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Vermont Birds <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 1 May 2006 12:55:55 -0400
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Mary Holland <[log in to unmask]>
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This is the Vermont Rare Bird Alert for May 1, 2006 covering the period
April 24-30, 2006.


COMMON LOON sightings continued this week, occurring in Chittenden, Island
Pond, Woodward Reservoir in Plymouth (2), Moose Bog, Grand Isle and Berlin
Pond (2).


PIED-BILLED GREBES were seen at Dead Creek, Delta Park, Herrick's Cove,
Grand Isle, West Rutland Marsh and Chittenden this week.


On April 29th AMERICAN BITTERNS were spotted at Dead Creek, Essex and
Westford, at Berlin Pond and West Rutland Marsh (3) on the 30th and
Misssisquoi NWR on May 1st.  A GREAT EGRET was observed at Delta Park on
April 28th.  GREEN HERONS were seen in Vermont on the 27th of April in
Herrick's Cove (2), Brandon and Vernon.  BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT HERONS were
seen at Dead Creek (3) and Delta Park (7).  A report of the very rare
visitor, a TRI-COLORED HERON, was sent in from Delta Park on the 29th of
April.  Another rare visitor, the GLOSSY IBIS, was seen and photographed in
Richmond on April 26th.  It was still there as of April 29th.  


OSPREYS were observed at Herrick's Cove, Dead Creek (including a nesting
pair), Lefferts Pond, Shelburne Pond, Middlebury, Pownal, Montpelier, Berlin
Pond, White River Junction, Chittenden and Elmore this week. Two
SHARP-SHINNED HAWKS were seen at West Rutland Marsh on April 30th.  A
COOPER'S HAWK was spotted in Westford, Danby and Grand Isle.  BROAD-WINGED
HAWKS were seen in Lincoln, Chittenden, Elmore, Dead Creek, Huntington,
Hartford, Underhill, Waitsfield, Berlin Pond and a nesting pair were
observed in Mt. Holly.  A MERLIN sighting occurred in Burlington on April
26th and in Middlebury on the 25th.


A VIRGINIA RAIL was sighted in Allens Marsh, Westminster on April 29th and
at West Rutland Marsh and Dead Creek on the 30th.  A COMMON MOORHEN, one of
the season's first, was seen at Dead Creek on the 29th of April.  A lone
SANDHILL CRANE, an infrequent visitor, was observed flying south over
Shelburne Pond on April 26th.


The first report of a GREATER YELLOWLEGS came from Dead Creek on April 30th.
The first two SOLITARY SANDPIPERS of the season were observed at Allen
Brothers Marsh in Westminster on April 30th.  Other firsts include a SPOTTED
SANDPIPER and a PECTORAL SANDPIPER at Dead Creek on April 29th.


The first report of WHIP-POOR-WILLS calling this spring came from Brandon on
the 29th of April.


The first reported CHIMNEY SWIFTS arrived back in Proctor the evening of
April 30th.


The first confirmed RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD sighting took place in Norwich
on April 30th.


A BLACK-BACKED WOODPECKER was seen at Moose Bog on April 29th and in Island
Pond (3) on April 30th.  NORTHERN FLICKERS returned to Brandon, Waitsfield,
Middlebury, Danby, Rutland Town, White River Junction, Essex, Bristol, North
Ferrisburg, Dead Creek, Lefferts Pond and Jericho this week.


The first EASTERN KINGBIRD was reported from Shelburne Pond on April 30th.


LEAST FLYCATCHERS were sighted in Westford on the 29th of April and Hartland
on the 30th.


YELLOW-THROATED VIREOS were sighted at Herrick's Cove (2) on the 29th of
April and in Dorset on the 30th.  BLUE-HEADED VIREOS were observed in every
corner of Vermont this week. WARBLING VIREOS were singing in Milton and
Hartland on April 30th.


Two FISH CROWS were observed in South Burlington on April 26th.


Six PURPLE MARTINS were seen in Grand Isle on the 30th of April.


Nine NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOWS were sighted at Berlin Pond on the 22nd
of April, at VINS in Woodstock on the 25th, at Berlin Pond, Middlebury and
Moretown Common on the 27th, and in Grand Isle on the 30th.  Three BANK
SWALLOWS were observed in Danby on the 28th of April.  A CLIFF SWALLOW and
10 BARN SWALLOWS were sighted at Berlin Pond on the 29th of April.  CLIFF
SWALLOWS were also seen in Grand Isle and Dorset on April 30th.  BARN
SWALLOWS were seen in Pownal, North Ferrisburg, Grand Isle, Dead Creek,
Dorset and at West Rutland Marsh on the 30th of April.


