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December 2004, Week 1


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"Jim B." <[log in to unmask]>
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Vermont Skiing Discussion and Snow Reports <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 7 Dec 2004 17:43:07 -0500
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On Tue, 7 Dec 2004 17:09:38 -0500, Chris Kohler <[log in to unmask]
BIRD.EDU> wrote:

>I could not disagree with you more.
[Shrug} 'kay.  That's what makes lists great, discussion, disagreement,
new ideas, new info., etc.

>This is a forum for skiers and things
>related to skiing.  This obviously falls among those lines.  I feel the
>same for posting ski shares.  Which obviously someone on this list may be
>interested in.

True dat, but even though the original Forum was indeed a marketplace,
this forum has tended to be more along the lines of one of the word's
other definitions, a medium of open discussion (see above).

>No one gave Steve poop about selling his skis.

No, but they prolly should have... (no offense meant at all, Steve).
While Steve has certainly provided us with excellent info. and insights as
well as serious ski bum inspiration, I would hate to see SkiVT-l take on
the feel of an informal eBay.  /free plug/ Still, Ruckits with 7TMs for
$25 is pretty much giving them away... /free plug/

>One of the greatest things about this list is finding equipment that I
>might not find otherwise, or deals not regularly available - thanks Dana!

True again, but posting about a great deal at or an upcoming REI
sale or organizing a group buy on CMH phatties is a quite a bit different
than listing random personal stuff for sale.  Others may feel differently
and think that it's fine.  I suppose I'd just like to know if it's kosher
or not on this here List.

>Its funny that people hctib about this type of stuff (not trying to single
>Jim out), which is abviously ski related, yet there are threads on: the
>deR xoS, Georgie W, penquin clubbing, etc. which have nothing to do with

True again.  I get sucked into those discussions, though the group tends
to self-regulate in this regard, and it often goes in cycles, too.  If we
talked about nothing but skiing-related issues in the summer it can get
pretty darn quiet, which many would contend is a good thing, I'm sure.

>However, I would draw the line if someone with direct ties to a company
>was selling products.

That's been tried, too, and generally the offending poster gets shooed
away pretty quickly.

Hey, I dunno where to draw the line, but I gotta go back to "SKIVT-L is a
non-commercial, non-profit, labor of love unaffiliated with any ski area
or corporation." Does that mean no "For Sale" posts?  I dunno.  I'd just
hate to see the List become another BB for selling stuff over the web.

/shameless troll/Course that means I guess Leigh's trips and Marc's FTO
notices and other posts are out, too, but again, let the List self-
regulate. /shameless troll/

I'd love to hear how others feel on the topic...

-Jim B.

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