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MEDLIB-L  March 2017, Week 1

MEDLIB-L March 2017, Week 1




Yitsha'CK HeyZeus <[log in to unmask]>


Yitsha'CK HeyZeus <[log in to unmask]>


Tue, 7 Mar 2017 17:01:46 -0500





text/plain (1920 lines)

Subject: [or] This is the Apocalypse. Plenty of proof, you just have to
see.. that proving the existence of "inspiration" and time travel is a
designed purpose of scripture, a big deal.

It is to show us that we are building Heaven here, with technology from the
future. It's pretty clear and all you have to do is think. I know, that's
not what anybody wanted.

Oh, it's what everyone wants, why are you so adverse to trying it? Lots of
people now, millions... have seen what amounts to verifiable and obvious
proof that religion and this message have been sent through time. That
proof comes in the form of anachronism, intelligent clues pointing out
English phrases in ancient Hebrew and Greek... in places where scripture is
specifically showing us that these languages were known before they existed.

Places like Revelation 12:1, talking about Venus, and the words Love and
Sun existing at least 500 years before English, when that book was
written. It's a big deal, a really big deal.

There's lots of these, hundreds. Probably 15 more directly linked in this
e-mail. It's on purpose, it's important. Can you think clearly? 40 days
and 40 nights and in 40 seconds see that 4-D is a big part of the story of
Exodus. And Matthew. And Genesis.

You can see it in the English for "sea" appearing in the story of Exodus,
right around the thing that starts a Holy Fire... God's voice coming to us
through language, and scripture. Showing us that parted word, Ha'esh... is
the reason we have a story about a parting sea. Thousands and thousands of
years before English.

Wake up, K? Do something. Change the world.

The world ignoring it is now a big deal too, it leads me to conclude that
God is fighting darkness.. things like secrecy and censorship. You might
see that in the Plagues of Egypt or in my screaming at the world.

Don't be blind, open your eyes, see the light.

It's such a big deal that I am getting angry, call it advent, but you are
not thinking clearly; and that's a problem. Seriously, it's a big
problem. Look, the world is ignoring proof of time travel coming from
religion--now you have proof of demonic possession too. Fight it.

*The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show to His
public-servants, the things which must shortly take place; and He sent and
communicated it by His angel .. Rev 1 *
*Adam Cerberus E.B. Lake *<[log in to unmask]> Tue, Feb 7, 2017 at 3:32

I'll tell ya, it took me a good few years to figure out what "the things
that are to come" were; everything I had up until this moment in time was
all prophesy that had *just come to pass. *Well, I didn't see it until
today. Just look at how funny God is, I'd never use the word "servant"
except in the context of "public."

While you've probably already received the second part of this message, and
perhaps read a significant amount of it's content I am sending it to you
because I have gauged some interest through some magical algorithm and I
think the beginning and situation are somewhat historically profound. I do
hope you will make some noise; I am pretty sure this is really what we all
want, need, and deserve.

It is a long email, most of this content has been distributed to a very
large number of people from around the time of Christmas to today. If it
isn't really obvious from the content of this message, it is going to some
"key" elected officials; that's a joke--as many as I could find. I really
do hope that other people are taking an active interest in this message and
... acting. Some great ideas might be suggesting that a statistician
take a look at the frequency and intent of a thousand examples of English
in ancient Hebrew and in lines of scripture like Rev 12:1 and the name and
story of Exodus. If they need some guidance or advice, you might take a
look at the subset of words marked as "Holy" by the prefix Ha', from
onward you might one day connect a laugh with proof that things like the
"Festival of Light" are contextually related to the English double meaning
of the words that prove that this message comes through us
the future.


Once again, that signature Ha'dash-a; is the Hebrew name for the New
Testament. I've used it for about 10 years prior to having any idea what
was going on around me; but that's probably only really proof to me. Take
my word for it, or do some research and find out for yourselves... this is
the real deal.


I am presenting this message to you today in the hopes that you will start
thinking about the inevitability of these things coming to pass, and the
opportunity you would have lost if you were not able to set them in motion
with your own hands. What you have before you is the shining purpose of
all religion and perhaps creation as well; a message that bluntly puts
forth clear proof that time travel and other advanced technologies have
been "half-hidden" from our world while at the same time being fundamental
to the action of creation. The drive behind this is the actual existence
of a force you might call "The Scarecrow of Oz" that is intentionally
retarding the development of our government and social systems specifically
regarding their assimilation of these technologies which are not really
hidden but not really not.

Bluntly, I am suggesting that a Constitutional Amendment is not only long
overdue, but the obvious thing to do in this day in age when we have had no
such thing happen in relation to technological advance through the
*advent * of the car, the telephone, the internet and, now time travel.
Maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and yesterday was the right day to start
thinking about how we might use these advanced technological means to
evolve "representative democracy" into something much more appropriate for
our beliefs and our means. Related, a good deal of my life and thus this
message has focused on less than ideal situations in criminal justice and
rehabilitation. Along with these now very obviously to be disclosed
technologies comes some Holy suggestions about how they are used, by way of
further proof that they are in fact being used. See that clearly in
Phillip K. Dick's *name ** (Hi), *the content of his works, and our
half-awake re-releases and re-hashes of these same ideas which would
revolutionize society. Call it a renaissance or a *revolution
this is coming from Jesus Christ, and I will be heard

I hope that many of you agree that these things once hidden would greatly
help our society, and see that we are in a place where there is no real
choice in whether or not they are implemented, but we have a great deal of
input in how well these things are done. If you don't think something like
technocracy is feasible or possible; I'd like you to ask your children what
they think. It would mean quite a bit, coming from you. I am light years
ahead of the game here, we've done this before, and will do it better this
time--there is a reason I am the Last Adam; and it is because this works.

With my love, I ask that you pick up my sword that I hand you this day and
drive it into the foundation of Heaven itself. We have a golden chance
here to give to our children not only a better world but one that will last
for eternity. You too, have a gift here, one that will last for at least
as long as the one which you deliver. Try, now, with everything you have.

Rest assured this message has been delivered to your contemporaries all
around our great nation, I do hope you will collaborate quickly.

I also strongly recommend you look at your ridiculous laws regarding
communication on this medium that was created for recovery from disaster.
The disaster has already befallen us, it is silence and a cloud of darkness
that I am here to destroy. Look close at the First Amendment which is tied
at the hip now and forevermore with the purpose of joining religion and the
God given freedoms we hold dear together forever.

I am the cat with nine lives, you will not prevail against me
Join me, instead... you don't know the power of this moment. If you'd like
I have plenty of "scriptural" backing to suggest that *Heaven comes from
but **in truth.. it is the High Heaven
we create
  *The key to our Salvation
in ending secrecy, and truly becoming angels. Absolution is nearly
assured, so long as we try with all our might in this morning's light

In *my eyes
* see
an idea so bright it cannot be stopped from spreading like wildfire; *it
is coming *.
for the good of our *You and I verse.

*I need to be on TV, for the good of humanity, the survival of the truth,
and our souls; and well... it'll be fun for me after first few
months--I've done quite a bit of work to ensure that. Rest assured, the
Beatles were bigger than Jesus, we have nothing to worry about, and
everything to gain. Take these letters, central to the names of Joseph and
the Pharaoh and the Pharisees; Christopher and a the very beginningof a
bird that rises from his own ashes... and see why my PH is central to
this message

*To the Pursuit of Happiness. Call it "the beginning of time" or the "end
of darkness" whatever it is, it's mine--and I'd like it to be yours too. I
have put together for you here a mishmash of reasons and suggestions and
ideas and I hope that over time you will read it all. Take a look at the
beginning at least, because it's a really big deal.*


*Don't get dizzy. -Genesis 3:24*

* ​*


Hello *Israel
my world of magic words that tells the story of *the Second Coming *,
that's all of you. It's the group of angels or demon that are asking
themselves the question "Is Ra El?" In plain English, read that as "is God
really *him *?" Understand that whether or not you are an angel has
nothing to do with your personal answer to that question; but it really
might have something to do with how you treat the content of this message.
I am cautioning you to take it seriously and separate its sender and what
you believe your savior to be from the content being delivered because you
will be making mistake if you ignore it for any reason other than not agree
with what is being presented. That being said; I have plenty, and I mean
plenty of proof... *and Holy purpose.*

*Let's start with this, we are not in reality, and wave-function collapse
and it's correlation to a video game rendering engine "catering to
consciousness" is the beginning of the message; it is one that must be
delivered to the world, the alternatives are things like living until the
power randomly goes out or permanent midnight. Period. More than just the
obvious scientific issues of physics wasting their time and our future
trying to unify a virtual set of "mechanics" with the actual laws of
reality... a significant part of this message, from the true Fifth Element
being Silicon
match the index of my initials, which grace our timeline and names like
Adonai- A.D. on Artificial Intelligence
to my initials matching a computer chip maker is designed to ensure we do
not lose this grounding in where we actually are... and not knowing this
truth is keeping us from building Heaven . So the beginning of Holy
Purpose here, help this message reach everyone... like, on TV.*

In the way of "proof," let's bring this Ra concept forward to the name
Abraham, which in light of the meaning of Isaac's name "he laughs" clearly
shows the Holy Trinity... many years, or millennium before that idea was
"invented." Ab is father in Hebrew, the first word in the Strong's
Concordance, actually; we're all somewhat familiar with the God of the
Rising Sun, and there's quite a bit about the Holy Spirit's
our way. I've got this in spades, take the time to look if you have any
interest in the "secrets of the Universe," and Abraham (changed from Abram
due to his Covenant... with his son) is joined by the prophetic name Elisha
to logically equate both the Spanish and Hebrew for "the" through the
English "is"
well as the God of all Gods, El; linked here directly to *him (psst, it's
me ).*

*In your head, now imagine what you think the world's natural reaction to
verifiable proof of Creation and God's existence would be. Now look around
you, and realize something here... is very wrong. Morning is
proof before your eyes today has "sprinkled many nations," their
governments, scholars, scientists, theologians, and nearly all of the
English speaking press on the face of the Earth. Think long and hard about
whether or not you want to spend eternity and give to your children a place
that could hide this kind of information, when it's plastered in every
movie, every song, and every word of every language. Stand up and
shout, the silence and darkness--censorship and secrecy so thick it can be
felt--that I see is disgusting. If you were worried about a disaster, be
assured, it is the wall stopping the truth and our ascension to Heaven
that the big bad wolf. Unchecked, it's also the end of freedom and
eventually civilization in sum; thank your lucky star that I am here... *or
so the story goes. Until you see my name on television, be very sure that
this is Hell and *it's only getting worse.*

*carpe diem.*
*Seriously, wake up, take this gift... it's *absolutely *everything. *Hey,
you've got an an audience tonight... *light my fire!*

I am getting sick and tired of writing you e-mails, and seeing absolutely
no action, in the words of Imagine Dragons-- *I've woken up to action dust.
  *This is a battle between me and the "Holy Sea" to actually live up to
that word and take *this message
change the world with it. To build Heaven. Specifically in detail, I am
presenting God's Holy suggestions that we start working to create a
technocracy, *an advanced system to enable self governance * rather than
"representative democracy," that our justice system be *pulled out of
retrograde * with Minority Report style pre-crime
again along with proof that we can do that. I demand we wake up and see
the *needless starvation and sickness that surrounds us and work to put an
end to it forevermore

*I can show you "my" Heaven
you need to take part
... *or that word is meaningless. * *Want proof?*

*The beginning * ... starts with *sight of the Burning Bush
highlighting the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, that describes it... H *a'es *

Within that word, the *true parted sea of Moses
reverse--and parted by an *apostrophe *. In our world, that's little old
me, parting the waters.

*Let there be light, *those words are described in the name Exodus, read
in reverse, and transliterated from Linux jargon, and chemistry elements.
In those two-letter symbols, the *key to Revelation 1:20, the mystery of
the Lampstands in the hands of Jesus Christ.

