March 2011


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BROWN_NATE <[log in to unmask]>
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USA Debating in the WUDC Format <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 9 Mar 2011 15:19:33 -0800
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Tuna -- 
My college, Santa Monica College, is now requiring a W-9 for tournament registration fees. They won't cut me a check to pay for USU without it. They can the Univ. of Vermont has a signatory who can fill it out and fax it to us. Can you please help with this? In the five years I have been paying for tournaments, they have never asked for a W-9. 
If you can get your signatory to get this done, it can be faxed to SMC at 310.434.4216, ATTN: Samya. 
Please let me know if this is not something you can help with. 
Nate Brown
Professor, Communication Department
Santa Monica College


From: USA Debating in the WUDC Format on behalf of Alfred C Snider
Sent: Fri 3/4/11 8:55 AM
To: [log in to unmask]
Subject: USU entry and judge update 5 March 2011

27 days to go.

The entries to USU 2011 have now stabilized. Every team who registered has now confirmed with names or else confirmed and promised names soon.

The tournament organizers are close to adding additional classrooms to the list so that the cap can be moved above 200, perhaps to 220. However, Chief Adjudicator Stephen Boyle and Convener Alfred Snider would like to be assured of 55 good chairs before doing that so that every student can have an experienced judge in every round that might determine whether they break. Thus, the judge recruitment drive continues. There have been some excellent additions to the judge pool you might see on the list below, but we will be publicizing our judge additions later in a special news bulletin.

Some teams have dropped, many have been added. The idea is that if people are going to drop we want them to do so now so that other people can make travel plans for the tournament as soon as possible. Most of the distant teams on the waiting list are now in the tournament, and the "teams beyond six" list has local schools who have flexibility.

Here is what we currently have:

Please let us know of any errors.

Let us know if you would like to come as a judge and we can consider partial subsidy for you.

Check out the competition.

International entries have been impressive. We now have teams and judges from the following: Australia, Cameroon, Canada, China, England, Ireland, Jamaica, Morocco, Netherlands, Philippines, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela.

Here are the currently registered teams:

USU 2011 ENTRIES - 200 teams, schools on waiting list, extra teams on waiting list

