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November 2015


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Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:45:56 -0500
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Hi SASSos!
Starting tomorrow, you all will have a chance to select our 2016  
Board! These elections will be held at each of the socials (Tomorrow  
6PM in Mann Hall for Ballroom, Tuesday 10 PM for Salsa, Wednesday 9PM  
for Westie). At each social, you will vote for that dance style's  
Director (which, you will see, is an easy decision). For the first  
social you attend, you will also vote for the Executive Board  
(President, Secretary, Treasurer). Without further ado, may I present  
the candidates:

President - Eingel Negron
My name is Eingel Negron, and I am currently a third year student with  
a major in Natural Resources and a minor in Spanish. The Salsa and  
Swing Society has undoubtedly shaped my experience at UVM, and I have  
so far done my best to express my gratitude as a dedicated member of  
the Salsa Team and as Treasurer of the greater club. As an experienced  
e-board representative and club signer, electing me as President for  
SASS would ensure a knowledgeable and active leadership base. If  
elected President, I would ensure the stability and cohesion of the  
greater SASS club while also allowing the separate teams and dance  
styles’ autonomy to grow independently as needed.

Treasurer - Patrick Wiencek, Jon Dewitt, Jingyuan Annie Wu

Patrick Wiencek
My name is Patrick Wiencek, a Junior Biochemistry major in the College  
of Arts and Sciences, and I would like to be UVM SASS’s Treasurer.  
This is my third semester as a part of SASS, and during this time I’ve  
come to understand just how great our organization is, as well as the  
people in it. It is because of this that I’ve decided to become more  
involved in SASS as a whole. I think that I would benefit SASS as its  
treasurer due to the fact that I’ve always been well organized,  
particularly when it comes to money. I look forward to the possibility  
of ensuring SASS maintains its funds moving forward, and helping raise  
more money for our future events.

Jon Dewitt
I'm Jon DeWitt. I am a first-semester freshman and I am interested in  
running for SASS Treasurer. I think I would be good at it because I am  
involved in all three groups in SASS, allowing me to be able to  
understand each team's financial needs and communicate with them more  
easily. Also, I am capable of managing money. Over the next 3 1/2 - 4  
years that I am here, I'd like to see the club grow and become  
increasingly popular over time. I'd like to see everyone who is  
currently involved improve and become wonderfully talented dancers  
during their time in the organization. Also, I would love to find a  
way to stop the feud with CampusRec, if that is still an issue. Maybe  
I'll end up with other ideas along the way, but I'm really excited to  
try and get more involved with my club!
I'm looking forward to contributing in the future!

Jingyuan Annie Wu
I am Jingyuan Wu(Annie), a sophomore Business student with a minor in  
Statistics. I am running for the position of treasurer. I am in the  
Business School, so dealing with numbers is my passion. It is also a  
challenge and the best opportunity for me to train myself. I danced  
for 13 years before I decided to study abroad. Since I came to the  
States four years ago for high school, I have been looking for a team  
like SASS - a group of friends that dance and do activities together,  
so I will appreciate the opportunity to do what I can for the team.
I sincerely request your favorable consideration of my platform for  
the position of treasurer.

Secretary - Markie Palermo (Incumbent), Sarah Senanayake
Markie Palermo
My name is Markie Palermo and this is my second semester as secretary  
on the SASS board.  I am a junior and this is my fourth semester of  
being on the salsa team and being a part of SASS.  I would like to run  
again for the secretary position on the SASS board.  I am responsible,  
conscientious, dedicated, hard-working, and reliable.  As secretary, I  
try to help keep the club organized, make sure meetings run smoothly,  
and take thorough, detailed minutes.  Additionally, I have strong  
interpersonal skills—I am a good problem solver, I communicate  
effectively, and I work well with others.  My vision for the club is  
that there will be better cohesion and communication among the  
different teams in SASS (ballroom, salsa, and swing) and that we can  
work together to plan bigger, better events and to plan more  
fundraising events to raise money for the club.  I would like to help  
make this happen.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sarah Senanayake
My name is Sarah Senanayake and this is my second year on the ballroom  
team. I would like to run for the position of Secretary for the 2016  
board. I believe I am a good candidate for this position because I am  
a fantastic note taker. In addition, I am reliable and responsible. I  
will try my best to communicate well with the rest of the board  
members and club in order to establish strong relationships. My goals  
for the club include creating stronger relationships through  
communication and a better sense of inclusion. Thank you for  
considering my application.

Director of Ballroom - Alicia Rossi
My name is Alicia Rossi and this is my second year on the ballroom  
team. I would like to run for the position of Director of Ballroom for  
the 2016 board. I am responsible and eager to pursue a leadership  
role. This first semester the board did an exceptional job of  
welcoming many newcomers onto the team. My goals for the second  
semester are to increase the amount of team bonding and to make this  
club a group where everyone feels comfortable sharing their ideas and  
concerns. I’m very excited for this next semester and all of the great  
competitions and dances and I hope you are too! Thank you for  
considering me for Director of Ballroom!

Director of Salsa - Maggie Rodgers
I would like to be considered for the position of Director of Salsa.  
The salsa team was so warm and welcoming when I transferred to UVM  
that I’d like to give back to the community. Even though I’m a junior,  
this is my second semester at UVM and on the team. Since joining, I  
naturally fell into the role of helping teach lessons and organizing  
fundraising events. My goals as Director of Salsa would be to  
coordinate more fundraising events, delegate responsibilities to  
include the whole team and to keep spreading the word about  
classes/events to the school and community. I would also strive to  
foster an environment appropriate to learning and to having fun; a  
place to de-stress and to be productive. As a hopeful to-be Director  
of Salsa, I look forward to furthering my leadership skills and give  
back to this already amazing dance community.

Director of West Coast Swing - Hannah Lister
For those of you who do not yet know me, my name is Hannah Lister, and  
I am currently a sophomore studying fisheries biology here at UVM. For  
this coming board year, I am running as director of West Coast Swing.  
For the past year and a half, I have been a regular social member at  
all three SASS social lessons, and a committed member of the  
competitive ballroom team. I have sincerely enjoyed my time as a  
member of the West Coast Swing community, both on campus and in  
downtown Burlington. If elected, I am willing to do what it takes to  
make swing an enjoyable experience for all current and prospective  
students. I have many new ideas, and as a relatively new member  
myself, I think I can use my experiences to bring in many new members  
and help guide them to enjoy dance the way I do. I also value the  
opinions of my peers, and am welcome to any and all constructive  

Good luck to all the candidates - I will contact the candidates  
privately with the results before we publicly present the board at the  
Winter Masquerade on December 4.

Happy Dancing,
Saritha Beauchamp
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President of SASS