A CAROLINA WREN was seen in Middlebury and in Proctor this week.  The first
sightings of a HOUSE WREN occurred on April 29th in Grand Isle and
Middlebury, followed by one in Dorset on the 30th.  WINTER WRENS were back
in Mt. Holly, Hartland, Island Pond, Williston, Waitsfield, Stowe,
Huntington, Berlin Pond, Killington, Lefferts Pond and Perkinsville.


HERMIT THRUSHES continued to return to Vermont this week, with sightings in
East Dorset (2), Hartland, Union Village (5), Corinth (3), Stowe, Lefferts
Pond (2), Norwich, Montpelier, Rutland Town, Elmore, Huntington, Moretown
Common, Waitsfield, White River Junction, Killington, Rupert, Berlin Pond,
Proctor, Dorset, Quechee and Hardwick.


The second spring sighting of a GRAY CATBIRD took place in Proctor on the
29th of April and 3 more were seen at Herrick's Cove on the 30th.  A
NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was seen in Dorset on April 30th.  BROWN THRASHERS were
spotted in Lincoln, Vernon, Bennington, Bristol, Hartland, Norwich and Grand
Isle this week.


Warbler species seen this week include a NASHVILLE WARBLER in Rupert on
April 29th and Quechee on May 1st, YELLOW WARBLERS at Berlin Pond and West
Rutland Marsh, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS (too numerous to mention),
BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLERS (Gifford Woods State Park in Killington 4/29,
Berlin Pond 4/29, Hartland 4/30), PINE WARBLERS (Brattleboro, Proctor,
Hartland and White River Junction), PALM ( Moose Bog and Herrick's Cove),
BLACK-AND-WHITE  WARBLERS (Brattleboro, East Dorset, Brandon, Killington,
Norwich, Union Village and Danby).  The overwintering CAPE MAY WARBLER was
last seen April 27th, and is believed to have headed north for the breeding
season after gracing Rutland with its presence for 155 consecutive days. A
flock of approximately 10-20 LOUSIANA and NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES was seen in
Barnard.  Two NORTHERN WATERTHRUSHES were also seen at Lefferts Pond and on
April 30th, and a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH was singing in Hartland on the 29th
of April and seen in Bristol on the 30th.


EASTERN TOWHEES returned to Rupert, Hartland, White River Junction and
Bennington this week.


FIELD SPARROWS were observed in Woodstock, Rupert, Dead Creek, Jericho,
Norwich and Grand Isle this week.  SAVANNAH SPARROWS were seen in Moretown
Common, Grand Isle, Hartland and Dead Creek.  WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS
reports were too numerous to mention, but the largest flocks reported came
from Herrick's Cove (60+), Bennington (50), East Dorset (36) and Danby (27).
The first WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW was sighted in Dorset on May 1st.


Two EASTERN MEADOWLARKS were observed in Milton and one at Dead Creek on
April 30th.


Two RUSTY BLACKBIRDS were seen in Victory Basin on April 30th.  COMMON
GRACKLES and BROWN-HEADED COWBIRDS sightings were numerous and statewide.


The first reported BALTIMORE ORIOLE was observed in Dorset on April 30th.


PURPLE FINCHES were sighted throughout the state.


Thanks to the following contributors and others whose observations were
cited: Jean Arrowsmith, Greg Askew, Fred Bates, Stephanie Bellomo, Matthew
Brantner, Nancy Brown, Bridget Butler, Don Clark, Michael Cosgrove, Bonnie
Dundas, Sue Elliott, , Pat Folsom, Sarah Frey, Hector Galbraith, Betty
Gilbert, Becky Herrick, Susan Hindinger, David Hoag, Mary Holland, Kim
Jensen, Scott Johnson, Alan Keitt, Maeve Kim, Juan Klavins, Matthew Kolan,
Michael Langlais, Miriam Lawrence, Larry Levine, Marny Lichtenstein, Donna
Martin, Roger Masse, Jean Meinhardt, Al Merritt, Julie Nicholson, Ron Payne,
Chris Petrak, Roy Pilcher, Chris Rimmer, Davie Rolnick, Carl Runge, Bill
Shepard, Tom Slayton, Jane Stein, Ruth Stewart, Val Stori, Allan Strong,
John Sutton, Henry Trombley, Lane Vargas, Audrey Werner, Sue Wetmore, Ron
and Norma Wiesen and Terry Wright.



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 Mary Holland


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