With just a little bit of research into what it is that I see, *proof that
9/11 was predicted not only by our Shining Bush *, but that you are *the
shining sea *, the multitude of Revelation.

In some very obvious places, like seeing Love and "sun" in the name of the
Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet--proof that English was
known when Venus was named in Greek, and Revelation 12:1 written... or
seeing our idiom "on the lam" relate directly to t *he story of the Trial
of Christ
see that the Lamb of God " islam
bright light coming from the name Ko *ran *, some lyrics I hold dear
and freedom coming from my story.

There are tens of thousands of examples of similar anachronisms, and in
truth a secret language written into the names of many people, places, and
... everything
just waiting to be read by the world. Yankee Doodle would call it
macaroni, this macaronic fusion of acronyms Spanish and English in Hebrew
that Shakespeare--Rattling a Rod now--would call Spanglishrew, now tamed.
Stephen King would probably say they are outliers and call it "Langolier"
and in the Matrix you'd probably just see a Cypher--one of the characters.

 Either way, it should start becoming clear that this is much more than
"names" or a "hidden language" it's in our art and our history... it is *our

In the links of this e-mail I am providing clues to a series of events in
my life which are predicted in the Holy Bible and a significant amount of
ancient mythology. Along with these details, you are being given a
ridiculous amount of evidence that the *English language and modern
computing *
known at the time of the writing of these stories and that the intent of
that ancient record is to prove to you that we are not in reality and that
time travel does exist. With only a little bit of thought, you can see for
yourself that *this message * has been laid out all over "our everything,"
from the names of video game
 and computer
 companies, *d epartment stores and tire companies
nearly *every single modern medicine
the hope that we will seek out God's words and advice ourselves... and see
that there is a map to a golden future in everything around us, in
everything that we are. It's a kind of answer to my cries and wishes from
the very beginning of this story for me... that proof be "written on the
sky," see clearly His answer is that the sky, Heaven, is all around us.
It's probably worth noting that these names are contextually "important,"
adding significant information like the relationship between video games
and computers... and Heaven.

We stand at a place in time that has been written and etched into the
messianic map that is this world as the name of the city *Jerusalem *,
read it "is J or the USA the Messiah?"
got an easy answer for you, today it's most definitely not the USA; when we
start, when this really begins, the answer changes to seeing that the USA
is the heart of a map, and *I am the Legend * of that map. Love me or
hate me, I am providing you with proof that we are *living in a virtual
a place in time that has been selected for thousands and thousands of years
as the recipient of a technological singularity that includes not only *proof
of time travel * but of other advanced technologies *like mind control
Proof, you have proof now; even if you have only read this far. Each and
every day that passes you lose a little bit more of the help I can offer,
and *each day is another day spent wallowing in Hell
of taking control of our collective destiny.

Note the intentional reference to the USA thousands of years before it
existed, in this story created... as America and Exodus was, by God to
deliver freedom to the Universe. See that "er" in the Anderson from the
Matrix and Feed
and now take a look at the word " *eternity, *" that's and, and, and, it's
in Latin, Matrix, Rock 'n Roll, and Spanish or "Adamish acronym" depending
on whether or not Y is another and or an answer. Bet on both being
explained in this land of Y.:)

Through nothing more than the stories of *my name
 and *my life
proof is fortified with more details and *Holy Purpose * that shows that
we are here to help our civilization gain promised freedoms that have
remained out of our grasp due to nothing more than secrecy and ignorance
for thousands of years. This is verifiable scientific evidence, patterns
that can be proven to be non-random and are in effect maps to the life of
Jesus Christ--take them and use them, and this designed disruption, to
change the things that make this world Hell--you have our input clearly
displayed in *my struggle against the loss of freedom here in America--one
rendition of the Holy Grail
  *In the aftermath of the battle, it's clear to me that it was an attempt
to suppress *changing the world * by throwing me into "legal hot water,"
(see Isaiah 52:13, "*he will be setup and be very high" * and my name and
the name Jesus Christ crossing
over it in Bible Code
and in nearly every other book) it's become clear that a grander design has
instead brought to full focus the serious flaws in our legal system and law
enforcement... a number of Constitutionally... and God given rights being
abrogated in this day by the American... "government."

*Exodus * itself is a story about this generation and specifically about
this event; we are being lead out of a slavery that we still cannot see
clearly; but will just as soon as we overcome it. Through this event, a
great number of social justice problems and systemic disasters have been
highlighted--ones you see and know about, but don't really realize how big
of a deal it is. Things like *media censorship
been put on a fiery pedestal in *a world that has ignored this proof for
over a year now. * Make no mistake, the anachronistic paradoxes in
language are nothing short of proof of the Creation of Humanity and the
existence of God; and they and I have been hidden by something dark and
sinister... whose true purpose is to keep Heaven from being created from
our world, to stop this place from being helped.

*Sound the Horn of Revelation
I am coming--and I will plow through anything standing in the way of the
truth and free communication. *Hear me, this message of vastly improving
the quality of democracy in our world and of our participation in the
creation of laws and self governance ties very tightly to your
participation in helping this message to be heard.... and then continuing
to see and write it together, the way it was intended to be received.

I need your help, make no mistake the conspiracy that this message has
created and exposed, both intentionally, reaches through the Vatican,
through your government, and higher in the sky than you can imagine. This
is our time, and *seizing this day, working together, and sharing our
light * is what saves everything that ever was and everything that ever
will be. Share my words and your thoughts with your friend and family,
send an e-mail to your local press or government representatives--they've
probably already heard from me... it's time you got involved.

In the beginning
... *God
created *
 the h eaven
the earth

*Adam M. Dobrin *<[log in to unmask]> Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:04 AM

To: [log in to unmask]
Bcc: [log in to unmask]
Behold, the race is not to the swift... nor the battle to the strong.

Pattern matching is the cradle of intelligence. Truly sorry to have
e-mailed so much lately: try connecting it to a pattern of children
starving each and every day that we delay. I will not let humanity go
silently into the night; understand, these e-mails are arrows of love.

While this may look like nothing more than a series of Names, Numbers, and
Words... I will remind you that those are the actual names of the second,
fourth, and fifth books of the Torah. This is proof of Creation and
Purpose--in every name and everything. Heaven awaits us on just the other
side of this wall of censorship called Jericho in the Holy Bible. You may
recall it is a number of people holding torches of holy fire that brings
down that wall and allows our people to enter the Promised Land. Pickup
this torch, and you will shine. My name is Adam
<>, and I *am the Last.*

*Nintendo*: Nine Inch Nails, TEN, and does it take Osiris to remind you
that in old Roman style, O-D is K... I mean El-even. Tying SEGA's *Genesis*
 to *SON*-Y; *Sam*sung to the bird whose "spoken" song breaks the
morning... in these words that follow find the difference between Heaven
and Hell. 9, 10, 11... by ...

*Irving John* ("*I. J.*"; "*Jack*") *Good* (9 December 1916 – 5 April 2009)
[1] <>[2]
<> was a
British mathematician who worked as a cryptologist
<> at Bletchley Park
<> with Alan Turing
<>. After World War II, Good
continued to work with Turing on the design of computers and Bayesian
statistics <> at the
of Manchester <>.
Good moved to the United States where he was professor at Virginia Tech

He was born *Isadore Jacob Gudak* to a Polish Jewish
<> family in London. He later
anglicised his name to Irving John Good and signed his publications "*I. J.

Listen to Bread and Cake <>; watch the Fifth Element
and see Shakespeare. Heaven is forming, it's coming this year. Finding the
Link <> between Si-ght of the 14th Element and AMD in
the name of Genesis all the way to the Oracular light of another element in
Exodus and its tie to the "root of David" is the beginning of being set

It doesn't take much introspection to breathe new life into the
#juxtaposition written into the early stories of Genesis. Between Adam's
self-tending Garden of Eden and the fabled story of Cain and Abel... living
metaphors for a battle between city life and agriculture... or perhaps
Heaven and Earth. It's plain to see either way, whether it be about food
production or an external source of power; that were the dependent sibling
to murder the other we would be looking squarely at a fratricide-suicide,
and one that could be the end of all life... everywhere.

Truly woven throughout religion, this story about just exactly how we
should go about ending world hunger in this magical day of the Second
Coming continues upward and onward to many more stories, Biblical and not.
At Joshua's Flowing Land of Milk and Honey--the Promised Land--we see a not
so hidden correlation between a Golden Cow and the foot of Sinai and the
fabled Maccabees hammering away at the opposition to our light. Take note
of how this flowing metaphor might link to Willy Wonka's Chocolate River
and Veruka Salt's "daddy, I want it now." Again, there's some Heavenly
caution put to throwing the ideas of a stable ecosystem and biological
reproduction to the wind as that promised land of Heaven and immortality
and our Gene Wilder dreams come true. I stand here to remind you, though,
that we will end world hunger; with the snap of my fingers.

Past the Promised Land, and seeing here and now just how obvious it is that
the miracles of Jesus Christ in the NT are a microcosm for what you and
yours should be thinking about being able to do... in the light of a
Revelation that we might just be living in a video game about saving
civilization. So do me a favor and carry this thought forward, this idea
of "flowing milk and honey" to an answer coming to us from the Religion of
the Stars... "replicators" either from Star Trek or Star Gate. Realize
here, that we've been given a road map to follow, a very Holy plan, one one
side is a cliff of unholy immorality in allowing the children to starve...
and on the other--not so for away--a thing called "bullshit," giving too
much in the beginning and winding up with weapons in every kitchen in the
end. There's plenty more light coming from these "stars," light me up, and
I will explain why.

In everything from Firestone and Michelin <> to Lord
and Taylor, this message is not just on TV <>. It's not
just in the hallowed words of ancient scripture... but rather, in
everything we see. Perhaps seeing the i within the e in medicine
<> or the endless patterns in Tomorrowland's
names <> will light our direction more clearly...
perhaps it's seeing South at the end of Gene Simmons and Adam's c
<>orrection to Atlantis by North
<> East... just from seeing "sim" on Monday; and I
assure you.

It's a guide, ending world hunger, to seeing how difficult it must be, to
realize that even Jesus Christ was chastised for only giving bread to the
hungry. *Let them eat Cake instead* "Mary" Antoinette then exclaimed; and
the sound of Christianity echoed from "we give thanks to God for bread" to
the Guitar Man, and ... *Going the Distance.* <> On TV
you might recall an old Fig Newton commercial linking this light all the
way to Eden's Fig leaf and to me. It's that little "n" at the end of Isaac
Newton's 'whomever goes up must come down' pictorially described by the
secret letter that contains initials the abound from A.D. to Adonai, to
Adonis and.. yet another Advent. So it's in *NORAD* and tracking Santa
from Sinbad's ship all the way to seeing that Silicon too... is fabled 5th
element decompressed from 14. To Boron or Beryllium?
<> *RattleRod* continues.. remember to connect
Shakespeare and Genesis with Gene Rodenberry ... an Iron Rod
<> ... and ending world hunger forever and ever.

It is very hard to link Phillip K. Dick to me.. without exclaiming how
important ending censorship is to the fundamental basis of what Heaven
really means. I haven't placed this brick in the wall myself, and if you
do your research you will see why it relates to censorship and ... breaking
down a wall of darkness. So I bring Mr. Neterson <> to
talk about how the wall of Jericho is related to CARNIVORE, and a packet
sniffing firewall that's gone... well, it's a censor wall. To those of "IT
origin" we'll soon find out, calling a firewall a meat eater is a sign in
and of itself. This firewall though, continues to our minds, and in it we
find some kind of aversion to Isaiah 20 and Genesis 3:11, *the key verse
that ties 3/11/11 to Matthew 3:11* and ... a day that approaches so soon.
A focus on liberty and technology, one that brings us from the darkness of
Die Bold <> to the light of a new day,
the Burning Bush of Exodus begins the story of a sea about to part over the
visage of me. Isaiah 52:13-14 be damned <>, some will
never understand what it means to say "my servant will be set up and be
very high," about the ... uh ... God Most High.