1.Adelphi KF Elina Kats & Colleen Fasone

2.Adelphi ZK Cristobal Zarco & Yevgeniy Kvashnin

3.Alaska FP Brett Frazer & Amy Parent

4.Alaska SC Amie Stanley & Sarah Carpenter

5.Alaska HC Colin Haughey & Drew Carson

6.Alaska BC Nick Byrne & Wiley Cason

7.Alaska WJ Kelsey Waldorf & Zac Johnson

8.Alaska HB Catherine Helle & Brittany Bennett

9.Alberta PP Kristen Pue & Aidan Paul 

10.Andres Bello Chile 

11.Bard GS Radley Glasser & Hilary Scheibert

12.Bard AK Armaan Alkazi & Irina Kalinka

13.Bard GL Lee Gensler & Abby Laport

14.Bard MG Rory Mondschein & Johnny Graham

15.Bates FD Kate Fetrow & Eric Devaux

16.Bates SW Ben Smith & Andrew

17.Bates EM Colin Etnire & Ian Mahmud

18.Bates KM Joseph Kibe & Qasim Mahmood

19.Bates Cat Djang & Virginia Flatow

20.Belgrade A

21.Belgrade B

22.Brock LC Kyle Luebke & Nigel Cones

23.California Davis MG Colin Murphy & Justin Goss

24.Calgary LM Jon Lo & Christopher McMillan

25.Cape Cod HB  Jacelyn Howlett and Michael Bertram

26.Cape Cod JM Will Jones & Maureen McCallugh

27.Cape Cod TT Laura Thorup & Jason Tobin

28.Cape Cod DG Jeremy Denton & Dan Goildberg

29.Cape Cod WR Naomi Wiley & Miriam Riad

30.Cape Cod EE Todd Ellis & Sam Eames

31.CarletonCM Simon Cameron and Romeo Maione

32.Central de Venezuela A

33.Central de Venezuela B

34.China DY Dong Yubing & Ye Jianjian

35.China HL Hong Xuyue & Liu Haiping

36.China LZ Li Xiang & Zhang Yiming

37.China SC She Haijing & Chen Yijun

38.Claremont CB Joseph Clifton & Jesse Katz Blumenthal

39.Claremont SW Will Savage & Matt Wolfson

40.Claremont HL Adriane Holter & Ellen Lebow

41.Claremont ER Cory Evans & Nick Rosa

42.Claremont BI Ryan Boone & Patricia Ingrassia

43.Claremont MT Ellie Merle & Tena Thau

44.Colgate SS Austin Schwartyz & Travis Steele

45.Colgate BC Margaret Brower & Michael Cohen

46.Colgate LT Lucas Luttman & Austin Thoma

47.Colgate ED Andrew Eldredge & Noah Goldburg

48.Colgate SG Devankit Sahoo & Srikar Gullapalli

49.Colgate MS Curtis Mahoney & Takreem Siddiqui

50.Comunidad de Debate Venezuela TG Monica Tisminesky & Jesus Gorrin

51.Comunidad de Debate Venezuela MR Salvador Miguel &

Roddy Rodriguez

52.Cornell SZ Irene Shao & Emily Zhang

53.Cornell BY Alex Bores & Ryan Yeh

54.Cornell SB Leah Salgado & Danny Blackman

55.Cornell RS Srinath Reddy & Kirat Singh

56.Cornell Jed Fantastico & Morris Choi

57.Cornell NS Darius Nicknamfard & David Skorton

58.Dawson/McGill A

59.DePauw AW Avery Archer & Christine Walker

60.DePauw KM James Kirtkpatrick & Kevin Milne

61.DePauw HM Tyler Hess & Robert McMurray

