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October 2002, Week 2


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Vermont Skiing Discussion and Snow Reports <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 9 Oct 2002 21:11:23 -0400
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Thanks for pointing that out Mike.  I can see how really bad they are now.
No wonder they only won 103 games.  I do agree the pitching stinks but I
have read in the NY papers that they will address that issue before next
season.  Too bad they didn't have any good players, they might still be in
it.  At one point they were the top scoring team and had the most home runs
in MLB.  They also were very high in errors and strike outs.  It just goes
to show how well a mediocre bunch of overpaid has beens can do if they play
as a team.  Something Bahsten has never figured out apparantly.   :-)

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From: "Michael Bernstein" <[log in to unmask]>
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Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 11:21 AM
Subject: Re: [SKIVT-L] Special Bulletin

> Jimski quoth:
> "After
> this happened to NY in 97 you can see what happened in 98.  Like Jeter(I
> think) said;  it put them on a mission.  Next year should be interesting."
> Aaah James,
> So sad to see you grasping for straws like that.  With a $10MM gimp in
> field, an even slower (if that's possible) $12MM Bernie in center (you
> notice how deep he has to play these days so balls don't get over his
> head?), and a $6MM underperforming malcontent in right, the Yanks may just
> have the most overpaid and underperforming outfield in baseball.  Did
> anyone see where Ventura went after the All-Star break?  Someone should
> out an APB on that guy.  Hero Derek turned in another middling offensive
> performance this year while simultaneously challenging for the league lead
> for errors by a shortstop (admittedly with Nomah).  And then there's the
> Yankee pitching.  All I can say is, oy vey.  Rajah will be a year older
> a year suckier.  El Duque is done as a Yankee.  Mussina is coming off the
> worst 18 win season in baseball history with lousy peripheral numbers and
> an inability to beat ANY good teams.  Pettite is Pettite, but he now has,
> according to Dr. James Andrews, a "gap" in his left elbow.  Andy Pettite,
> meet Tommy John.  Hitchcock (brilliant signing there) is gone, and not
> worth a hill o' beans anyway.  Weaver, once he finishes cleaning his bong
> out, has yet to prove that he handle the pressure of playing in NY.  Then
> there's the bullpen.  Mo Rivera was on and off the DL like a cheap Saigon
> you-know-what.  I'm told by friends who for for the YESMAN network that
> Mendoza's arm hurts every time he throws a pitch, and he clearly wasn't
> himself this year (just ask Troy Glaus).  Then there's the over-used,
> deteriorating and increasingly velocity-challenged Mike Stanton.  Which
> leaves you with Karsay as the only sure thing in that pen next year, and
> even he has a history of arm injuries longer than (mandatory VT ski
> content) the old Juggernaut trail at K.
> Bottom line, I'm not claiming the Sox will win a darned thing, but I can
> assure you that a repeat of 1998 is not in the cards for your beloved
> Steinbrenner All-Stars.
> Sorry for the waste of BW everyone.  It shant be long now before wispy
> powder makes us forget about trivial matters like baseball and a mass
> in overtakes the SKIVT-L world.

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