Dear All,

Our University library has the 27th International Geological Congress
volumes (all 23 of them), but for some obscure reason they do not have the
abstract volumes. I am after two abstracts, which are as follows:

Doguzhaeva, L.A. "Periodicity in ammonoid shell growth and geochronometry"
(pp. 253-254).

Anisimov, Y.A., Kalikov, V.N., & Molin, V.A. "Study of the rings of growth
of belemnites with the purpose of determination geochronometry of Jurassic
Period" (pp. 235-237).

If anyone has access to these abstracts I would really appreciate it if you
could send me a copy of them (either by facsimile: +61 8 8232 3297) or to
the snail mail address below. If the abstracts are in Russian I would still
like a copy of them. Thank you for your help regarding this matter.



Darren R. Gröcke
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The University of Adelaide
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