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October 1999


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Moretown Educational <[log in to unmask]>
Wavel Cowen <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 8 Oct 1999 12:05:28 +0000
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Moretown Educational <[log in to unmask]>
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I have reviewed the Transportation policy and made suggested changes in
CAPS.  A few of these are substantive, many are editorial.
                                                ..... Wavell

If a transportation system is available to serve resident students, (ADD
COMMA) grades K-12, it will be designed to work in harmony with the
Harwood Union component for secondary students, grades 7-12. The system
will have designated pick-up and drop-off points ONLY(?) within
Moretown. The Board of Directors (BOARD) will approve all bus routes
prior to the beginning of each school year. The Principal is authorized
to make SUBSEQUENT minor changes in bus routes. Any requests for major
changes must, HOWEVER, be approved by The Board.
The purpose of this policy and procedures is to provide a methodology
for developing and maintaining a transportation system for getting
students to and from THE school.
1. Tranportation Services: The Board may enter into a contract with
public or private transportation system operators or may choose to
operate its own system. Any and all transportation arrangements are
subject to the provisions of this policy.
     The school Principal and Superintendent shall serve as liaison(s)
between the Board AND the transportation supervisor (and the community.)
DELETE (Presumably we are responsible to the community?)

2. Bus Routes: The Board will annually review and approve bus routes and
BUS stops based on safety and (will take) REPLACE BY(ALSO TAKING) into
consideration THE walking distance and travel times, as (it is) DELETE
appropriate. In approving BUS routes and BUS stops the Board (may)DELETE
WILL ALSO take into consideration road conditions(,) DELETE (AND ANY)
advice from the transportation company, (advice) DELETE from the Town
Road Commissioner and FROM THE Vermont safety agencies.
     Any permanent changes in the established BUS routes/stops/schedules
will be authorized by the (School)DELETE Board after consultation with
the Principal. Bus routes will be published in Board approved newspapers
prior to the opening of the school year. The Board recommends students
be at the bus stops not later than 5 minutes prior to pick-up times as
buses are instructed not to wait (MORE THAN X SECONDS) for students.
     A parent (or legal guardian) may request a change in a bus route or
BUS stop by presenting, in writing, such A request to the Principal(.
The Principal) DELETE (WHO) has the authority to make minor changes (to
bus routes). DELETE
     If a parent elects to present a bus route or BUS stop change to the
Board, the Board will evaluate the information presented (and take)
DELETE (TAKING) into consideration any safety issues (that will have an
impact on the student(s).) DELETE
     The Board (of School Directors) DELETE may enter into a contract
with an individual to provide necessary transportation if in the Board's
opinion it is in the best interest of those concerned.

3. Kindergarten: The Board will make every effort to limit walking
distance for kindergarten students.

4. Eligibility of Students:
a. All resident students, (K-12,) living more than (.5)DELETE (0.5)
mileS from school, (K-12) DELETE are eligible to ride ON A SCHOOL BUS.
Other requests will be reviewed by the administration and approved by
the Board.
(a.) B. The school may provide partial bus service to non-resident
pupils attending school within the district.  Parents of non-resident
pupils will be held responsible for additional expenses for this
(a.) C. The privilege for students to have transportation provided for
them may be temporarily withdrawn by the principal, if bus rules and
regulations are not respected and followed.

(2.) 5.  Principal's Responsibilities:
a. To notify the Board of any minor bus route changes.
b. To notify and consult with the Board on any proposed major bus route
c. To consult with the Transportation Company and any other agencies, as
required, for any proposed bus route changes.
d. To communicate with the Transportation Company concerning student
behavioral problems on the bus and (potential) DELETE problems
concerning bus drivers.
e. Coordinate busSING ruleS and regulations to the bus drivers through
the Transportation Company.
f. Communicate with parents about their child's behavior on the bus and
if (it becomes) DELETE necessary, notify parents of any suspension or
potential suspension from riding the bus.
g. Develop and maintain discipline rules and regulations for student
behavior on the bus.
h. Coordinate with the Transportation Company so that bus drivers are
aware of all discipline rules and regulations for student behavior.
i. Help the Board develop bid specifications for contracting WITH a
Transportation Company.
j. Coordinate with the Transportation Company IN RESPECT TO school
closings and early dismissals.