62.DeShang Cameroon BY Marius Binyou-Bi-Homb & Frank Yankam Lemdjo

63.Duke BL Matt Byrne & Sam Lachman

64.Duke WW Evan Williams and Deborah Wei

65.Edinburgh OB Sebastian Osborne & Paul Brown

66.Fordham MM Peter Morrissey & Caitlin McElroy

67.Fordham HK Gareth Horell & Robert Klapp

68.Fordham KB Chris Kennedy & John Bundock

69.George Fox SB Jennifer Salame & Heather Brown

70.George Fox KE Stephen Kenyon & Brice Ezell

71.Grove City HP Dan Hanson & Alex Pepper

72.Grove City GB Kirby Gowen & Dayne Batten

73.Hart House A

74.Hart House B

75.Hart House C

76.Hart House D

77.Harvard BE Jo Box & Cormac Early

78.Harvard GJ Tom Gole & Usman Javaid

79.Harvard KL Coulter King & Alex Loomis

80.Harvard BC Erica Brandt & Julia Clark

81.Hawaii DG Kyle Dahlin & Christian Gilbert

82.Hawaii HS Daniel Hugo & Eliot St. John

83.Hawaii MD Jay-me Morita & Keoni Davey

84.Hawaii Pacific CS Cody Corcelius & Esther Smith

85.Hawaii Pacific LC Tim Lussier & Cassie Chang

86.Hawaii Pacific UJ Craig Ursuy & Megan Jensen

87.Humboldt State HV Ezra Hayman & Emily Van Gepen 

88.Humboldt State MB Aurora Maddocks & Sean Burns

89.HWS KM Buzz Klinger & Dan Maguire

90.HWS SC Amil Shah & Ted Cheng

91.HWS WA Andy Wynkoop & Amira Abdulkadir

92.HWS GM John Goldman & Marjorie Mitchell

93.HWS HG Melissa Hosek & Yuqi Ge

94.ILCS Morocco Tilla & Sahar

95.Kings OP Burk Ohbayashi & Josiah Peterson

96.Kings CC Jeremy Cerone & Mathias Clock

97.Kings DL Greg Dubois & Joshua Linder

98.Kings HB Hannah Herman & Trevor Blake

99.Kings CT Joshua Craddock & Samuel Tran

100.Kings Noah Heinz & TBA

101.La Verne MT Ryan Mansell & Corey Teter

102.La Verne ZF Aaron Zamora & Sam French

103.La Verne MR Nick Mcgrail & Isaac Ramirez

104.La Verne PP John Patrick & Bryan Pride

105.La Verne JC Ava Johanvash & Aaron Colby

106.Louisiana Tech SG Sarah Sanderlin & Jake Guin

107.Louisiana Tech DB Patrick Dickson & Kelly Belton

108.Loyola Marymount CK Robert Cashen & James Kilcup

109.Loyola Marymount PR Courtney Pickard & Emily Ravenscroft

110.Loyola Marymount MR James Mollison & Jack Ewing

111.Manila A

112.Marianapolis GF Jordan Gentile & Paula Furfaro

113.Marianapolis BC Jacques Benchetrit & Jonah Cohen

114.Marianapolis JP Charles Jo & Mark Perlman

115.Marianapolis LA Niamah Leonard & Nichael Abramson

116.Michigan Flint FW Brian Farnham & Mike Wilson

117.Michigan Flint JR Katie Juno & Jessica Rakoqicz

118.National University of Singapore TC Alvin Tan & Kelvin Chong

119.New South Wales A

120.Ohio Wesleyan SM Rebekah Smith & Adithya Manohar

121.Ohio Wesleyan CO Eric Charette & Morgan O'Rourke

