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VAGUE  October 2018

VAGUE October 2018


Linux_adult_swim Meeting today, Monday October 29th, 5 PM at 40 Washington Street...


Paul Flint <[log in to unmask]>


Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 29 Oct 2018 10:08:17 -0400





TEXT/PLAIN (289 lines)

Greetings List Lurkers,

The Gun-metal Grey Sky Research (as opposed to Blue Sky Research) is what the 
relatively fall day here in Barre City is all about...

Quite a successful trip into the hinterlands of the south.

On to the Yaks!

I am back with a very large Yak... I have now here at the house a 1971 
General Electric Electrak Electric Tractor.

View the carnage here:

Needless too say, more to come.

The Yaks of other months continue to mill about, and not much is getting 
done to our perception, so we will need to look over the growing herd...

I have not updated this section as well as I should because I will likely 
be on the road in a short time...


To stipulate, shaving one Yak is the basic unit of activity for what I appear 
to be doing all day.  Thus, what we are doing is lining up the Yaks of last 
week and comparing them to the Yaks of next week, extracting the present Yaks.

Since last week, new Yaks hover around me, all looking to be shaved... Let me 
just write about them in what appears to be priority order:

Yaks that evade shaving...

Son Yak: #1 son last month I got to see his lighting system, which is so damn 
cool I cannot believe it.  I am working on reproducing his setup.  Very 
awesome...  (On the Yak list for at least the last 6 weeks)

Maybe my approach which involves Atmel hardware is to long a journey, but that 
is the way that I am going here...

The good news is that Terry of is all over the ESP-32's that seem 
to be the controlling trend.

With luck I can use these lights at SugarTower, but first electricity...
Got posts up to hold the SugarTower electric meter...Yay!

Circuit Python vs Sketch Yak

The real interesting part of the frantic research that I have been up to in 
ATMEL AVR software development is that apparently Lady Ada is moving resolutely 
into having a Python interperter called "Circuit Python" on every ATMEL 
platform Adafruit sells.  This ties into the realization that in many 
classrooms you cannot even teach python, because the CC&CM (Configuration 
Control and Change Management) Mafia will not even let you load Python on the 

Lady Ada is one smart cookie...

Now we need crossed libraries! (3rd Week)

Still working on this... Right now in sketch, but I actually got my first 
python funcetion working this week.  I have my eye on a few projects for the 
Ghemma M0 that will make everyone weep in frustration.  Think POV. (Third week 
on list).

Juypter Yak. Is the answer to all of my problems Juypter Notebooks?  If so why 
is Anaconda such a dog to install? (Tenth week on Yak list).  It the ticket to 
do this all in Docker ?  The answer is, you can but try to get Docker to 
display it!!!  Wonder what port it is using?  Round two is next!
(6th week)

The Yak of Reuse.

I want to change the site into a good site for
thus will become the new http"//
The plan here is not to waste the site, but reuse it.  (7th Week)

The CNC Yak

After breaking way too many bits, Anderson, our excellent neighbor, pointed out 
that we need new spindle motors.  Got them they are beautiful. Now for the 
adapter plate...  After much thinking and drilling the new spindle motor is on.

Good news. I now have a way to mill styrofoam!

The "" sh yak

What I want to get running is a Get Out The Vote system called, which 
is, of course, a new Visual Bash Yak.  Next step - Get on to Vote Builder...
(Can anyone smell dead Yak?).

Strangely, this Yak remains.  Hopefully I can get te dreaded VoteBuilder to 

Another Yak.
I am trying to develop a replacement for "find".  I am gonna call it ""...
(Second Week)

Yet Another Yak (YAY)

The baby Yak I am shaving becomes the Mail Yak:

As I am trying to manage the universe with Visual Bash, for years I have been 
archiving my mail to one of the big hard drives here at the casa.

Formalizing this is this morning's fetish.  Want to watch the tragedy?

Here ya go:

...very beta...

I need me a mail manager, Visual Bash becons...

I chip away... (pun intended :^)

So, the short answer is we are still here and the meeting will take place today 
at 17:00, and there will be pizza...

Our standard topics once again remain:

- Open Source Educational Human Development

    I am changing the priority of our eternal needs, and placing education
    first, as manifest in a Barre Brain Barn. - Maker Movement A Maker
    Space in Barre?  Why not? We clearly have a Maker Faire profile.  Could it
    be that the commercial power centers are beginning to appreciate the value
    of the maker movement. See:
    Here are the city and statewide plans:
    Who has good ideas about a Barre Maker Space.  Why not do digital stone

- Move BOSI towards reStructuredText.
   I am researching a tiddly2rest converter.  This would allow us to become
   more git centric... avoid the need to change to gittlywiki...
   We still need to convert...  Maybe the answer is Juypter Notebook...

