May 1999


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Herb Fox <[log in to unmask]>
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Science for the People Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 11 May 1999 11:36:28 -0400
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Daniel Fox wrote:

> Please do not delete this petition; if you haven't the time to read it, ple=
> ase append your name and pass it along to those who might.   On April 19, 1=
> 999, American F-18 fighter planes, on a routine bombing maneuver over the i=
> sland of Vieques (a small island of approximately 8,000 inhabitants 7 miles=
>  off the SE coast of Puerto Rico belonging to the Commonwealth of Puerto Ri=
> co), dropped "by mistake" two five-hundred pound bombs on a guard-post on C=
> amp Garcia, US Navy. The incident resulted in the death of David Sanet, a s=
> ecurity guard employed by a private company, and the wounding of four other=
> s, whose names have not yet been released. The four individuals wounded are=
>  being hospitalized at Fort Roosevelt (Puerto Rico), and the US Navy refuse=
> s to comment on their condition.
> This tragedy is only the latest incident in a history of US Naval presence =
> on Vieques that extends back to the early 1940's, when the Navy expropriate=
> d 26,000 acres of land, more than 72 percent of the island's total area. Th=
> is land was stolen primarily to use for artillery drills, bombing exercises=
> , and munitions storage. The effects of this expropriation were devastating=
>  to the local population. The Playa Grande Sugar Mill, the center of the is=
> land's modest economy, was forced to close, and a severe social and economi=
> c crisis ensued. The US Interior Department planned to alleviate this crisi=
> s by relocating the island's entire population to Saint Croix, US
> Virgin Islands, and granting control of the remaining territory to the Navy=
> . Fierce opposition quelled these plans, and every additional attempt at re=
> location over the course of twenty years.
> In 1964, the residents of Barrio Esperanza, on Vieques's south coast, organ=
> ized opposition to stop the last forcible effort to relocate the remaining =
> population. Opposition hasn't been limited to a defensive posture, however.=
>  The residents of Vieques have banded together in a number of aggressive ef=
> forts to halt the US Military's exploitation of the island. Fishermen of Vi=
> eques have demonstrated repeatedly against bombing and against restrictions=
>  limiting their use of the sea. There have been numerous demonstrations to =
> raise public awareness to the catastrophic ecological consequences of the N=
> avy's island operations. In 1983, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Carlos Barce=
> lo, added his own voice to the popular opposition by issuing formal charges=
>  against the Navy for ecological damage caused to Vieques. Today, in the wa=
> ke of this senseless bombing, the demonstrations continue. The island's pop=
> ulation has vowed to stage continuous protest, and the fishermen have said =
> that they will f!
> ish in restricted waters.
> The Mayor of Vieques, Manuela Santiago, has drafted a "cease and desist" re=
> solution to permanently halt all military operations on the island. This re=
> solution, once passed by the Vieques Municipal Assembly, will serve as the =
> consummate declaration of collective opposition to American Military presen=
> ce on the island. Please voice your support for the struggle of Vieques by:
> 1. Appending your name to this petition to President William Clinton and Se=
> cretary of Defense William Cohen.
> 2. Forwarding this petition to as many individuals as possible.
> If your name on the petition is #50, #100, #150 ... please return it to:
> [log in to unmask]
> or
> [log in to unmask]
> Petition to: The President of the United States of America, William Clinton=
> , and US Secretary of Defense, William Cohen.
> We, the undersigned, are outraged at American Naval operations on the islan=
> d of Vieques. The more than five decade long use of 72 percent of the islan=
> d for artillery drills, bombing exercises, and storage of munitions has rav=
> aged the environment, has dislocated the island's population, and has now r=
> esulted in loss of human life. In accordance with Vieques Mayor Manuela San=
> tiago's resolution, we petition that the US Navy cease and desist all opera=
> tions on the island of Vieques.
> Note: It is best if you highlight the text in its entirety and COPY it onto=
>  a new outgoing message, add your name to the bottom of the list, then send=
>  it on. Thanks.
> 1. Kevin Hoffman, San Diego, CA
> 2. Aned Yarelis Muniz Gracia, Corozal, PR
> 3. Dr. Rev. Thomas Marshall, Santa Cruz, CA
> 4. Alba Yarimar Muniz Gracia, Corozal, PR
> 5. Freddie Marrero, New York, NY
> 6. Heidi J. Figueroa Sarriera, Trujillo Alto, PR
> 7. Edwin Ramos Mart=EDnez, Trujillo Alto, PR
> 8.Alejandro Torres Rivera, Trujillo Alto, PR
> 9.Victor Ivan Rodriguez Perez , Manati , PR
> 10. Dr. H=E9ctor L. Pesquera, Bayam=F3n, PR
> 11. Jos=E9 Escoda, San Juan, Puerto Rico
> 12. Lyvia Rodr=EDguez, San Juan, Puerto Rico
> 13. Marisa Rosado, Puerto Rico
> 14. Rosaelena Su=E1rez Sierra, Puerto Rico
> 15.  Kar=EDn Men=E9ndez Delmestre, Puerto Rico
> 16. Sara Gavrell Ortiz, Puerto Rico
> 17. Adolfo L. Velazquez Dones, Puerto Rico
> 18. Abel Baerga Ortiz,San Diego,CA
> 19. Benjamin Ernesto Torres Vergne, Atlanta, GA
> 20. Jose F. Otero, Somerville, MA
> 21. Raul C. Gomila, Boston, MA
> 22. Ana Morales, Waltham, MA
> 23. Jose E Lizardi, Bayam=F3n, PR
> 24. Carola Fernandez Rivera, PR
> 25. Otto L. Aldahondo, San Juan, PR
> 26. Omar G=F3mez, San Juan, PR
> 27. Grace M. Robiou, Guaynabo, PR
> 28. Vera Soltero, San Juan, PR
> 29. Isabel Ramos, San Juan, PR
> 30. Hector Arce, Boston, MA
> 31. Daniel Fox, Boston, MA

32. Herbert Fox, Lynn, MA

> "When spiders unite they can tie down a lion" (Ethiopian proverb)