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Steve Faccio <[log in to unmask]>
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Vermont Birds <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 15 Jun 2005 08:54:57 -0400
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There are a number of territorial pairs of Peregrines closer to the
Franklin Co. Airport than Brousseau Mt, which is in Essex Co. and nearly 60
miles from Highgate.  The closest territory is only about 4 miles to the
north, with another pair nesting roughly 12 miles to the south.  I can only
assume that Roz is sleep deprived from too much field work and is confusing
the Franklin Co. Airport with the Calendonia Co. Airport?


At 12:00 AM 6/15/2005, you wrote:
>There are 5 messages totalling 150 lines in this issue.
>Topics of the day:
>   1. Turkeys and grouse
>   2. Herons et al
>   3. My apologies!
>   4. Peregrine in Franklin County?
>   5. Orchard Oriole on River Rd Putney, again
>Date:    Tue, 14 Jun 2005 07:42:53 EDT
>From:    Deborah Clark <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Turkeys and grouse
>We live in a very turkey-rich area here in Florence.  We have many hens and
>jakes, as well as several large toms.  Monday morning I saw the first hen
>turkey with eight poults. They are very well camouflaged and the hen had
>them in
>the road where they appeared to be picking up some roughage.  Tuesday
>we accidently flushed them while walking down the driveway.  They fly very
>There was a wonderful article by Dennis Jensen in Sunday's Rutland Herald
>about his encounter with a hen turkey with poults.
>Lots of grouse around as well, several with chicks.  They are also agressive
>in protecting their chicks.
>Date:    Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:08:41 EDT
>From:    Bruce MacPherson <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: Herons et al
>At the marsh just south of the intersection of Cheesefactory Rd. and
>Hinesburg Rd. on the South Burlington/Williston line I encountered a great
>heron, a great egret, and a blue-wing teal (male) all at close  range.
>Bruce MacPherson
>Date:    Tue, 14 Jun 2005 09:31:06 -0700
>From:    robert wotton <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: My apologies!
>Thanks for the clearification.  I'm a little embarrased by my apparent
>ignorance about the VBBA.  I've never been closely associated with the atlas
>project, but think it's a very worthwhile effort.
>I live in upstate New York  (near Ticonderoga) and subscribe to VTBIRD to
>see what's going on in nearby Vermont.  I'm sure that there are subscribers
>of very diverse experience levels who subscribe for many differing reasons
>and appreciate detailed postings - those giving location and access
>information are greatly appreciated.
>Thanks again for your clearification.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Roy Pilcher" <[log in to unmask]>
>To: <[log in to unmask]>
>Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2005 9:35 AM
>Subject: [VTBIRD] My apologies!
> > My apologies to birders for the cryptic language on my postings.  One
> > assumptions which at times are obviously incorrect.  My assumption  was
> > birders in Vermont are now well familiar with the Vermont Breeding Bird
> > that is now in its third year and which is a follow-up of that undertaken
> > years ago.  Each USGS map of Vermont was divided into six equal
> > 10 square mile areas and numbered 1 through 6.  Incidentally  the Vermont
> > Butterfly Survey that is now in its fourth year appropriated the  same
>blocks for
> > its survey.  Hence this observer's postings applied to both  the VBBA and
> > VBS.
> > With the VBBA there are three levels of confirmation as to breeding
> > activity, PO (POSSIBLE) being the lowest, PR (PROBABLE) being the next
>highest and CO
> > (CONFIRMED) being the highest.  All of this information is  of course
> > available to all by going to the VINS web site.
> > Trusting that this will help alleviate the confusion.
> > To be sure such postings of this observer do not quicken the desire to go
> > seek out a particular species but will, hopefully, help energize those who
> > undertaken to contribute many, many hours to the knowledge of Vermont's
> > breeding  birds.
> > Cheers,
> > Roy Pilcher
> > Proctor, Vermont.
> >
> > Speaking  the Same Language
> >
>Date:    Tue, 14 Jun 2005 11:23:40 -0400
>From:    Rosalind Renfrew <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Re: Peregrine in Franklin County?
>There is at least one Peregerine at Brousseau Mountain, which isn't far by
>Peregrine standards. Also, Merlins have been expanding their range south
>into Vermont, and I'm sure there are undiscovered nesting pairs. In fact, a
>pair was seen recently in that area, west of Maidstone Lake.
>At 11:15 PM 6/13/2005, you wrote:
> >While doing a survey at the Franklin County Airport on Sunday, I observed a
> >flyover of a falcon-shaped bird that was definitely too large and too dark
> >to be
> >a Kestrel.  Since my experience with Peregrines in flight is very limited, I
> >don't trust an ID without seeing the sideburns.
> >My question is whether anyone knows of  any Peregrine nesting sites in
> >Franklin
> >County.  (I'm not asking for precise locations, as I know this can be a
> >sensitive issue.)  It generally doesn't seem like the right terrain (no
> >suitable
> >cliffs that I know of).  And how likely is it that one would just be passing
> >through at this time without a nest site nearby?
> >
> >Ken Copenhaver
> >Fairfax
>Date:    Tue, 14 Jun 2005 17:48:24 -0400
>From:    Taj <[log in to unmask]>
>Subject: Orchard Oriole on River Rd Putney, again
>  Today on River Rd in Putney i again found an adult male Orchard Oriole.
> The last time i birded this area was about three weeks ago and i found an
> adult male Orchard Oriole that time as well. Three weeks ago the Oriole
> was in the marsh area on River Rd but this time i found it in and around
> fields and brush.  Coming from Putney right as the road turns from
> pavement to dirt is where i found the bird this time. If it is the same
> bird from three weeks ago, (which i think is likely) it is quite possible
> that this bird is nesting somewhere in the area. because i only had a
> limited amount of time i couldn't search for the nest. Who ever is doing
> that VBBA block should keep this bird in mind. It would be a great bird
> to comfirm nesting!!!                       Good Birding  Taj
> Schottland  Putney, VT
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