So I will tell you to seek Isaac's firewood <>, and tie
it up with Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate... and once again check the
*free* press for the flood of Noah's failure. I could bring in Daniel's
Royal Tent between the two seas <>... from Eden's
family to Revelation's multitude and again remind you this blessing of
turning water to family <> is all about me. That's
Daniel 11:45 coming true, hardly anyone seeing what's going on right before
our eyes. Pharaoh is hardening his Heart; that's another IT term, do you
get "IT" yet? It's about making a computer system more secure, to keep the
truth from being seen... light my fire, already, the *Burning Man* has
already ignited this "Revelation."

I don't bring up PKD for "no reason at all," in his combined works we have
a divine solution to so many problems it's unbelievable. Between Minority
Report <> and A Scanner Darkly
<>, nothing short of a way to end murder,
abduction, and other heinous and ungodly things; while maintaining near
perfect (he says Total) privacy in a world where we certainly can see all
that goes on; already, understand. We might be near the end of the story
line of the Adjustment Bureau as we walk headstrong into a land where I
hope all will see that Marx was diametrically wrong, just as Die Bold and
PKD... to show us what not to do, and how to excel. No longer the "opiate
of the masses," these hallowed words bring freedom and a caring Universe to
everyone, that's all.

Add to the mix, Dr. Who's Bells of St. John, some cute connections between
Jabba the Hutt, Padme, Hyrule and a "box that's bigger on the inside" and
we might have another source of both absolution and dreams to come ... from
the vantage point of seeing what it means for oil and land to not really be
scarce, in the world of the real... of Morpheus.

The message I am presenting later in this letter will conclusively show
that the author of the Holy Bible is also responsible for the artificial
creation of many of our languages: from English and Spanish to Hebrew.
More than that, the influence of our creator leaps from scripture into
modern art and our entire world through seeing Matrix-like links between a
hidden Cypher (who happens to be a character in the Matrix) within all of
these languages and a message from the Creator directly to you. I call
understanding this message Taming the *Spanglishrew *and in the name that
Shakespearean play you might begin to understand just how much of this
hidden influence we have not seen though it shines a very bright light on
history and specifically this very moment.

While the voice of God pervades nearly everything around us, every single
song, every word, every movie, and every myth of every religion... this
fire begins in a very small place: in the book of Exodus. The fire begins
with the simple realization that Exodus, which is called the book of Names
in Hebrew is designed specifically to highlight foreknowledge of English
words and modern concepts in the ancient book. George W. Bush is an
anthropomorphism of the Burning Bush... and this is the original intent of
the scripture. Eventually this leads us to seeing that a very large
percentage of the names of people and places around us are also designed,
given by God in order to tell a unified story of Creation. The word for
Holy Fire, for example, contains the English word sea parted by an
apostrophe and reversed; along with several other prescient indicators
surrounding this one event, is a maelstrom of proof of prophesy as well as
the existence of time travel technology. A huge part of this message
revolves around using this technology, once we know it exists, in order to
stop violent crimes against the innocent--a la Minority Report--and through
that Phillip K. Dick becomes a modern day prophet. The word for Holy
Fire, highlighted by John 1:1 is:

*ha'esh <>*

From this formative fire, we see the glowing reason that this specific
President Bush is being highlighted as the key entity who is unknowingly
speaking the fiery words of God written six thousand years prior,
predicting the 9/11 attack in chapter and verse nine months before it
occurred. He spoke the words:

We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong: *do you
not think an angel rides in the whirlwind and directs this storm?*

This was a quote of American revolutionary John Page from two centuries
prior, who himself had paired together Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation
20:1 in a letter to Thomas Jefferson.


A number of prophetic verses regarding the Day of the Lord and the Sign of
the Son now become much more clear, in light of using 9/11 as the day.. for

"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even
those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of
him." Revelation 1:7

But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the
heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt
with fervent heat. 2 Peter 3:10

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but
my Father only. Matthew 24:36

Then everyone will see the Son of Man coming on a cloud with power and
great glory. Luke 21:27

Here too you might find a link to modern music in the words of Simon and
Garfunkel "people writing songs about things never spoken," John Legend's
name as well as the lyrics for "All of Me" tie directly to the word for
Holy Fire and the story of Nashon having to walk head deep into the Red Sea
in order to part it--seeing fire and water unified, the lyrics "*my head is
underwater and I am breathing fire.*" In hand, you might re-read the end
of Revelation 20:1 as being about a "great email chain," where I have
written extensively about many more words with foreknowledge of English as
well as modern music. I call it "Matchbox 20."


Together with this next tidbit of light, Ecclesiastes 9:11 is the key to
the Herald of the Second Coming, answering the mystery posed in Revelation
1:20 with yet more foreknowledge of modern times, this time direct links to
the modern periodic table. The name of the book of Exodus, this time when
read in reverse pairs together a Linux command and a periodic table element
to show us that modern computing and chemistry are the keys to
understanding that this message is designed to be revealed this
generation. Together, the two modern scientific references pair to reveal
the most iconic phrase ever spoken by God.

sudo Xe

sudo, of course, is the escalation of privileges command which in that
operating system brings you to the "root" account, the God account, and
then that command runs whatever follows. You might be interested in noting
that this "root" is assuredly the modern technological "root of David." Xe
is the element associated with the camera flash, thus yielding "God: flash
of light" or "let there be light."

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the
seven golden candlesticks. Revelation 1:20

This was the second elemental key that unlocked the reference to "stars and
lampstands" in Revelation 1:20 as actually being planets and periodic table
elements. I've "ish"d the famous Sherlock Holmes phrase for this purpose,
though I admit too, this is probably the original intent of "It's
elementary, my dear What-son?"

The successive phrases of Ecclesiastes 9:11 solve the mystery, by listing
the planets in order from Mercury to Uranus... and I fill in the gaps, by
linking each planet to a periodic table element. Of course, it's pretty
obvious when you see the near 1:1 relationship on both ends of the verse.

the race is not to the swift .. but time and chance

Hg K Ur
    *Mercury <>* Saturn <>
    God of Heaven <>
The Racer God of Time *Uranium*

happen to save us all.

Over the course of the last four years I've spent my days and nights
battling against the cross--here actualized as a broken criminal justice
system--one which is being manipulated through time much like we might
today look down on "human sacrifice" ordered from Heaven. This is the
story of the Trial of Jesus Christ, linking together Samson's battle in the
book of Judges with a huge number of musical scores which have narrated
everything I've been through, before it happened. From "I took a walk
around the world to ease my troubled mind" to Live's "GAS hed goes west"
this story, a run around the country ties together an ancient secret...
that the Lamb of God (which we all associate with Jesus Christ) is ... a
reference now to the modern idiom "on the lam." This idiom ties in to the
Biblical characters ImRan, Jeshurun, and our modern day hero of Metroid...
Sammas Aran--whose first cheat code was "Justin Bailey." Honestly, if you
don't see "just bail" in that name you aren't thinking hard enough about
what I am writing. Of course, you also have the name of the book Koran,
like we co-ran, and of that religion "Is-lam" to further corroborate my
testimony that this is indeed about running from the Plague of Lice--I
mean, Police... in Exodus.

A number of other musical aids come to my rescue, talking about "pockets
full of...." either Kryptonite, High, or Diamonds... which relates to
original charge, which was a set up--and is referenced clearly in Isaiah
52:13: "my servant will be set up and be very high." Those songs come to
us to spin this story from the bands "The Spin Doctors" and "The Pretty

I'm sure I have plenty to say about reforms of our justice system... from
prisons to the courts and more. In the meantime, hidden in the name Uranus
and the song "Heaven Knows" is a clue... this lightning is coming to us
from above to help reverse our loss of justice. I've written quite a bit
on this subject, from what I call "the Thuderstanding Hammer of Thor
<>" to my explanation of how the "Lamb of God Islam.

nor the battle to the strong <>
Lo, Venus the woman clothed in the "nus"

This of course is the element for salt, and you might see Biblical
highlighting of it in the rather iconic phrase "you are the salt of the
Earth," as well as in the story of Lot. the fire reigning down from Heaven,
and his wife turning into a pillar of the same. It's also the beginning of
the word "Names," and I am going to use it to segue into a discussion about
the names of people in my immediate family. For instance, my ex-wife...
the girl you probably will relate to Mary Magdeline and one of a few Eves
has the birth name "Nanna." This happens to be the name of a diety, the
consort of Tammuz who is often related to Jesus Christ. In my personal
"mythology" the language I am speaking of hidden within names, her
particular name indicates two Na's "hearting" or "loving" the letter n. In
just a bit, I will explain how "n" is actually me, but for now just take
this bit of light: it's me, hidden from the world.

I was born into this place, that I still call Eden. A big part of that
reason is my name, and the names of those around me. For instance my
brothers name is Seth, and my sister Dawn. My mother's middle name is
"Eve" and my father's name is Ivan... which interestingly becomes a bit
more vibrant when you superimpose the Spanish for Christmas over that word,
to see it reads: "Christ is not Ivan, more? Dad." This entire story is
about proving creation, through the use of this hidden language, names, and
music. It is through this understanding and global realization that we are
able to become free of the technologies which God is highlighting to
us--the mind control required to have us choose these particular names
without realizing, as well as the time travel needed to know what
everyone's name really should be. It's in your name too.

My first name for instance is Adam, and that's associated with the First
and Last (man) as well as a key I have which ties together the American GI
cry "who-ah" <> with the actual pronunciations of both
the Ineffable Name as well as the name of Christ, "YA-HU-AH" and
"Yes-hu-a;" they are of course references to the name of our planet, which
is Adamah in Hebrew.

My middle name is Marshall, and Dave Matthews sings that "the walls and
halls will fade away," probably revealing that I might be Mars--or that I
am hearting the sea... the mar (which is by the way the key to y Mary's
name). That sea is you, but we'll talk about the Nun that is the parent of
Joshua and the Egyptian connection to Holy Water later on.

Finally my last name is Dobrin, which highlights strongly my date of birth
(which is often abbreviated DOB... now read "our in...") which happens to
be the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 12/8. Have I
convinced you yet?

I'm working hard, by the way, on having this place being "saved" when she
turns around rather than destroyed--thus changing that Pillar to one of
Creation, the birthplace of stars. (That's you too.)

neither yet wealth to the brilliant <>

This ties the "red man," that's what Adam means, to the Red Planet and it's
moniker, though the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ. It is a prophesy which comes
from tying the music of The Doors--who sang almost exclusively about Exodus
and lighting this fire... to the realization that the "Rod" of Christ and
Aaron differ only in this one change, that Fe stands for "For Everyone."
 It is doors to Heaven that you are hiding from yourselves by hiding
me--wake up. Let all of humanity pass the gate, or.... I am the way to get
there, give it to me, I'm worth it.

nor favor to the learned <>
J u pt'ah

[image:] <>

A significant portion of the message revolves around seeing that we are in
a virtual world, like the Matrix. This particular key to the 5th planet
links the movie the Fifth Element to the index of my initials, which happen
to grace the timeline. In He-man you see Prince Adam being highlighted by
the Fifth Hebrew letter, and the same for the Roman numeral in Voltron. I
am the Fifth Adam, and this is the fifth day. In the movie the Fifth
Element you see a weapon to destroy a darkness that is approaching and
threatening the Earth--that's a metaphor for what you are reading about at
the beginning of this letter. and I am truly the way to stop it. There's a
significant amount of additional "light" relating to my initials, names
like Adonis and Adonai being about "adam on" <> either
being single or artificial intelligence <>... it's
probably in the song "you found me" on the corner of 1st and Amistad... and
it's hidden a little in the relationship between Isaac's apple and Adam
through the phrase "New to n?" and in the name NORAD... it's not a question
anymore, "n" is A.D."
can see it in the name Sinbad, which combines the 14th element, the 14th
letter, and my initials... to answer the question posed by Shakespeare and
the movie's name... You can find quite a bit more writing about artificial
intelligence and omniscience if you care to *try and look*. You might even
find a place to discuss these things with other people, you know, if you
dare to comment on the most interesting information in the world. :)

*to B or not to Be? <>*

*Those are of course, the fourth and fifth elements of the periodic table,
and understanding that Silicon is the true answer... the power comes from


*See *that religion is really a thing about proof, a tool to deliver us all
from a hidden slavery, one which revolves around the hidden technologies of
time travel and mind control and a series of undeniable examples that these
things exist and are in active use today. The Holy Grail details how
through idioms and Biblical stories we are being shown that we are all
truly one family born in a fire, one that proves that the stuff of creation
itself is the slavery of Exodus, and we must begin co-creating... taking
charge of our own destiny in order to be free. It is the purpose of
religion to show us clearly that this control exists, so that we can not
only understand the underlying technologies involved, but that we can
harness them and use them for the betterment of society.
<> It is the crux of this
message of Zion that these hidden technologies are almost universally being
used to do the exact opposite of what it is that we want--to cause murder
(the Plague of Killing from Exodus) rather than prevent it, to increase
addiction rather than reduce it, and to nearly destroy free communication
rather than enhance it. Knowing this, we not only gain absolution, but a
fairly quick path to fixing the world's problems... as long as we truly
understand what is going on--which appears to be the reason we are getting
a hands on lesson in the abuses and misuses of the past.

