in a systematic way to review these ideas, discuss progress and the allocation of resources to promote such advances, as well as bringing new ideas into the arena as they occur. It was agreed that to facilitate such progress the board would meet with Roberta to discuss such  matters by means of special board meetings scheduled quarterly, say the fourth Tuesday in January, April, July, and October. In view of this initiative, regular board meetings would be organized to discuss new business, old business, as currently,  and then whatever time was left before normal adjournment would be made available to Roberta to talk about school happenings.\par }\pard {\f20\ul Adjournment:}{\f20 \par On a motion by Kent seconded by Karen the meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm.\par \par \par \par \par APPROVED\par \par Date: __________________ _________________________________________\par \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab Wavell Cowan - Board Clerk\par }\pard \par }