Eawag, the aquatic research institute of ETH (Switzerland) has the following stable isotope job vacancy:

Technician for Stable Isotope Laboratory
The department of surface waters of Eawag in Kastanienbaum, Switzerland is seeking a technician to maintain and operate a mass spectrometry laboratory for Light Stable Isotopes. The laboratory houses a Micromass (now GV Instruments) Isoprime mass spectrometer with Trace Gas, EA (combustion and pyrolysis), GC and Multiflow peripherals. Research topics involve trace gas analysis (CH4 and N2O), compound specific isotopic analysis (carbon and hydrogen isotopes on organic molecules), water and solid phase analysis (sediments, cultures). At Eawag Kastanienbaum about 80 collaborators are working on applied environmental research. Responsibilities of the successful applicant include; application of established analytical procedures, development of new procedures, instrument maintenance, sample preparation and analysis, data reporting, quality assurance activities and more.

Required Skills: Experience with gaschromatography, gaschromatograph/mass spectrometer for organic compound identification, HPLC. Strong organizational skills and attentiveness to detail. Ability in meeting demanding deadlines while working independently on multiple tasks. The successful candidate must be able and willing to learn additional analytical techniques as necessary.

Desired Skills: Extensive hands-on experience with IRMS mass spectrometers and continuous flow peripherals, including development of new techniques. Experience with a wide-array of geochemical analytical techniques including organic geochemical extraction (sediments, cultures).  Good oral and written communication skills in German and English. Experience with Windows application software, including Word and Excel.

Education: Position requires a B.S. degree or equivalent in the physical or chemical sciences, or an equivalent combination of education and experience as lab technician.

Notes to Applicant:  Please send your complete application including curriculum vitae and references to Carsten Schubert, Eawag, Seestrasse 79, 6047 Kastanienbaum, Switzerland.

Deadline for application is 1.09.2005.

Research group:
Institute information: www.eawag.ch

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