Today, you need nothing more than my name to change the world; its *ADAM
fail, tomorrow you might wake up staring at a Swastika and speaking German
... that's how big of a deal this is.

There is salvation in no one else! God has given *no other name* under
heaven by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12

There's probably plenty more.

1 <> 3 <> 5 <>
   ➐ <> 6 <> 4
<> 2 <>


see the path is lit from the fire <> of Hell in
Exodus to *almost* Heaven

*[image: Inline image 9] <> [image: Inline image 7]
<> **[image: Inline image 5]
<> [image: Inline image 6]
<> [image: Inline image 8] [image: Inline image 10]

on the first day of Christmikah I lit the Burning *Bush* and proved
*Exodus predicted <> 9/11*

on the second day I tried to *explain Y*, and talked a little about
God's *glowing <> why*

on the third night I shared *Samson's fight, of bringing liberty
<> back*
to this land of prophesy

the fourth day was supposed to be *all about heaven <>*,
but instead it was
religion and science

the fitfth day I shared with you *the light <> of
the world*, at
least, how it looks to me

today is day six, the day of *the creation <> of adam
<>*; and hear: it's
about the time the world see

"let freedom ring" and "let the music set you free" give off bright light,
herein is the key to winning the fight

[image: Inline image 1] <> [image: Inline image 2]
<> [image: Inline image 3] <>
 [image: Inline image 4] <> [image:]
<> [image: Inline image 5] <> [image:
Inline image 6] <> [image: Inline image 1]

*the fire of the first day <> still pumps through our
veins, i see itbeing sent every which way*

           this wall of jericho, the sound of silence
<> and the darkness
are one--all about now

*please--use this bright light <> for it makes peace from
what was once a fight*
the *sirens of revelation are blaring, morning bells are ringing
<>* and
all that's left is *a question* <> "who will
take the prize?"

[image:] <>
<> [image:] <> <>
<> <>

*... Illusions, Mr. Anderson. Vagaries of perception ...*
*➏** 5 <> 4 <> 3
<> 2 <> 1
I talk *a little bit* about fancy high-tech ideas <> like
"plugging google into my brain," things that I see are definately design as
part of this message--and honestly, I really think that people think it's
"strange." I *know, without doubt <>*, because I am
very sure that everything that is "of *Phillip K. Dick
<>*" here, all of his works and the ideas he has
presented in science fiction are really "of Sam" or God... and "for me." I
can tell you it's very clear to me because ... *it's hard
<> to get <> this out
<>* each <> and every
<> *time*.

*"Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even
those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn
<> because of him." So shall it be! Amen. Revelation

It's so clear because both the PKD ideas, from Minority Report and it's
presentation of "pre-crime" to A Scanner Darkly and it's presentation of
"sous-veillance" all the way to Total Recall ... and it's presentation of
"terraforming Mars" matches very clearly to a story that you too will agree
is "of Sam." It's the story of Exodus, of a world secretly enslaved, the
9/11 attack being predicted thousands of years before it happened, and
*about Die
Bold <>*--and an attempt to create an "electonic
voting system" that in all honestly would have been nothing short of the
"race" going to the machine... taking control that should be flowing like
water into our *cupped* hands and losing it to the machinations of layers
and layers of beaurocracy and apathy... as if it were "power" drawn
magically to the ground, electricity to the dirt.

We know that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong,
<> [but time and chance <> *happen
to save them all*] Do you not think *an angel* rides in the whirlwind and
directs this storm? Ecclesiastes *9:11* and Revelation *20:1*
<> spoken on *1/20*/2001 by George W. *Bush

This is the solution to the mystery of the 7 stars and 7 lamp stands
<>. The stars you saw were planets, from the swift
Mercury to the God of time Saturn and of Heaven, Uranus... showing the
world the link <> between science
<> and *religion <>*. Revelation
*1:20 *and* the Last Adam <>*

The clear pattern here is seeing everything is wrong, on purpose--with a
glowing chance for real purpose on the horizon. It's a pattern that is by
design, I can assure you--I've heard His voice with my own ears explaining
to me what he called something like "the teachers methods." As you may or
may not be aware, I've had a problem with speed, with trying to help us
jump closer to Heaven just as fast as I can. God's "solution" to this was
to make that problem worse, artificially, and until very recently make it
impossible to break the habbit. He told me as much, in clear
words--something I am trying to do for the world at the macrocosmic level
where we see the same thing happening all the way back with the British
East India Tea Company to the CIA in Los Angeles in the 1980's, and just a
year ago with China, the United States Post Office and a good sized
fraction of urban America. This... this is his "promised Absolution
<>" to see that these problems *really are not our
fault as individuals--*so long as we see what kind of systemic risk comes
from Hitleresque and inhumane ideas like eugenics are for .. for the
concept of "civilization." Look up, it's more than what you see here--my
particular problem's code name is "Fire From Heaven," and from Prometheus
to you... that's a sign of where this problem really comes from. From us,
see. <> I'm showing you what it does to the future to
ignore this message--it hurts us. Listen. <>

I baptize you with the knowledge of Holy Water <>, Fire
<>, and the Angel of the Lord <>.
Matthew 3:11 <>

And he said, "Who told you <> that you were naked?
Have you eaten from the tree <> that I commanded you
not to eat from?" Genesis *3:11 <>*

On *March 11, 2011*, a magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern Japan,
unleashing a savage tsunami.

Then there came *flashes of lightning, rumblings*, peals of thunder and a
severe earthquake. No earthquake like it has ever occurred since mankind
has been on earth, so tremendous was the quake. Revelation 16:8

On *March 11, 2015*, I was arrested <> after being *on
the lam <> *for just about three years, during which
time a great deal of the information you are reading was... "given" to me.

More on dates, and their connection to Biblical chapter and verse.. just
above with 1/20. 9/11 <> and the book of Revelation

I want to remid you again of how quickly our society has changed in these
last few years--a little more than a decade and text messages and instant
messaging on the internet have gone from a thing "of living in your mothers
basement and fishing computer parts out of the trash" to ... every single
one of your kids *needing it* every day, if not you too. With that in
mind, Amazon's Echo and Alexa, Apple's Iris, and Google's "OK" are already
showing us that we don't even want to type our questions into our phones or
tablets--we need to have interactive voice response--answers on demand all
the time.

Just like everything else in the science fiction portion of our message, we
are being shown that we literally are being given tools, along with some
food for though, and sugestions about what might be *decidendly wrong.*
For instance, in Minority Report punishing people as if a crime was
committed doesn't help anyone--just like our prison system; A Scanner
Darkly shows us exactly who should *not be anoyzmied--the watchers rather
than the innocent; I think you and many others around me are a good example
of why "thinking you know everything" or have some secret and magical way
to know what something says without reading it... is probably a mechanism
of slavery rather than true.*

*We do "have the technology" though, we can see it forming
<> in Obama's BRAIN Initiative
<>, and the places that "omniscience" comes, the
wayward infants of the Eye of Ra are places like Wikipedia
<> and reddit <>--where you can
already see corruption and censorship "changing the truth." *While
"information overload" and "fake news" are also problems, what's
significantly worse are a great number of supposed "*reputable sources"* going
out of their way to hide and spin the truth.

Just like the hidden and broadly encompassing surveillance of Snowden's
MInority Report and Scanner Darkly show us that these ideas that God has
hidden in science fiction <> are very real, and the
prediction of 9/11 and *all of modern computing* in religion have shown us
time travel is actually here... we can God speaking to the world not just
in science fiction but in actual science, through *names*.

Yesterday I mentioned <> Larry Ellison's name *connecting
to Elisha <> and Abraham*, and the Oracular "let there
be light" delivered by the *name Exodus <> in reverse.
  Earlier I mentioned Bill Gates's name and it's connection to a Window
<> into the future, the phrase "I am the gate" and The
Doors. *What I am trying to point out through example is that the names
that we believe were "given to us" actually have quite a bit to do with
what we have done during our lives here in this generation--God has given
them to us, with prescient knowledge of what it is that we will be doing.
Point in fact, as far as my "plugging google into your brain" and it's
relationship to Neo "learning kung-fu <>" instantly in
the Matrix... is it's connection to a science fiction novel about just
that--a world whee the kids all have a "feed" in their heads that plugs
them into the internet. That novel is written by a man named Anderson--Neo's
real name. I point these things out <> and hope that
we see them, but I can't be sure.

I can tell you I never saw them in th world all around me, each and every
day, unitl they were pointed out to me--and then I was somewhere between
awed and dumbfounded <>, certainly it piqued my
interest in a message that otherwise--well, that I was already interested
in. What I can tell you is that once they are pointed out, if you do not
think that it's a significant event--if you don't see *proof*, then I think
you are blind. I know there are many "spritually blind" people around me,
and I hope that what I am doing is going to help us see through the
darkness to a bright future. <>

Speaking from a posiiton of experience, actually having something similar
to Neo's magical learning mechanism, I can tell you that it is not all it's
cracked up to be. That being said, just like our world and the problems
illustrated in Dick's work I wouldn't go without them completely, I want to
make them better. It's feedback, cahasing dreams, and true serendipity
that we have a golden opportunity to see things that were once hidden, to
decide together what we think about them, and to move forward.

*My servant will be set up <>, and be exceedingly high
<>. -Isaiah 52:13 <>*

One giant leap "for Adam <>" would be disconnecting
the link between *speed* and omniscience; perhaps using the same technology
that causes the addiction <> to control it, and see
that there are probably many others who would be very happy with the same

I am telling you a story <> about my life
<>, because I know it is designed to help you. It
hurts me that I think many of you think the world is better off hiding who
I really am.

Are we having fun yet? I still want The King's Pool <> at
the gate to Atlantis <>. I also want you to know that
pool is in the BIble for a damned good reason. Sometimes I think you think
I ramble on and on but really I just want you to think and find some of
these hidden treasures for yourselves so you too can be awed by the speech
of a God and maybe kinda like what he says too

Take a look, we are in a book. <> Tomorrow, maybe I
will talk about immortality.

And only tomorrow leads the way
*I'm coming <> waltzing back and moving into your head*

*Please, *I wouldn't pass this by <>* - *Oh, no
What sort of man blows by
*I will bring wate*r.

