Now that the new DOCLINE system will make updating routing tables more
easily, I'm updating our tables and would be interested in hearing from
anyone wanting to do reciprocated lending for free.  We have a very
specialised collection (paediatric orthopaedics), but they include articles
in Joint and Bone Surgery back to the 1930s, nearly all of the CORRs, etc.
If interested, please send me your:
      Contact info
      NEW Docline LibID
      Whether we need to make any formal agreement

Our Docline LibID is KYUSSR (easy enough to remember).  The old one is
40502A.  Please feel free to place our number in your routing charts if you
are willing to reciprocate.  Thanks.

Elisabeth E. Rowan, MSLS, Hospital Librarian
Shriners Hospital for Children, 1900 Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502-1298
voice 606.266.2101 x1299 fax 606.268.5636 e-mail [log in to unmask]
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