122.Ohio Wesleyan DO Yavor Danailov & Hank Owings

123.Ohio Wesleyan LR Oore Ladipo & Umarbeck Rabbimov

124.Osgoode A

125.Osgoode B

126.Oxford A

127.Patrick Henry AW Cordell Asbenson & Josiah Weekley

128.Patrick Henry CC Sarah Chafee & Kira Clark

129.Patrick Henry EM John Ehrett & Blake Meadows

130.Patrick Henry ER Zachary Enos & Ian Reid

131.Patrick Henry GW Joanna Griffith & Micah Walters

132.Patrick Henry LS Andrew Lonon & Olivia Snow

133.Pennsylvaina NG Agnes Nam & Rohan Grey

134.Pennsylvania PW Rebecca Platoff & Celine Wee

135.Portland State BB Aaron Backer & Lindsey Bing

136.Portland State EP Seth Evans & Aaron Powell

137.Portland State MS Rett Mutchler & Stephanie Stanley

138.Portland State HK Dana Hawthorne & Stephanie Karp

139.Portland State ST Molly Shove & Steve Taylor

140.Portland State CG Betsy Crombie & Jacob Gran

141.Princeton AL Daniel Lewis & Matt Arons

142.Princeton B

143.Princeton C

144.Queen's University EW Kaya Ellis & WuDi Wu

145.Queen's University GH William Gibson & Shaughnessy Hawkins

146.Regis BD Kaleb Brooks & Jon Denzier

147.Regis SH Dexter Schiller & Scott Hauck

148.Rochester ZC Yayi Zhang & Wendy Cheng

149.Rochester WL Zheng Wang & Anasiacia Li

150.Rochester PD Zachary Polomo & Nina Datlof

151.Rochester Lu Liu & Gabe Schneider

152.Rochester Inst of Technology RC Pat Ryan & Michael Callahan

153.Rochester Inst of Technology SS Ben Schmidt & Eric Salinger

154.Santa Monica College MA Morgan McLaughlin & Dominic Ameneyro

155.Santa Monica College AR Sonya Allahyar & Jon Rogers

156.Santa Monica College AK Gabriel Avila & Tiffany Kim

157.Seattle SW Sophia Sanders & Benn Watts

158.Seattle KP Michael Kaemingk & Chase Parker

159.Seattle Logan McDonald & Brock Parker

160.St. John's CM Kamya Chandra & Nipun Mahajan

161.St. John's FP George Fitzpatrickl & Korey Pace

162.St. John's BK Timm Barr & Nelson Kezoh

163.Stanford SJ Prakash Sanker & Tim Jausovec

164.Stanford RD David Ryan & Keshav Dimri

165.Stanford KR Do Kwon & Lilian Rogers

166.St. Andrews A

167.Swarthmore DJ Linnet Davis-Steinmetz & Lucas Janes

168.Swarthmore FP Carlo Felizardo & Rich Peck

169.Swarthmore KM Jenny Koch & David Mok-Lamme

170.Swarthmore RH Adam Rosenberg & David Hill

171.Technology Jamaica A

172.Technology Jamaica B

173.Texas State BD Luis Baez & Laura Driver

174.Texas State HS Ryan Herrera & Shana Schultz

175.Texas State HK Alec Hartmann & Tyrel Krohn

176.Tshwane University of Technology MM Shawn Malatjie & Baldwin Mogoba

177.UCLA A

178.UCLA B

179.University College Dublin, Law Society Dearbhia O'Gorman & Dearbhail O'Crowley

