August 2008


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Robt Mann <[log in to unmask]>
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Science for the People Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 24 Aug 2008 11:25:56 +1200
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Mitch pointed out to us:

>>  Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney sums up her 
>>philosophy on energy thusly:
>  >"Leave the oil in the soil."
>>  "Right now we've got two energy policies in this country. One is war,
>  >the other is drilling.  And neither one of them works."

Eric commented:

	> Does she use discarded frying oil for her heat, electricity 
and transportation needs?

	One comment I saw some y ago on earlier utterances of this poli was
		"Did she say these things on a grassy knoll near 
Roswell, N.M.?"

	These quotes from her are fatuous.  Nobody thinks we should 
try to keep civilisation going without lubricants  -  it can't be 
done  -  and in distilling those lubricant components from oil you 
can't avoid getting also a certain flux of kerosene (jet fuel; 
lighting & cooking fuel for non-electrified villages), petrol, 
dieseline, etc, and at the bottom of the still, asphalt for roads. 
It is not inherently wrong to do so; the question is, at what rate.

	Oil is nasty stuff for that most valuable resource soil; but 
this drongo McKinney so lusts for a catchy-sounding slogan that this 
takes second place.  Or does she not know the difference between soil 
and rocks?
	It is not helpful to call the USA war policy an energy policy 
-  indeed it's largely inimical to energy policy.

	I'm very sorry that the USA green party can't do better for a 
presidential candidate than this raver.  I live in the first country 
that ever had a green party, and I was involved with its founders and 
many candidates from early on (1972)  -  they even tried to get me to 
run for parliament as I was one of the few academics then propounding 
applied ecology.  So I have been participating in green politics most 
of my life.  I strongly advise Yanks not to vote for just anybody 
that has seized a 'green' label; for instance, in my country lately 
the green party has become the spearhead in parliament for the PC 
Axis (sexism, the new racism, and militant homosexualism), and I 
despise many of the present 6 'green' MPs.  What little I've seen of 
this operative McKinney suggests she's not particularly green or even 
intelligent, so I hope people don't blindly vote for her on account 
she's calling herself 'green'.  If she's such an idiot as she looks 
to me, she'll get applied ecology a bad name, which you can't afford.