April 2002


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George Salzman <[log in to unmask]>
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Science for the People Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 18 Apr 2002 08:56:43 -0400
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U.S. assaults have never been against Communism, never against drugs,
and are not now against terror. Currently increasing in intensity and
ferocity, U.S. military and economic attacks have always been, and continue
to be an ongoing war against the poor people of the world to further enrich
the already inordinately wealthy, a war of the capitalists, by the
capitalists and for the capitalists. This war, and it is truly a war, can be
stopped only by refusal of the rest of the world to continue supporting the
American empire, the chief enforcer of world capitalism.

      A successful global campaign to achieve the following ACTIONS, not
just more TOOTHLESS DECLARATIONS, would ensure an immediate and permanent
end to U.S. aggressions.

1. Oil-exporting nations place a total ban on oil shipments to the U.S. and
its colonies.

2. Foreign governments deny use of their territory, territorial waters, and
air space to U.S. military forces, and insist the U.S. immediately
relinquish and evacuate U.S. bases on their territory.

3. U.S. assets in foreign banks are immediately frozen.

4. Foreign nations ban commercial activities with U.S.-based financial,
industrial, and commercial corporations.

5. Foreign nations close U.S. embassies and consular offices on their

6. U.S. government officials in foreign countries are declared persona non
grata and expelled.

7. Foreign governments and international jurisdictions undertake massive
indictments and prosecutions of C.I.A., F.B.I., State Department, U.S.
military, etc. employees (present or former) who are or were engaged in
promoting the terrorist activities of the U.S. government.

      In other words, the rest of the world should "walk away" from the
U.S., should scorn and isolate the arrogant assumption of global hegemony.
The American people are not monsters, and we are not fools. We are not in
charge of the U.S. government, and far more of us oppose the dictates of the
ruling cabal than the corporate press let's on. THE U.S. IS NOT A DEMOCRACY!
It is ruled by money, by a plutocracy, an oligarchy of the plutocrats.

      It's well past time to abandon the pseudo-measures one hears of,
supposedly to bring pressure on Israel to stop butchering innocent
Palestinian Arabs. Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, is but a tool of
Washington, dancing to the tune Bush whistles. A word from the boss and he
would scamper away. Germany's announcement that it will not sell any more
arms to Israel means nothing. It does not even pretend to challenge the real
boss, U.S. capital, on whose behalf the Bush cabal runs its bloody game! So
Germany is going to voluntarily open up the market even wider to U.S. arms
manufacturers by withdrawing (temporarily) from the competition. What a
macabre joke!

      Unless the world gets off its collective ass and takes real ACTIONS
(like the 7 listed above), all the wringing of hands, the appeals to the
commanding politicians, the moral outrage, the massive demonstrations, the
singing of 'Give Peace a Chance' and 'We Shall Overcome', all the drumming
and dancing, and so on, will be for naught as the juggernaut rolls on, ever
deeper in the spilling of innocent blood, already so terrifying.

      So how do we get moving? Most governments will not implement such
drastic but effective measures. Everywhere (with mighty few exceptions --
Cuba, Venezuela, maybe Argentina, hopefully at some point Chile) the hack
political and ruling class forces are plainly in commanding positions and
simply 'on the wrong side'. They are in favor of capitalism, of greasing
their own dirty pockets, whatever the cost to other people. The forces of
the wealthy will never rise to a moral imperative. Only the great majority
of the world's people, most of whom are poor, will ever make the U.S. (and
the corporations for which it stands) back off from its assaults.

      The first and most important step is the oil embargo. Some governments
might join it voluntarily. Some governments might acquiesce to forceful
popular demands of their citizens and agree to the boycott. Others might be
forced by workers in their petroleum industry to agree. We should remember
the power of the working people. We should remember that the Shah of Iran,
the local darling of the U.S., installed by the C.I.A. when it overthrew the
elected government of Mossadegh and as faithful to the master as any lap
dog, was finally removed by the concerted ACTIONS of the Iranian oil

      Let's start organizing the boycott, and propagandizing for other
ACTIONS. The impact could be far greater than even a million people going to
Washington and calling upon the rulers to change course. We should ally our
efforts with those of the poor people of Venezuela, who might be the very
first to support joining an anti-U.S. boycott, after they learn fully of
U.S. efforts to bring down their own elected, very popular government. The
White Paper by Al Giordano on his NarcoNews website is a blockbuster of
information about sleazy U.S. efforts to undermine democracy in Venezuela.
It's at . Check it out for a real shot in the arm.