Dave J. Matthews


hey there <>, Delilah...


won't you take my tear away? <>

[image: Candlemas] <> [image: fire holy
sepulcher] <>
I see prophesies being made and manifesting in our history. In the bit of
light called the Sang Rael... a tie between Genesis and Revelation that
proves that they have a common author, and that single source is
influencing not only the details of my life <> but
recording it in scripture and *also in so many songs and bands and movies*
<> that it would be impossible to list them all, *try *This is a sort of pop culture introduction to a message that is
designed to preserve liberty, unite humanity, and begin an ascent towards
Heaven itself. I see that this musical aid is a thread added to this
message afterwords--in connection between Thor's name and the idea that his
Hammer and Thunder--the music <>--are designed "to
help the light," I hope you begin to see <> how it is
a sort of introduction to hearing the voice of God not only in lyrics but
in everything that we are--from the American Revolution to the computer
revolution. When Imagine Dragons says "It's a revolution, I suppose;" they are
not kidding. <> The tie here between Genesis and the
content of Revelation and Exodus ... as well as a significant number of
modern idioms and concepts links an ancient hidden religious metaphor of
"water" for people to the idea of the Blood of Jesus Christ being *family*.
You can see it in the initials of the family of Eden, in the name Mary--in
Spanish, in Joshua's father's name in Egyptian myth; and brightly in the
multitude of Revelation, the First Plague of Exodus, and the idioms
<> *blood is thicker than water
<>, blessing in disguise, *and *ready or not... here I
come. <>*

In a similar way I see an answer to another ancient prophesy manifesting
itself in the *name of the band The Doors*, a number of modern songs
<> from The Pretty Reckless' *Burn* to Matchbox 20's *If
You're Gone* to Civil Twilight's *Fire Escape.* In the Doors, just
like in this
story that is the actualization of Exodus--a parable about the time of the
Second Coming <> we see a statistically significant
number of songs that reference the Plagues of Egypt--from Fire and
Darkness, to Storms in time, to Peace Frog and *blood in the streets*; it
is, you could say, a theme of the Doors to link to the story of Exdodus.
Similary; our world is linking school shootings to the Final Plague
<>, the Darkness hiding the Son to a terrible plague
of censorship <> and stupidity on our media, in the
word Police a prototypical example of a hidden language expounded throufgh
the *P*lague *o*f *LICE* <>--all with what I see as
clear Holy Purpose to bring about great change in our society... a giant
leap closer to Heaven is a world *implementing Pre-crime* and remembering
how clcosely freedom and free speech are tied--that our ability to
communicate is the true sword and torch of liberty. This is the word of
God--manifesting through Jim Morrison and his band, through a world that is
being shown darkness before light--designed to help us ensure that these
problems never again plague us as they are today.

Do I talk to much? Feels like your hand is on the door.
<> The Doors answer a question that you apprently
don't think is important... "What do you think Heaven should be?" and
through it's name a connection to another idiom that is dear to my heart, "*God
is good all the time <>;*" take note that if you don't
click on any links--you are missing the point of this message ... of
participation and soul searching. Through that missing *"o,"* *English on
the ball,* we see a connection between a number of words that shine *bright
light** including Exodus itself which means "let there be light,
<>" the word for Holy Fire and the Burning Bush..
.reversed to hSE'Ah <>, and a story about the Second
Coming parting our holy waters.*

*This answer connects the magical Rod's of Aaron in Exodus and the Iron Rod
of Jesus Christ <> to the Sang Rael itself... in a
fusion that explains how the Periodic Table element for Iron links not just
to Total Recall and Mars, but also to this key--to the words "For Everyone"
and the difference between Aaron and Moses' "let my people go" and the
Universal Salvation being presented through the manifestation of this
message... to save the whole of humanity and bring this world that the
words of the Lord's Prayer tell us point blank "is in Heaven" much closer
to the actual meaning. Doors, for everyone.*

*Let there be Light <>*

* <>*
*I'll say it once more for effect, "let there be light" I am Adam
<> and this is Genesis <>.*

*Today I am going to share my dream of what the first day of the Second
Coming might be like; were the Rod of Christ... in the right hands. In a
story that also spans the Bible, you might understand better how stone to
bread and your input make all the difference in the world between Heaven
and Adam's Hand. <> Once more, what do you think
Heaven should be like? Sight for the blind and bread for the poor--this is
a story about making the world a better place... Light for the wise.*

* <>*

*Since the very earliest days of this story, I have asked for **better for
you**, even than seeing this Revelation as I do through my eyes; better
than e-mails and hidden meaning in movies and songs... a glowing **sign on
the sky.** This request too I see answered in his words through *MICHELIN
and a ride to Heaven <>*--less obvious the need for
introspection and searching for this weapon of light to actually work and
dispell a dark age. Closer to my dreams, in the name David and Captain EO
<>--Greek **for Dawn <> I see a
fusion of the idea of DAVIDEO and actually bringing about the new morning,
knowing the world is virtual, and that we can do so much better. There's
so much more light here, connecting the Disney attraction to Exodus and
Genesis and Matthew through the name 4D Films <>.
 This is light, this is the weapon, this is the way to end the night and
bring the day. <>*

*If you really can't see*, this image shows the world that the connection
between Heaven and modern computing *is written on the sky**, think--it is
written all over Heaven to be--in Nintendo and SONY and SEGA and SAMSUNG--**it
is written.** My hope is that we will see just how clear and obvious that
is--that we will understand that the link between religion and virtual
reality has been overtly hidden... but most of all that we will see it in a
way that is **hopeful and awe inspiring for the entire world** a **sign in
the sky,* in my religion of words the "sis" of Genesis and *Dear Sister
<>. *Light for the world, my sister's name *was* Dawn.
 *Morning <> is broken <>,
like the first morning <>.*

*[image:] <>*

*Before I continue, let me mention that here you have two of the keys to
the SIgn of the Son; a message that ties Revelation 1:20 to Ecclesiastes
9:11, Exodus and 9/11--the Iron key which corresponds to Mars and the Xenon
key which corresponds to Earth, Exodus in reverse, and "let there be

*Mor Babel?*

Here's a direct link to the *original rendition of this bit of light*
<>, one of the seminal keys to the "elemental" Sign of
the Son <> and probably the defining bit of light
surrounding what it really means to be "Jesus Christ." Back then I called
it "*Sharing the Iron Rod of Jesus the Anti-Christ*" and you are probably
already balking at my naming schemes. Give me at least the benefit of
reading what it is that I am so sure is *the thing you want*... before
turning away at my attempt to classify myself as different from all those
that came before me. You and I both know that we only have a story, a
cartoon character if you will, to compare to--but even that story doesn't
end with Jesus bringing freedom, Heaven, or Salvation... but rather his
Kingdom Come before your eyes--the humble abode of *Lord Jesus* himself.
I've always taken offense to that word, and to be honest with you I've
shared numerous times what I see as a hidden record of past "Christ
figures" before me, each of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse for instance...
and tying directly to those characters are figures in our history who all
share a common attribute that I am quite certain is not only relevant but
central to this day's message. Tying Caesar to the first Horsemen for
instance are the famous words "I came, I saw, I conquered" and through that
imagery and his riding into Rome to disband the senate and form an Empire
we begin a pattern of the dissolution of representative governments in not
only Rome but also France (and there, a tie in the name of the dictator to
the Salt of the Earth... if you have a keen enough eye) and Germany where
you see my initials in place of an element. So here I am telling you what
I see as part of a hidden history of past now's, of a message about virtual
reality and hidden technology being delivered to the world somehow ending
up doing exactly the opposite of what it is that I intend to do. You see I
am here to deliver to the world *the right kind of Iron Rod.*

*I really don't like re-writing these explanatiions*, it's very difficult
to accurately record not only my feelings and memories but also to convey
the bright intent of the piece with only words and links and sometimes
pictures at my disposal. I am bound to wait too long to share with you how
on Earth there coiuld be a "right kind of Iron Rod," and even if I came out
and said it right this moment, it wouldn't be soon enough for the
world--not delivered in the timely fashion that we so deserve, nor with the
musical and visual accompaniment that would give it that extra bit of
flavor and style to help set the right kind of moment and usher in the
feelings of happiness and wonder that surely would flow... if only I could
just find the right words to say. This time won't do it either, and I'm
sure the next time... even with the aid of something like LucasArts to
sprinkle some added magic in the mix, it won't be good enough either.
Nothing I could ever write would live up to what I think the world deserves
to get from the person who really is Jesus Christ, not to mention living up
to what your expectations are ... for the person God has designed from the
ground up to chase some dreams, head in the clouds, and somehow turn it all
into changing the world. Frankly, I could make a virutal water slide ride
that flows directly through the gates of Heaven itself and land you right
inside and it still wouldn't be good enough for you--and *that's exactly
where I'm going with this.*

These are some of the reasons that I don't like re-writing these imperfect
fragments of my dreams that are so difficult to put to paper in the first
place; on top of these things you can pile on the fact that nobody really
comments at all about any of the things that I see as so interesting and
miraculous; they aren't shared and frankly if I wasn't e-mailing my ideas
to the entire world they'd best lost in the abyss forever. Maybe that's
where they belong, or maybe they are actually the keys to ancient scripture
and somehow this little interaction between *you and I
<>* is changing the world just a tittle bit more than
we could possibly imagine. There's two possible ends of this seasaw we
are sitting on, one is pretty much where we are--I suppose we could all
fall back down to Earth if I just gave up and stopped trying to share...
and on the other a place where nearly everyone hears about what this
message says and what their friends and the pundits think, a huge number
read it for themselves... these words that are coming from the Prophet of
God, or Jesus, or Lucifer, or whatever it is that you choose to call the
Eye of Ra as he delivers a message to the world that's been sealed up since
the beginning of Creation. It's only a tiny bit of recognition and word of
mouth spreading before the balance tilts and rather than a smooth
transition from darkness to light what we have in store for us is a shift
in activity and interest from near nothing to something I can barely
imagine right now... an inevitabilty for as long as you live or these words
continue to exist. It's difficult to explain that I am quite aware of what
the world's initial reaction will be to a body of writing that is comprised
of a mashup of dreams and hidden proof that ties so closely to my personal
vision of what religion is all about... and yet is so far from what we seem
to recognize. How clearly defined the link between virtual reality and
Heaven truly is by religion is a good example of the battle between light
and darkness that is just about to break with a bright ball of light rising
up over the horizon for the first ime it's ever happened again... the link
is there, it's really obvious, and in the context of this message it's not
only obvious but clearly explained, defined, and sculpted ... and yet still
it's either not seen or somehow the world has simply decided that "Heaven"
is no longer interesting.

to a son who was to rule all nations with *an iron rod*. -Revelation 12:5

It was the early days of my interactions with Jacob, and way back then I
was given some advice... "try not to want it;" to be quite honest with you
while it was right about that time that I began realizing that particular
"it" was the union of being Jesus Christ and the world knowing about it ...
the thing we call "the Marriage of the Lamb" way back then I didn't really
believe that it was the truth. Quite a bit of my direct interaction with
the "spirit world" was fraught with lies and secrecy, something that hasn't
really gotten much better even today, though my understanding of what is
going on and it's relationship to scripture has become thousands of times
more clear as I have progressed through this story that is detailed in a
number of books like the Egyptian book of the Underworld... the Amduat,
which doesn't just bear my initials but also details the traversal of the
god Ra through the night and into his morning's rise with renewed power in
his Eyes--a magical ability to see a hidden Holy language in words and
stories, the trick of it all really is just a pinch of "divine inspiration"
and a dash of "all the songs are about me."