180.USAF EW David Eng & Jeff Williams

181.USAF CL Karen Chinnery & Ruben Luoma-Overstreet

182.USAF SR Kenneth Schuemann & Everette Richardson

183.USAF SY Marc Stanley & Roman Young

184.USC Law QM Qing Shu and Mingzi Ouyang

185.Vermont AF Sarah Anders & Rachel Fabian

186.Vermont GL Paul Gross & Isaac Loeb

187.Vermont SB Jessica Bullock & John Sadek

188.Vermont DA Tom Dionesotes & Drew Adamczyk

189.Vermont RS Wendell Rogers & Sarina Selleck

190.Vermont F 

191.Willamette BR Samantha Briggs & Tejeswara Reddy

192.Willamette MM Anthony Mauck & Megan Manion

193.Willamette CM Lindsay Cason & Edward McGlone

194.Yale BE Nate Blevins & Naz El-Khatib

195.Yale CK Nick Cugini & Ben Kornfield

196.Yale CP Andrew Connery & Meredith Potter

197.Yale Max Dovala & Kate Falkenstein

198.Yale HW Aaron Hakim & Seseni Woldemariam

199.Yale SW EB Saldana & Sam Ward


    1.Adelphi Martin Haas

2.Adelphi John Miller

3.Alaska Steve Johnson*

4.Alaska Shawn Briscoe*

5.Andres Bello Chile Felipe Ibarra*

6.Bard Jennifer Rankin

7.Bard Ian Busher

8.Bard Diandra Kalish

9.Bates Jan Hovden*

10.Brock Steven Nicholls

11.Brock Bryan Levesque

12.Cape Cod Lisa Boragine*

13.Cape Cod Matt Vazquez

14.Cape Cod Jerrica O'Donoghue

15.Cape Cod Tesiah Coleman

16.Cape Cod Keeley Clancy

17.Carleton 1

18.China Zheng Bo*

19.China 2

20.China 3

21.Claremont Maggie Hildebrand*

22.Claremont Holly Poole*

23.Claremont Clair Wilson

24.Claremont Anna Joseph

25.Colgate Steve West*

26.Colgate Javed Narejo 

27.Colgate Dan Li

28.Colgate Ross Provalo

29.Colgate Abrar Faiaz

30.Cornell Sam Nelson*

31.Cornell Colman Stiteler*

32.Cornell Adam Garen

33.Cornell Chris Langone*

34.Cornell Mike Maffie

35.DePauw Geoff Klinger*

36.Duke Erin Sweeney

37.Fordham 1

38.George Fox 1 Abigail Rine

39.Grove City Steven Jones*

40.Grove City 2 Jason Edwards

41.Harvard 1 Wes Hopkin*

42.Harvard 2 E. J. Harris

43.Hawaii Rob Boller

44.Hawaii Pacific Rose Helens-Hart*

45.Humboldt State Gregory Young*

46.HWS Eric Barnes*

47.HWS Lynn Hu

48.HWS Jay Gramolini

49.ILCS 1

50.Kings Katue Teubl*

51.Kings Pam Dodge*

52.Kings Tessa Carter

53.Kings Stephanie Brewster

54.La Verne Josh Martin*

55.La Verne Rob Ruiz*

56.La Verne 3

57. La Verne 4

58.Louisiana Tech 1 Shane Puckett

59.Loyola Marymount Courtney Pinkard*

60.Loyola Marymount George Briggs

61.Marianapolis Kiara Kaminski

62.Marianapolis Sophia Ir

63.Marianopolis Weston Clarke

64.Michigan Flint Marcus Paroske*

65.Ohio Wesleyan Azfar Wattoo 

66.Ohio Wesleyan Kate Lewis-Lakin

67.Ohio Wesleyan John Bienick 

68.Osgoode Canada 1

69.Patrick Henry James Tallmon

70.Patrick Henry Robert Snow*

71.Patrick Henry Tim Snyder

72.Patrick Henry Noah Oberlander

73.Pennsylvania 1

74.Portland State Kelly Welch*

75.Portland State  Shayna O'Dea

76.Portland State Katie Slayden

77.Queen's 1

78.Regis Robert Margesson*

79.Rochester Inst of Technology John Angelis

80.Rochester Alia Bellwood*

81.Rochester Buddy Khan*

82.Rochester Cody Monday

83.Santa Monica Michael Aguilar*

84.Seattle Chris Richter

85.St. John's Steve Llano*

86.St. John's Jamie Wright*

87.Stanford Karen Shen

88.Swarthmore HIRED

89.Swarthmore HIRED

90.Technology Jamaica 1

91.Texas State Jeremy Hutchins*

92.Texas State hired 1/2

93.Tshwane Rose Mongatane

94.Tshwane Maatisa Selepe

95.UCLA 1

96.USAF Gina Iberri-Shea*

97.USAF Brandon Paquette

98.USU Mary Nugent UK*

99.USU Sharmila Parmanand Phil*

100.USU Adam Greenstein*

101.USU Sunish Mitra*

102.USU Gavin Ilsley UK*

103.USU Leela Koenig Neth*

104.USU Bojana Skrt Slo*

105.USU Ikey Gialapsos Alaska*

106.USU Michaela Hernandez Alaska*

107.USU Eoin Kilkenny UCD*

108.USU Ciaran Lawlor Ireland*

109.USU Simone van Elk Neth*

110.USU Thepparith Senamngern Thailand*

111.USU Jeff Cedarfield 

112.USU Monica Ferris Hart House*

113.Vermont Stephen Boyle*

114.Vermont Allison Hamlin*

115.Vermont Sam Natale*

116.Vermont Sam Ricker*

117.Vermont Edwin Owusu

118.Vermont Lucas Caress*

119.Vermont David Register*

120.Vermont Mandy Frank*

121.Vermont Alex Thibault

122.Willamette Danielle Stevens

123.Willamette Marta Tarantsey

124.Willamette Una Kimikeo-Goes (3)

125.Willamette Robert Trapp (3)


1.Universidad Andres Bello Chile - 1 team, 1 judge

2.Team Thailand - 1 team 1 judge

3.Willamette Alex Lantz and Derek Hanson

4.Duke University - 1 team Jing Song and Roshan Sadanani

5.Wilfrid Laurier -  1 team



8.Claremont 1








6.Claremont 2

















23.Patrick Henry 

24.Patrick Henry


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