We just received the 3rd edition of NEUROLOGY IN CLINICAL
PRACTICE: Principles of Diagnosis and Management, edited by
Walter G. Bradley, et al.  Prominently featured on the covers to
this volume it the URL www.nicp.com, with notes telling readers
that they need only to consult the website for the most
up-to-date information, as well as materials not contained in
the print volume, such as videos.  A single username/password is
included with the volume.  However, when I attempt to register
this username/password, the licence contains a stern warning:
"Readers who share their User Names are subject to service
revocation and session interruption."

It seems that this prohibits a library from publishing the
username/password either in the volume itself, or as part of the
catalog record.  When I called the publisher, the only
multi-user option they offer is a 5-user license for an
additional $1250.00, on top of the $300.00 already paid for the
print volumes.

I was wondering how other libraries/librarians are handing these



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