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Christopher Joseph Gorman <[log in to unmask]>
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UVM Conservation Biology Discussion Group <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 15 Apr 2007 03:21:08 -0400
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"The Biological Theory of Evil" (this a condensed version of the basic tenets of
it), by Chris Gorman, Student and Biologist, University of Pennsylvania:


All the tyrants (despotic rulers) in history secretly had a rare genetic disease
(and I know this solely from logical deduction) of the brain which made them
want to kill everything--and they wanted to kill as much as they could in their
lives and still get away with it (in order to kill more, try and accomplish the
dream of all evil, everything dead)--and thusly that's why the needed to live a
complete lie their whole lives among, as great actors, liars the whole time--so
as not to reveal the trick of their genetic disease that deep-down they were
really different from us.  The ambitious ones of this 'race' (really a
parasitic genetic disease to be technical) probably went into politics--various
means to gain power in their community of humans--so they could get as much
killing done in their lives and get away with it. That's where the origin of
the institution of kingship (and goverment, then money, etc.) in human history
lies--as mythological to enslave, control--round us up for the slaughter.

That's why they had to lie to cover this secret they had (they knew they were
different from us), and it perfectly explains the actions of people in the 20th
century like Mao, Stalin and Hitler, to name a few.  Where otherwise they were
random nuts--which is less logical of an explanation scientifically.  This
theory is an Acum's razor for all human action and motivation (proccess on,
thinking of history--all of the setups of our modern society, etc.)

But all the tyrants in history, since we didn't know of this genetic disease
setup all these systems for us live in, which weren't necessary, that secretly
enslave and control us, and cause death--such false instutions as: money, rape,
war, the police, laws, all that stuff.

They were falsely injected into our societies by evil as behaviour influences
and the setups for our societies--throughout history and they have been
grandfathered to us to this day, and this includes technology that is
deliberately imperfect for us slaves of the despots to use, such as ('slave
picks' if you will, all our malfunctioning/imperfect technology in this
system): hammers the heads of which fall off, paint which peels, and buildings
which fall apart and crumble to dust over time.

None of these technologies would have been built this way using pure humans--it
would make no sense--we were coerced and cajoled, tricked by the despots with
their police throughout history to build this shitty 'slave/caveman' technology
(I call it) that falls apart out of: (1) fear of the despot, and (2) lack of
outside frame of reference.

Which are also the basic principles of mind control itself, which is what this
all is.

So the world we live is really an alien technology--a well-furnished
concentration camp we all live in right now. (Isn't that freaky? ^_^ I'm gonna
get us out of it in our lifetimes).

All of our crumbling technology, not only hurts our lives when our houses fall
down--it hurts our confidence, our human spirit--much worse.  It makes us feel
like we are losers--we can't do anything right, can we.

Is it starting to dawn on you now: why this is the reason why the third law of
thermodynamics is naturally fiction--now that you have all these peices put
together for you by me right now?

 (I can walk you through the rest of it if you need me to, Thanks, Chris)

Student and Biologist
University of Pennsylvania
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