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They have a large variety of topics in several languages....

There is a link under Multi-lingual/bilingual resources
Primary Care Clinical Practice Guidelines - Cross-cultural Health Resources

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On Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:55:09 -0600, Carole M. Gilbert
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>Does anyone know where I can find a pamphlet or patient education or
>consumer health article on Diabetes in Russian?  I have searched the
>Net and of course when and if I do find anything I can't read it so I
>have no idea of the content.  We have a patient who has been in this
>country only one month and our Diabetes Educator has asked for help in
>finding pictures, pamphlets, etc to try to help with teaching this
>patient how to handle his newly diagnosed diabetes.
>Any help at all gratefully accepted!
>Carole Gilbert
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