If you have problems with an amplifier and you can not find the problem, we are
offering all new customers a ten hour tryout of our digital fingerprinting
system. If you would like you can send us the bad amplifier (or any other unit)
and one good unit so we can fingerprint it and track down your faulty unit. We
also offer a free fingerprinting service where we will come to a lab and sit
down in front of any working unit and fingerprint every board , unit down to
component level. All we ask is that the labs too far from Pittsburgh pay for
travel expenses. Then with your system on file whenever a unit dies, you can
ship it to us for repair. We feel that this service will save labs large amounts
of money as the big companys only care about bottom lines and not the customers.
Michael S. Leary
O'Hara Spectrometer Service
164 Glenfield Dr. 
Pittsburgh,  PA 15235
412-795-0797 Fax