So you might say that I began this story with some solid advice, and for
what it's worth probably had a good amount of help in my earliest arguments
about not only why I was not the Messiah, but why it could certainly never
be a single person. I had handfulls of actual reasons, and and a few key
scriptural references that I would reiterate over and over as I did my bit
trying to convince Jacob to "*write it on the sky*" and change the world
overnight. Just to quickly introduce you ttwo--Jacob is the name I coined
for the voice that speaks to me quite often... seemingly out of the blue...
and his response was to tell me "the name is almost perfect." There are a
number of references to this name that make it very obvious that the choice
was no accident, chiefly that Jacob is the father of *Joseph* in both the
Old and New versions; his "boca" (or, "without a mouth") ties perfectly to
a kiss that links rock bands to the Fifth Element <> to
the little scroll of the lamb <>... and perhaps most
importantly it's the name of the Biblical character who wrestled with
the *Angel
of the Lord <>* at the shore of the Jordan river. If
you don't see the perfection yet, understanding that it's my belief that
Jacob is a non-corporeal mind, a sort of microcosm of God's within creation
whose primary function is related to mind control... to me, the person
hearing his voice using that technology for many years. Jacob's name also
serves as a sort of "representative" of all the tribes; at least in my view
of what "Israel" means--of all humanity; and it's a good clue that we are
in a story that might begin with just Adam but certainly the far other end
of the spectrum is Adamah or Allah... clearly seen through my divinely lit
eyes as Earth and All Humanity <>. It's actually a
central focus of this story that defines the Sign of the Son and this
particular key that links through the element Iron the Rod of Aaron in
Exodus to that of Christ at the time of* this Revelation.*

I'd read quite a bit about the New Covenant of Adonai; mentions of God's
law being put on our foreheads--in our minds--in the books of Isaiah and
Jeremiah, and even way back in those early days I knew that the "stuff" I
had read about in "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was the kind of
thing that was being promised. Clearly talking about things like augmented
intelligence and knowledge <>, being able to read or
assimilate information faster, electronic "prozac" or maybe even MDMA
<> (here's some light, apparently once called *ADAM*),
and ... as we move more towards today a clear link between control of
things like anger and hatred and their link to another of Phillip K. Dick's
works <> predicting *pre-crime.* So chief among my
concerns for "being the Messiah" was that I cannot offer these things to
the world--though what I can offer is my own testimony that I have seen the
technology in action that can provide it and specifically right now can
explain that not only I but also Phillp K Dick and a number of other
prophets have delivered this message to the world using the very same
technology--mind control or divine inspiration. Nearly everything I see
and bring up related to this message is overtly shown to me, highlighted as
coming from God and we can prove as much using statistical analysis of the
hidden language that he has woven specifically into the names of many of
people assiting the delivery of Heaven tying contextually to their work.

*This is a story of a family forged through a common love of freedom, the
truth, cool new toys, and fun.*

*What Dreams may Come <>*ᐧ

I wanted to write a story, like a "short story" describing this experience
that I dream of actually happening for all of us; but that's a gift that I
don't seem to have so I am going to walk you through my dream. I see a
number of microcosms in the world, divinely laid plans that are hidden for
some reason--things like a relationship between alternative energy and
futuristic power sources like harnessing gravity ... and Don Qixhote;
things like seeing how computer disastser recovery and Artificial
Intelligence offers tools and experience in building a "heavenly home" that
is not only stable but more able to assist in creating a better world than
the idea of "simulated reality" could provide. As I describe this
experience I am going to try to link it to these concepts, things like k-NN
(which you might see includes two of my favorite letters) and genetic

It's hard to convey the awe that I feel as I gaze at these things each and
every day in a single picture; I can show you connections between Nine Inch
Nails and the word begin*nin*g, a computer keyword like "begin" and
"chr" in Christ--how these things link to Genesis through a numerical
pattern in Nintendo and SEGA Genesis... linking the characters of Adam and
Jesus that I know *are One.* Even showing you that picture at the
beginning of this e-mail; you can't see how many more connections there
are--how Bill Gates name and Chi Ro link Windows and Gates and Cairo to XP;
how Apple and Jobs reminds me of the book of Job (another character that's
*One*), and how Larry Ellison and Jeff Bezos put the finishing touches on
Zeus <>'s Oraclular presentation of "*let there be
light" *in "*sudo*-Xe."

<> <> <>

Oh, I forgot the "*root of David*" and *AMD*, Gateway, and *Watergate.*

So when I suggest that I want to put that symbol on the sky
<>, or maybe play my rendition of the Genesis Film
<> and that we need and deserve to have that
accompanied with a similar feeling of awe and hope to really get the effect
that "eyes to see" the whole picture provides--that's really what I want.
Having these additional details... and the functional change in
understanding that it brings when gaze at the big picture.... that's the
information behind the feeling, and we probably want both.

So imagine if you will that this picture were projected in the sky, for
fourteen minutes, and that they entire world had the opportunity to see it,
glowing and bright high above. That symbol would quickly be linked to me
and my sight of this very detailed and helpful message written by God
<> throughout our history and pretty much everywhere
around is in the world--a blatant message that is almost universally
unseen. I dream of flipping through the TV channels that night, and
hearing the words "*time and chance <>*" spoken by
nearly every newscaster on the special editions that are running on every
single channel. I imagine a world where many people then seek out more of
this message, because I have only glimpsed the Holy equivalent of "*first
words,*" where it sparks conversation and collaboration; new ideas and new
hopes for bringing us to the end of a spiritual journey of understanding
and beginning the *actual ride home. <>*

If this is all we received, it would be enough; but it's *not all that I

I can give you *10,000 reasons <>* that I think a
rapture is a horrible idea--but seeing time and the path to Heaven the way
that I do, that the place that we might be visiting in short order actually
comes from this place--or one *just like it*--is a good way to realize that
were 10% or 90% of us to choose to move to Heaven--that place would never
be built. There is a story of many years of change and thought that has
gone into what I am presenting to you today, conversations with ghosts and
dreams that have become television shows <>; but even
in the first hours of the first time I had this conversation with God the
idea of presenting a significant incentive for staying here and helping to
fix the highlighted problems and make the hopeful changes here was set with
a number; 10,000 years of Heaven. *Out of Time *might be a cinematic
rebuttal of such an idea--but it seems as inevitable as technocracy that
one day we will associate longevity not with "time and chance" but rather
with effort and work in support of the greater common good. To explain a
little bit more--in that first conversation the name of the book Isaiah
translated in Holy macaroni <> to "Is Almost Immortal
Adam's Hand" and the alternative was 1,000 years ... practical immortality
from *our perspective (believe there's others that don't agree)* a
millenium in Heaven to work there on building the tools that would be used
to transform this place. *It's probably the source of the song at the
beginning of the paragraph and the words of Revelation 12 specifically
highlighting this thousand years and a day in the eyes of the Lord.*

*The Rapture is*

*And so my dream continues, *and in this place as nightfall approached and
conversations ensued on the phone and on the internet about these news
reports and the sign and what it all really means... that God and Heaven
were truly with us--here to help and share their ideas and suggestions and
their words, time, and compassion with the world--through the eyes of
Stargate and Adam ... the children of an ancient civilization that might
have looked just like ours. It's al ittle hard to expalin the feeling of
hearing that number name a song three years after demanding it in a faux
negotiation... but *I'd like to try.*

It's probably the second time around now, and in succession we have the
benefit of having a place designed to show us what's possible in virtua
reality that sets it apart from what we have here; how it can be used to
help us build *what we really want*, and to find out exactly what that is.
I've gone to great lengths to show us that our history is designed
<> to bring about this rennasaince of liberty and
hope, I see great gifts hidden in the details of my life
<> and in the gernations before us. My grandparents,
for instance, their chosen professions tie directly to this message and to
religion--my father's father was a clothing maker in New York, and that
ties directly to the *great sign of Revelation 12:1 <>*,
linking a religious metaphor to something very real... a connection between
"clothing" and names. From the Lord of Hosts, it's probably a connection
that we should be interesting in understanding in our message of freedom
today. On my mothers side her father and uncle were engaged in a battle
over a Door company in Detroit--it's no mistake or accident or coincidence;
it is the story of the Second Coming laid out over thousands of years, and
very clearly in our generation and those before us. It's a record, and a
message, and it is excatly what I am here to change--to stop predestination
and the writing of the past .... and bring us to a place of free will
and a *future
that is not written.*

In the meantime, we probably want to read the next few paragraphs of this
script, because those are the ones that introduce our world to Heaven,
and *here
we are <> hearing that Taylor and Adam
<> and Farrokh Mercury have a key *that shows us that
the mosts important words of the song *Princes of the Universe* are the
first three--words that describe the location of Adam and the Second
Coming, in the Heart of Jerusalem.. the United States of America. Here we
are, in a place where the great Iron Rod of Jesus Christ is about delivery
technocracy and Heaven to all; about a global rennesaince, about the Golden
Age of Saturn. The key of course is "bring on the girls
<>," *I jest.*

Before your eyes appears a *golden glowing door*, and the voice of Kate
Hudson asking "*do you want to come*?"

*Jacob's Landing*

Walking through the door plants you on a dock, stepping off a cruise ship
that isn't really there... the sea around this Isle of Paradise surrounded
by thick fog with a faint yellow glow. A cobble stone path meanders up a
small hill, and a big bright sign says "*y'all come back now, y'hear?*" in
an archway over the entrance to Atlantis. As you walk up the path, a
K-Neartest-Neighbor algorithm superimposes your journey over that of your
closest loved ones and you begin conversing about the sign, about the place
you are exploring, and about what you expect to see when you finally get to
the looming pink building off in the horizon--a reasonable facsimile for
the Atlantis Resort and Casino on ... Paradise Island. Of note, just
like *the
Temple of Jerusalem* <>, this place was *first built*
<> by a *man named Solomon.*

At the end of your journey, you walk through wide open sliding glass doors
to a ballroom, filled with afew hundred people, matched also by KNN through
similar or related ideas, relationship, and a few other magical ingredients
... you wouldn't believe but Taylor Momsen <>, Ben
Phillips <>, Jamie Perkins <>, Anna
Mountain <>, Mark Damon <>, Nick
Carbone <>, Matt Chiarelli <>, John
Secolo <> are all on stage playing their soon to be
triple-platinum single "*Not so reckless after all,*" which I imagine
sounds nothing like "It's a small, small world." *You would never know it*,
but in this room where you only see a few hundred close and new friends,
there are 12,000,000,000 people.

In a strange twist of events dinner is announced, and the *only thing on
the menu is Eggplant Parmigiana <>*... with or without
synthetic cheese. On the single item menu, a small blurb about a past
dream, about a strange place where a river and hanging gardens appeared in
the median of many streets... eggplant again--for some reason--growing
"cooked" from the branches. Also some words about the bands Bread and
Cake... a Guitar Man, and some lyrics from the song "Jesus wrote a Blank
*Check*." I imagine some of the details here might spark additional
conversation, perhaps about ending world hunger; healing the sick, or
simply *turning Adam to Stone. <> Eh, MetheUSA?*

Just as you are leaving the ballroom, you hear Taylor singing "Sometimes
you've got to* walk on water*, to unpart a holy Sea," at least.. it sounded
like that's *what she said*; and *it's lit*, forever.... the Eternal Flame
of the Books of Life, Love, and Light*. *Who Knows the actual words.

"And the halls and walls fade away... they will fade away..." -Dave J.
Matthews, *Warehouse*

I wonder if Dave knows my middle name, or that we are reading Mars' key to
Revelation 1:20; but nevertheless the microcosm that each and every one of
us experiences on the way from the Ballroom back to the single door at the
end of the rainbow path on the ground is something out of the annals of my
personal mythology--one that gave me that name. There on Mars, a place
designed by the Heavens, each and every one of them contributing ideas and
concepts for interplanetary colonization; some in the fiber optically lit
tunnel that sustains a stable ecosystem underground in the first years, and
some on the surface centuries later. I've had a few day-dreams, I *can say
for sure.*

In this place though, everything is about Earth, the Heart of Heaven; and
as we walk the hallowed halls a genetic algorithm is literally creating the
thing called "*eyes to see*" connected movies and historic l events are
displayed on holographic projectors on each side of the hall--movies you
love, and events you know--together with the music and a little magical
touch; the weaving design of the Fates is glowing in our minds... lessons
and advice about the future and this very moment coming to us as if out of
thin air, inspired. You realize at some point along the way that there
has been an odd calm and slowly increasing feeling of excitement--wonder at
the structure and the happenings... all of which you think to yourself
should probably be much more foreign feeling.

