As you know, I'm not a Mac guy, but I've been able to get everyone I "coached" to connect successfully with the old Mac PPP / Free PPP stuff by just having them be sure to eliminate the scripting stuff they had set up.  The folks who reported problems still had the setup configured to "waitfor" a username prompt which, of course, doesn't come anymore so their system just sat there and dutifully waited.  Could this be the problem your people are having?


>>> Bill Kimball <[log in to unmask]> 01/21/00 02:30PM >>>
Hi all - I have two questions to the group

1)  Has anybody fond a way to use old Config PPP and make it work with the
new govnet connections.  We have approximately 40% of our staff on old mac
with system 7.5 and below that does not use Open transport.  I could use
any suggetions that might fix this.

2)  Has anybody created a standard database that has the standard
number(ie. 1.1), the standard text(ie. Students use a variety of strategies
to help them read. This is evident when students use a combination of
strategies including:), the standard area, (ie. Communication Standards),
the standards sub-area ( ie. Reading).  I would prefer a filemaker
database, but I wold take a access one as well.


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