Several weeks ago I did a brief survey on MEDLIB regarding charges for
unaffiliated users and promised to share the results with folks.  I
actually got as many "please share" requests as I did results - about  a
dozen of each.  A few unexpected major projects sent the summary to the
bottom of my desk, but I've finally at least pasted them into one 5-page
Word document.

The responses are quite varied - from virtually no charges, to some pretty
detailed fee schedules.  There wasn't much of a pattern - except that lots
of libraries are at least needing to consider the option.

I'm attaching that document to this email.  It's in Word97.  Call me or
email me if your email system can't handle attachment and/or you can't read
this version and I'll fax you a copy.

Thanks to all those who responded and sorry for the delay in getting these
back to you.

(See attached file: unaffiliated.doc)

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