Hi Connie,

You can have a look also at:
"Stable isotopes in sedimentary geology" SEPM Short Course No. 10,
Dallas 1983 by M.A. Arthur (organizer), T. F., Anderson, I. R. Kaplan,
J. Veizer, L. S. Land

The broad range of stable isotopes you can find also at "Short Course in
Stable isotope geochemistry of low temerature fluids" Mineralogical
Association of Canada, vol. 13, Saskatoo,n, may 1987; Kyser T. K. (editor).
Have a look and decide if it is not to high level of your interests, but
you can find there many interesting things;

Have a nice day

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Connie Weyhenmeyer wrote:

>Dear Isogeochemists,
>I will be teaching an upper-level undergraduate course on “Isotopic
>Tracers in the Environment” this fall (mostly on stable isotopes) and I
>was wondering whether anybody can suggest a good textbook or has a script,
>booklet or report that you might be willing to share?!
>I am looking for something that includes a broader range of (stable)
>isotope applications in Earth and Environmental Sciences not ‘just’
>geology (Faure) or Hydrogeology (Fritz and Clark).  The broader the better!
>Any suggestions and ideas are highly appreciated!!
>Best regards – CONNIE
>Constanze Weyhenmeyer
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