We're about to hop onto the MDConsult train, and are having some difficulty
deciding what registration model to go with - IP or non-IP restricted.
While we would love to make these resources available to staff from their
homes or other off-site locations, I can't figure out how to get around the
difficulties.  We are a teaching hospital with a huge number of people who
rotate through - residents, medical and nursing students, parents of
patients, community physicians.  If any one of them can set up a
registration while they are here, then continue to use it when they are no
longer here, our paltry 3 concurrent user licenses will soon collapse under
the weight.

I know that we could adopt a model of library staff issuing userids, but
that's too big a burden on our already overworked staff.
I wonder if anyone else has grappled with this and come up with a solution.

Thanks for your insights.


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