Ascheim-Zondek test (A-Z test) was done in 50"s.  Woman's urine injected
subq into immatrue white mice.  If pregnant, the ovaries of the mice will
be enlarged, hyperemic, & hemorrhagic, and will show maturation of the
ovarian follicles. (Blakiston's New Gould Medical Dictionary, 2nd ed, 1956.
 Later on rabbits were used.  After that  male toads (xenopus laevis) were
used, and if the woman was pregnant, they would extrude sperm.

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Hi Colleagues,

We are requiring papers / articles discussing and outlining the History
of Pregnancy Testing . I have searched medline with little success.
(We also have some information that toads were used for urine screening
for pregnancy
here in Queensland Australia . However we have been unable to find any
evidence of this)Any help in locating a source for any information on
this topic would be greatfully received.
Many Thanks in advance.

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