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August 2012, Week 4


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Leigh Daboll <[log in to unmask]>
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Vermont Skiing Discussion and Snow Reports <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 25 Aug 2012 14:17:56 -0400
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Yes, the only NA jurisdiction which I believe produces a ton of asbestos is
Quebec (it's basically the only industry they have left, and the biggest in
the world). Oh, and its for third-world export only, of course.

Quebec is just so incredibly f*cked up.  Not to hijack the thread, but if
any one in the US wants to see the end result of super-socialist government
attempting to compete in the NA marketplace, just check out what's happening
Quebec these days.  The curent provincial election is -frankly- amazing.  We
in the ROC (Rest Of Canada, yes that's how we refer to ourselves up here
now) are watching the implosion of our homegrown super-nanny state into a
bunch of racist, protectionist zealotry. Its economy (what's left of it) is
a worse shambles than Greece's. 

We in the ROC pay those bloodsucking leeches in Quebec $11Billion a year
-every year- to maintain their $7.00/day daycare, closed shop unions, and
work-12-weeks-and-collect-employment-insurance programs ad infinitum, and in
return , we get election platforms like "you can't run for office inless you
speak french', and you can't wear any religious symbol other than than a
cross to work" from the separatists. Oh yeah, can't forget the current
proposal to triple the number of language police whose sole functiion is to
travel around the privince harassing shopkeepers into tearing down english
language advertising signs. Currently, Home Depot is in trouble because it
shot a finger to the province by saying "FU, we are not changing our name to
"Depot du Chateux". ('cuse my lame french, since I can't be bothered to look
up the exact required translation, but you get the drift)  The election was
actually triggered in response to several months of student strikes arising
a result of a proposal by the governing liberals to raise their state-funded
annual university tuition to (not "by" - to)$2,700.00 per year. 

No wonder 52% of the ROC voted to boot them out of the country in the latest
big poll commissioned by Sun News.

It makes your current election(s) look like a tranquil sea of sensibility by

/rant over/


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(except Leigh)

On 8/25/2012 1:35 PM, George Bakos wrote:
> In which case it would be wise to engage either 
> ney
> or
> ey

Asbestos was once mined in Vermont, but I had no idea that it was a
sufficiently large problem to produce a thriving industry of ski town
asbestos plaintiffs' attorneys.  Guess I've been living in Maine too long.

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