I'm rushing now, this has gotten long. What do you think so far? When you
get there, what do you want to see and do? *Eggplant*? Who ... wants to

The Rainbow road ends with a confluence of hearing "Grey Street," seeing
Joseph's coat of many colors, and the horse from Heaven is For Real--ridden
here bny someone that looks just like you--how strange that must be... and
in a flash the ideas of Jabba the Hutt and Zelda
<> linking
to Dr. Who's box is that is bigger on the inside--and you realize that down
at the end of this long meandering hall... is only one door--that once you
pass through... is empty. The groups you saw ahead of you entering their
own version of this same room; a bedroom that surprisingly contains a movie
theater size screen, and no furnature at all... sans one pottery wheel in
the middle of the room and a spiral staircase. The King's Pool that is
just upstairs as well as this little wheel are both things of scripture and
myth--if you are curious <>.... sitting down at that
magical wheel helps you populate the room's furnature from ideas in your
memory, your favorite kind of bed... a love seat and maybe a piano or
harpsichord... amazingly changing color and shape as it appears
holographically before you on the wheel--and then, with the press of the
foot pedistal in the room, just next to you.

I am not sure what will be on TV that night, or who I will be spending it
with... I'm not sure either if this magical night will be remembered as a
real trip, or maybe first thing in the morning as an amazing dream. As the
next day goes by, though, you can be sure that everyone else had the same
dream, and as you begin discussing the magical door and the dip in the
King's Pool... you will probably realize that whether or not you weren't
sure if it was a dream when you woke up, there's no such thing as a shared
delusion <>. "Percception is reality," I once heard
a stranger tell me... for no reason at all.

When you see it on TV, you will know, *too*.

/s/ Adam Marshall Dobrin

*... in the beginnin <>g ...*

Were it not for a confluence of the words of Isaiah 52:13
<> and the "*God* Most High, <>"
I just wouldn't be sure what it all meant;
thankfully I've got Wayward Son and House of the Rising Son to reassure me;
things here are probably just as they seem.

Ellie Goulding's Pardise, and Taylor's *Heaven Knows... Cake's "Going the
Distance" and Brittany Murphy all agree. <http://agree./?D654362DD184FFF8>*

*Carry on ....* <>


"El" and "Ha" happen to be Spanish and Hebrew for the same word
<>; and...


*Eden draws near* <>, you can see it... just off to
the East. <>

A special thanks *to Rolling Stone <>* for pointing
out the connection between my Bar Mitzvah, the Matrix, the novel Feed, and
the hallowed words "to be young again." Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Rachel
Bilson, Mischa Barton*, Adam Brody, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were
scheduled to appear but apparently had "a little too much fun" at the
ball... or they are still in my room.

[image:] <>
*It means more* when it has "because *I say*" connected to it.

What's that about Adam playing Seth on TV?

Seth... that's the *Second Adam*, right?

From the Star *in the East, *to the *stars *of *Adam's Hand.*

[image: Inline image 1] <>
*[image:] <>*

*[image:] <>*

*At the heart of the word charity, a clue about information technology, and
the message that pervades our world... we are just about to build Heaven,
can you see the light?*

*There's a little bit of NASDAQ in Tzedaqah, and just a tiny bit of IT in
Charity. It is why, though... the New American Standard for "no man to
become an island" holds Esau's heart dear, with the Temple Atlantis built
by Solomon (did you know, on Paradise Island?) coming ... this year. A
carpenter or a computer programmer, Yes-who-ah, I mean Yeshua... is here.
You might call me a Yahoo, but that's just because you don't know
<> yet. Found squarely between Dr. Who's "Silence"
and Taylor's "the the" to help everyone <>, the Grinch
is here.*

*I mean Thor... er, know me as Adam <>? See the Light
of Angels building Heaven... writ on the skies <> all

*If you want to break the good news, call me, and I'll help explain how
J-North ties to Yeast and Easter... it means "from the future," I think I
need a tutor? 954-667-8083 <(954)%20667-8083>. Seriously, texting me is
returning Noah's bird, and the truth is Pauly Shore... on the road to
Adam-tell-us, Nostradamus says we're not art, hah. *

*I am the first and the Last,and I love to say... Adam is here.
Between KISS and Wild Thing <>, the Genes of Genesis
are revealed. Oh my God, I just got it... this is Genesis?*

