ZymaX Forensics is an environmental forensics consulting and testing lab in San Luis Obispo, California.


We need a Director/Manager for our Stable Isotope Laboratory who has the experience necessary to supervise the department and operate our GV Isoprime IRMS Mass Spec and Vacuum Line Preparations. An MS or PhD in geology, analytical chemistry or related fields is required. The Position refers to The Director of Environmental Forensics Dr. Shan-Tan Lu. The start date is as soon as possible.


The isotope lab performs stable isotope ratio analysis of Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur in water, organics (petroleum), minerals and gases as well as vacuum line prep for Carbon 14 Analysis.


The business consists of 3 departments:

1. Environmental Forensics Consulting and Customer Service (1 PhD+ 1 Adm. Clerk)

2. Petroleum Geochemistry Lab (1 PhD + 1 Lab Tech)

3. Stable Isotope Lab (1 PhD + 1 Lab Tech)


Management of the department includes:

Talk to customers about the lab’s capabilities

Schedule instruments/vacuum-lines and Lab Tech(s)

Operate the GV Isoprime and the Vacuum-Lines

Process and review data

Ensure proper QA/QC

Sign certificates of Analysis

Development of new methods (Compound specific isotope ratios)

Repair and maintain the equipment

Purchasing of standards, reagents and spare parts


The lab has a Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometer with the following prep stations:


To see the type of analysis we run please download the Isotope Lab Brochure:



For more information on the Stable Isotope Lab please see our web site:



To put the Isotope Lab in context and get an idea of who you will be working with please see the ZymaX Forensics web site:


Please go through the “Forensics Primer”. It explains our petroleum geochemistry work in detail.


Download the Environmental Forensics Service Schedule. It tells what petroleum geochemistry tests we perform:



For general info see (Legal paper four-fold)




Applicants must send a letter of interest and their resume (preferably by email) to Dr. Jesper Nielsen ([log in to unmask]) detailing their prior experience with IRMS and vacuum line work as well as their experience and/or interest in developing compound specific analytical methods for chlorinated solvents, MTBE, perchlorate and organic compounds in petroleum derived mixtures.


Dr Jesper Nielsen

ZymaX Forensics, Inc

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San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-7300

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