- Blue Sky R&D,
   Except in Vermont it will be Gun-metal Grey Sky(c) R&D
   (GMGSR&D).  We got the grey sky!

- I fought the DREK and the DREK continues to win. Remember, What
   really is holds us back is DREK!!!  DREK is what happens to your
   workspace (both hardware and software) when you fail to put stuff
   away, or you let your friends or relatives use it.  This is a cosmic
   law.  While having #1Son around helped, I am still fighting DREK.
   How to get over it?  The secret may be empty pellet bags.
   TechnoRubble is hereby defined as organized DREK.  DREK is
   just what you get prior to something becoming TechnoRubble.
   Just to let you know I am desperately trying to turn DREK into
   TechnoRubble.  The ultimate goal being the development and
   implementation of the TechnoRubble Taxonomy.

These four points are really Yaks and are quickly becoming more than our 
policy, less like conventional Yaks, and more like prayers... But from now on 
they are also Yaks.

On this last area here at Casa Flint Labs, we have made progress, as the DREK 
is in remission, and Spring Cleaning continues into summer and on into fall... 
Do not all volunteer at once!

Anyway, we have the technology and we will have Pizza tonight 5-7 at Hedding 
UMC.  Accept no substitutes... For those coming in via voice or the Internet, 
so not forget this information:

...and we hope that there are folks who are gonna try, the swim "TADA" starts 
at 6:00 PM EST.

Our ongoing major objective is to continue to try to figure out how to invest 
the time and resources to turn the Barre Open Systems Institute into more than 
just the Adult Swim technical clinic and more into a real learning facility, 
and figure out where our good chairs went. One direction we have been working 
on is to begin thinking about classes. The curriculum that I am most interested 
in is teaching documentation.

The goal of the meeting shall be unusual, as it will be more about planning and 
vision and less about how to get organized and try to get the various projects 
moving forward, despite DREK. We continue to wonder about how to build the BOSI 
curriculum to this web page:, works, and has just been updated.

Remember, the BOSI Adult Swim is essentially about helping out fellow users of 
open source products in a clinic environment.  Despite my very best of 
intentions, the Adult Swim is really almost a perpetual Linux install-fest, and 
only secondarily a learning environment.

The ever growing list of Yaks (previously called projects, now on our web site 
:^) includes the following with no particular organization or accuracy: - Must feed this hungry beast., works, 
and has just been updates see javascript link to Pi Minecraft, cool. This is the site we want to get Pi Minecraft working 
with. Barre Brain Barn. Ok, this is a real 
project eh? A Docker copy 
of VM370 The Kindle Liberation Front A pythonic interface to Income Tax? What happens when you combine Bash and Zenity? ok, it is on the list. jesum they love this robot monitor that pellet furnace moving in the arduino groove to get better at Javascript Temperature Sensors Project The quest for Roberts Rules - Yea, I am not kidding... remedial raw mrtg for the slow... all versions maybe a very cool project. oh please let me be organized! this may be the least organized A big noble idea. A less noble idea to feed the is tiddlywiki5 the answer? or, go to

This list has been updated... Next we shoot for accuracy!

Otherwise, Barre indeed remains a great venue for a Linux and Open Source 
Software discussion and general system rejuvenation. Expect to be remotely 
preached at on the various topics of Open Source and how I am confident it 
shall cure all the evils and ills of this wicked world.  In a perfect meeting, 
people would come in, sit down, see the stuff we have been doing and hopefully 
help us get the DIY stuff we are doing done, or maybe just fix a laptop.

So, do not forget that the Aldrich Barre library stocks "Linux Format", and the 
latest issue is on the shelf, and it is good.  The DVD's are available to 
checkout and copy, we shall to continue provide copies and isos of each and 
every one. I am continuing to duplicate about a years worth of DVD's which is 
quite a task. You may want to watch this space for developments.

Anyway, come and do free and open source stuff. For more information about the 
BOSI Adult Swim meeting time and location try this:

Directions to the Adult Swim: or, go to 
and click on directions.

Show up at Hedding UMC if you have questions or are interested in Linux or the 
concept of free and open systems.  Again, we are in the basement of the Hedding 
UMC facility which we like pretty well.

If you wish to be included on the "Linux_adult_swim" mailing list, send a 
response to this note, or contact me.

I expect to be chastised by eagle-eyed Dr. Mark, or god forbid, Effin. Note 
that Dr. Mark remains our Honorary Editor.

Anyway, looks like I am on the road again...

Kindest Regards,

Paul Flint
(802) 479-2360
(802) 595-9365 Cell

Based upon email reliability concerns,
please send an acknowledgment in response to this note.

Paul Flint, Director
Barre Open Systems Institute
17 Averill Street
Barre, VT
Gplus: [log in to unmask]
Skype: flintinfotech
Work: (202) 537-0480

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