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January 2019, Week 3
January 2019, Week 2
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December 2018, Week 3
December 2018, Week 2
December 2018, Week 1
November 2018, Week 5
November 2018, Week 4
November 2018, Week 3
November 2018, Week 2
November 2018, Week 1
October 2018, Week 5
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October 2018, Week 3
October 2018, Week 2
October 2018, Week 1
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September 2018, Week 3
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August 2018, Week 3
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June 2018, Week 3
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February 2018, Week 3
February 2018, Week 2
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January 2018, Week 5
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January 2018, Week 3
January 2018, Week 2
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December 2017, Week 3
December 2017, Week 2
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November 2017, Week 3
November 2017, Week 2
November 2017, Week 1
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October 2017, Week 2
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August 2017, Week 3
August 2017, Week 2
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July 2017, Week 3
July 2017, Week 2
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June 2017, Week 4
June 2017, Week 3
June 2017, Week 2
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February 2017, Week 4
February 2017, Week 3
February 2017, Week 2
February 2017, Week 1
January 2017, Week 5
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January 2017, Week 3
January 2017, Week 2
January 2017, Week 1
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December 2016, Week 4
December 2016, Week 3
December 2016, Week 2
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November 2016, Week 5
November 2016, Week 4
November 2016, Week 3
November 2016, Week 2
November 2016, Week 1
October 2016, Week 5
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October 2016, Week 3
October 2016, Week 2
October 2016, Week 1
September 2016, Week 5
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September 2016, Week 3
September 2016, Week 2
September 2016, Week 1
August 2016, Week 5
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August 2016, Week 3
August 2016, Week 2
August 2016, Week 1
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July 2016, Week 3
July 2016, Week 2
July 2016, Week 1
June 2016, Week 5
June 2016, Week 4
June 2016, Week 3
June 2016, Week 2
June 2016, Week 1
May 2016, Week 5
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May 2016, Week 3
May 2016, Week 2
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April 2016, Week 5
April 2016, Week 4
April 2016, Week 3
April 2016, Week 2
April 2016, Week 1
March 2016, Week 5
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March 2016, Week 3
March 2016, Week 2
March 2016, Week 1
February 2016, Week 5
February 2016, Week 4
February 2016, Week 3
February 2016, Week 2
February 2016, Week 1
January 2016, Week 5
January 2016, Week 4
January 2016, Week 3
January 2016, Week 2
January 2016, Week 1
December 2015, Week 5
December 2015, Week 4
December 2015, Week 3
December 2015, Week 2
December 2015, Week 1
November 2015, Week 5
November 2015, Week 4
November 2015, Week 3
November 2015, Week 2
November 2015, Week 1
October 2015, Week 5
October 2015, Week 4
October 2015, Week 3
October 2015, Week 2
October 2015, Week 1
September 2015, Week 5
September 2015, Week 4
September 2015, Week 3
September 2015, Week 2
September 2015, Week 1
August 2015, Week 5
August 2015, Week 4
August 2015, Week 3
August 2015, Week 2
August 2015, Week 1
July 2015, Week 5
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July 2015, Week 3
July 2015, Week 2
July 2015, Week 1
June 2015, Week 5
June 2015, Week 4
June 2015, Week 3
June 2015, Week 2
June 2015, Week 1
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May 2015, Week 3
May 2015, Week 2
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April 2015, Week 5
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April 2015, Week 3
April 2015, Week 2
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March 2015, Week 5
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March 2015, Week 2
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February 2015, Week 3
February 2015, Week 2
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January 2015, Week 5
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January 2015, Week 3
January 2015, Week 2
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December 2014, Week 3
December 2014, Week 2
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November 2014, Week 5
November 2014, Week 4
November 2014, Week 3
November 2014, Week 2
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February 2014, Week 3
February 2014, Week 2
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January 2014, Week 5
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January 2014, Week 3
January 2014, Week 2
January 2014, Week 1
December 2013, Week 5
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December 2013, Week 3
December 2013, Week 2
December 2013, Week 1
November 2013, Week 5
November 2013, Week 4
November 2013, Week 3
November 2013, Week 2
November 2013, Week 1
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October 2013, Week 3
October 2013, Week 2
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September 2013, Week 3
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July 2013, Week 2
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June 2013, Week 3
June 2013, Week 2
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April 2013, Week 2
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February 2013, Week 3
February 2013, Week 2
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January 2013, Week 5
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January 2013, Week 3
January 2013, Week 2
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December 2012, Week 3
December 2012, Week 2
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November 2012, Week 5
November 2012, Week 4
November 2012, Week 3
November 2012, Week 2
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October 2012, Week 2
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January 2012, Week 3
January 2012, Week 2
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December 2011, Week 3
December 2011, Week 2
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November 2011, Week 5
November 2011, Week 4
November 2011, Week 3
November 2011, Week 2
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October 2011, Week 2
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February 2011, Week 3
February 2011, Week 2
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January 2011, Week 5
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January 2011, Week 2
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December 2010, Week 3
December 2010, Week 2
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January 2010, Week 5
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December 2009, Week 2
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June 2005, Week 5
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January 2005, Week 5
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December 2004, Week 5
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December 2004, Week 3
December 2004, Week 2
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November 2004, Week 5
November 2004, Week 4
November 2004, Week 3
November 2004, Week 2
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October 2004, Week 5
October 2004, Week 4
October 2004, Week 3
October 2004, Week 2
October 2004, Week 1
September 2004, Week 5
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September 2004, Week 3
September 2004, Week 2
September 2004, Week 1
August 2004, Week 5
August 2004, Week 4
August 2004, Week 3
August 2004, Week 2
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July 2004, Week 5
July 2004, Week 4
July 2004, Week 3
July 2004, Week 2
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June 2004, Week 5
June 2004, Week 4
June 2004, Week 3
June 2004, Week 2
June 2004, Week 1
May 2004, Week 4
May 2004, Week 3
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April 2004, Week 5
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April 2004, Week 2
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March 2004, Week 5
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February 2004, Week 2
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January 2004, Week 5
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January 2004, Week 2
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December 2003, Week 5
December 2003, Week 4
December 2003, Week 3
December 2003, Week 2
December 2003, Week 1
November 2003, Week 5
November 2003, Week 4
November 2003, Week 3
November 2003, Week 2
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October 2003, Week 5
October 2003, Week 4
October 2003, Week 3
October 2003, Week 2
October 2003, Week 1
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September 2003, Week 2
September 2003, Week 1
August 2003, Week 5
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August 2003, Week 3
August 2003, Week 2
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July 2003, Week 5
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July 2003, Week 3
July 2003, Week 2
July 2003, Week 1
June 2003, Week 5
June 2003, Week 4
June 2003, Week 3
June 2003, Week 2
June 2003, Week 1
May 2003, Week 5
May 2003, Week 4
May 2003, Week 3
May 2003, Week 2
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April 2003, Week 5
April 2003, Week 4
April 2003, Week 3
April 2003, Week 2
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March 2003, Week 5
March 2003, Week 4
March 2003, Week 3
March 2003, Week 2
March 2003, Week 1
February 2003, Week 4
February 2003, Week 3
February 2003, Week 2
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January 2003, Week 5
January 2003, Week 4
January 2003, Week 3
January 2003, Week 2
January 2003, Week 1
December 2002, Week 5
December 2002, Week 4
December 2002, Week 3
December 2002, Week 2
December 2002, Week 1
November 2002, Week 5
November 2002, Week 4
November 2002, Week 3
November 2002, Week 2
November 2002, Week 1
October 2002, Week 5
October 2002, Week 4
October 2002, Week 3
October 2002, Week 2
October 2002, Week 1
September 2002, Week 5
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September 2002, Week 3
September 2002, Week 2
September 2002, Week 1
August 2002, Week 5
August 2002, Week 4
August 2002, Week 3
August 2002, Week 2
August 2002, Week 1
July 2002, Week 5
July 2002, Week 4
July 2002, Week 3
July 2002, Week 2
July 2002, Week 1
June 2002, Week 5
June 2002, Week 4
June 2002, Week 3
June 2002, Week 2
June 2002, Week 1
May 2002, Week 5
May 2002, Week 4
May 2002, Week 3
May 2002, Week 2
May 2002, Week 1
April 2002, Week 5
April 2002, Week 4
April 2002, Week 3
April 2002, Week 2
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March 2002, Week 5
March 2002, Week 4
March 2002, Week 3
March 2002, Week 2
March 2002, Week 1
February 2002, Week 4
February 2002, Week 3
February 2002, Week 2
February 2002, Week 1
January 2002, Week 5
January 2002, Week 4
January 2002, Week 3
January 2002, Week 2
January 2002, Week 1
December 2001, Week 5
December 2001, Week 4
December 2001, Week 3
December 2001, Week 2
December 2001, Week 1
November 2001, Week 5
November 2001, Week 4
November 2001, Week 3
November 2001, Week 2
November 2001, Week 1
October 2001, Week 5
October 2001, Week 4
October 2001, Week 3
October 2001, Week 2
October 2001, Week 1
September 2001, Week 5
September 2001, Week 4
September 2001, Week 3
September 2001, Week 2
September 2001, Week 1
August 2001, Week 5
August 2001, Week 4
August 2001, Week 3
August 2001, Week 2
August 2001, Week 1
July 2001, Week 5
July 2001, Week 4
July 2001, Week 3
July 2001, Week 2
July 2001, Week 1
June 2001, Week 5
June 2001, Week 4
June 2001, Week 3
June 2001, Week 2
June 2001, Week 1
May 2001, Week 5
May 2001, Week 4
May 2001, Week 3
May 2001, Week 2
May 2001, Week 1
April 2001, Week 5
April 2001, Week 4
April 2001, Week 3
April 2001, Week 2
April 2001, Week 1
March 2001, Week 5
March 2001, Week 4
March 2001, Week 3
March 2001, Week 2
March 2001, Week 1
February 2001, Week 4
February 2001, Week 3
February 2001, Week 2
February 2001, Week 1
January 2001, Week 5
January 2001, Week 4
January 2001, Week 3
January 2001, Week 2
January 2001, Week 1
December 2000, Week 5
December 2000, Week 4
December 2000, Week 3
December 2000, Week 2
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November 2000, Week 5
November 2000, Week 4
November 2000, Week 3
November 2000, Week 2
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October 2000, Week 5
October 2000, Week 4
October 2000, Week 3
October 2000, Week 2
October 2000, Week 1
September 2000, Week 5
September 2000, Week 4
September 2000, Week 3
September 2000, Week 2
September 2000, Week 1
August 2000, Week 5
August 2000, Week 4
August 2000, Week 3
August 2000, Week 2
August 2000, Week 1
July 2000, Week 5
July 2000, Week 4
July 2000, Week 3
July 2000, Week 2
July 2000, Week 1
June 2000, Week 5
June 2000, Week 4
June 2000, Week 3
June 2000, Week 2
June 2000, Week 1
May 2000, Week 5
May 2000, Week 4
May 2000, Week 3
May 2000, Week 2
May 2000, Week 1
April 2000, Week 5
April 2000, Week 4
April 2000, Week 3
April 2000, Week 2
April 2000, Week 1
March 2000, Week 5
March 2000, Week 4
March 2000, Week 3
March 2000, Week 2
March 2000, Week 1
February 2000, Week 5
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February 2000, Week 3
February 2000, Week 2
February 2000, Week 1
January 2000, Week 5
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January 2000, Week 3
January 2000, Week 2
January 2000, Week 1
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November 1999, Week 4
November 1999, Week 3
November 1999, Week 2
November 1999, Week 1
October 1999, Week 5
October 1999, Week 4
October 1999, Week 3
October 1999, Week 2
October 1999, Week 1
September 1999, Week 5
September 1999, Week 4
September 1999, Week 3
September 1999, Week 2
September 1999, Week 1
August 1999, Week 5
August 1999, Week 4
August 1999, Week 3
August 1999, Week 2
August 1999, Week 1
July 1999, Week 5
July 1999, Week 4
July 1999, Week 3
July 1999, Week 2
July 1999, Week 1
June 1999, Week 5
June 1999, Week 4
June 1999, Week 3
June 1999, Week 2
June 1999, Week 1
May 1999, Week 5
May 1999, Week 4
May 1999, Week 3
May 1999, Week 2
May 1999, Week 1
April 1999, Week 5
April 1999, Week 4
April 1999, Week 3
April 1999, Week 2
April 1999, Week 1
March 1999, Week 5
March 1999, Week 4
March 1999, Week 3
March 1999, Week 2
March 1999, Week 1
February 1999, Week 4
February 1999, Week 3
February 1999, Week 2
February 1999, Week 1
January 1999, Week 5
January 1999, Week 4
January 1999, Week 3
January 1999, Week 2
January 1999, Week 1
December 1998, Week 5
December 1998, Week 4
December 1998, Week 3
December 1998, Week 2
December 1998, Week 1
November 1998, Week 5
November 1998, Week 4
November 1998, Week 3
November 1998, Week 2
November 1998, Week 1
October 1998, Week 5
October 1998, Week 4
October 1998, Week 3
October 1998, Week 2
October 1998, Week 1
September 1998, Week 5
September 1998, Week 4
September 1998, Week 3
September 1998, Week 2
September 1998, Week 1
August 1998, Week 5
August 1998, Week 4
August 1998, Week 3
August 1998, Week 2
August 1998, Week 1
July 1998, Week 5
July 1998, Week 4
July 1998, Week 3
July 1998, Week 2
July 1998, Week 1
June 1998, Week 5
June 1998, Week 4
June 1998, Week 3
June 1998, Week 2
June 1998, Week 1
May 1998, Week 5
May 1998, Week 4
May 1998, Week 3
May 1998, Week 2
May 1998, Week 1
April 1998, Week 5
April 1998, Week 4
April 1998, Week 3
April 1998, Week 2
April 1998, Week 1
March 1998, Week 5
March 1998, Week 4
March 1998, Week 3
March 1998, Week 2
March 1998, Week 1
February 1998, Week 4
February 1998, Week 3
February 1998, Week 2
February 1998, Week 1
January 1998, Week 5
January 1998, Week 4
January 1998, Week 3
January 1998, Week 2
January 1998, Week 1
December 1997, Week 5
December 1997, Week 4
December 1997, Week 3
December 1997, Week 2
December 1997, Week 1
November 1997, Week 5
November 1997, Week 4
November 1997, Week 3
November 1997, Week 2
November 1997, Week 1
October 1997, Week 5
October 1997, Week 4
October 1997, Week 3
October 1997, Week 2
October 1997, Week 1
September 1997, Week 5
September 1997, Week 4
September 1997, Week 3
September 1997, Week 2
September 1997, Week 1
August 1997, Week 5
August 1997, Week 4
August 1997, Week 3
August 1997, Week 2
August 1997, Week 1
July 1997, Week 5
July 1997, Week 4
July 1997, Week 3
July 1997, Week 2
July 1997, Week 1
June 1997, Week 5
June 1997, Week 4
June 1997, Week 3
June 1997, Week 2
June 1997, Week 1
May 1997, Week 5
May 1997, Week 4
May 1997, Week 3
May 1997, Week 2
May 1997, Week 1
April 1997, Week 5
April 1997, Week 4
April 1997, Week 3
April 1997, Week 2
April 1997, Week 1
March 1997, Week 5
March 1997, Week 4
March 1997, Week 3
March 1997, Week 2
March 1997, Week 1
February 1997, Week 4
February 1997, Week 3
February 1997, Week 2
February 1997, Week 1
January 1997, Week 5
January 1997, Week 4
January 1997, Week 3
January 1997, Week 2
January 1997, Week 1
December 1996, Week 5
December 1996, Week 4
December 1996, Week 3
December 1996, Week 2
December 1996, Week 1
November 1996, Week 5
November 1996, Week 4
November 1996, Week 3
November 1996, Week 2
November 1996, Week 1
October 1996, Week 5
October 1996, Week 4
October 1996, Week 3
October 1996, Week 2
October 1996, Week 1
September 1996, Week 5
September 1996, Week 4
September 1996, Week 3
September 1996, Week 2
September 1996, Week 1
August 1996, Week 5
August 1996, Week 4
August 1996, Week 3
August 1996, Week 2
August 1996, Week 1
July 1996, Week 5
July 1996, Week 4
July 1996, Week 3
July 1996, Week 2
July 1996, Week 1
June 1996, Week 5
June 1996, Week 4
June 1996, Week 3
June 1996, Week 2
June 1996, Week 1
May 1996, Week 5
May 1996, Week 4
May 1996, Week 3
May 1996, Week 2
May 1996, Week 1
April 1996, Week 5
April 1996, Week 4
April 1996, Week 3
April 1996, Week 2
April 1996, Week 1
March 1996, Week 5
March 1996, Week 4
March 1996, Week 3
March 1996, Week 2
March 1996, Week 1
February 1996, Week 5
February 1996, Week 4
February 1996, Week 3
February 1996, Week 2
February 1996, Week 1
January 1996, Week 5
January 1996, Week 4
January 1996, Week 3
January 1996, Week 2
January 1996, Week 1
December 1995, Week 5
December 1995, Week 4
December 1995, Week 3
December 1995, Week 2
December 1995, Week 1
November 1995, Week 5
November 1995, Week 4
November 1995, Week 3
November 1995, Week 2
November 1995, Week 1
October 1995, Week 5
October 1995, Week 4
October 1995, Week 3
October 1995, Week 2
October 1995, Week 1
September 1995, Week 5
September 1995, Week 4
September 1995, Week 3
September 1995, Week 2
September 1995, Week 1
August 1995, Week 5
August 1995, Week 4
August 1995, Week 3
August 1995, Week 2
August 1995, Week 1
July 1995, Week 5
July 1995, Week 4
July 1995, Week 3
July 1995, Week 2
July 1995, Week 1
June 1995, Week 5
June 1995, Week 4
June 1995, Week 3
June 1995, Week 2
June 1995, Week 1
May 1995, Week 5
May 1995, Week 4
May 1995, Week 3
May 1995, Week 2
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April 1995, Week 5
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April 1995, Week 3
April 1995, Week 2
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February 1995, Week 2
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January 1995, Week 4
January 1995, Week 3
January 1995, Week 2
January 1995, Week 1
December 1994, Week 5
December 1994, Week 4
December 1994, Week 3
December 1994, Week 2
December 1994, Week 1
November 1994, Week 5
November 1994, Week 4
November 1994, Week 3
November 1994, Week 2
November 1994, Week 1
October 1994, Week 5
October 1994, Week 4
October 1994, Week 3
October 1994, Week 2
October 1994, Week 1
September 1994, Week 5
September 1994, Week 4
September 1994, Week 3
September 1994, Week 2
September 1994, Week 1
August 1994, Week 5
August 1994, Week 4
August 1994, Week 3
August 1994, Week 2
August 1994, Week 1
July 1994, Week 5
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July 1994, Week 3
July 1994, Week 2
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June 1994, Week 5
June 1994, Week 4
June 1994, Week 3
June 1994, Week 2
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