Thanks so much for all your help in compiling this list, and to you who also
sent me where to go to find MORE conference lists.

Many of these will be in a PriceWatcher article. Since there are so many
conferences, I needed to know what came to unaided recall to information
professionals. As you can see, there are a lot that come to mind.

This is a list of all the conferences mentioned; I'm afraid I may have
deleted one message so if yours isn't listed, it's due to an unfortunately
fast delete finger. I'm sorry....I also left off some of the mid-winter or
seminar conferences....those may go into an article on training in the

NFAIS National Federation of Abstracting & Information
Intranets 2000 Online, Inc.
Computers in Libraries 2000 Information Today
Internet Librarian International & Libtech
Rubicon Communications
Information Highways 2000 Information Highways
SCIP Society for Competitive Intelligence
Econtent Online Inc. & Outsell Inc.
AIIP Assoc. of Independent Information Professionals
MLA Medical Library Association
National Online/IOLS Information Today
IEEE Advances in Digital Libraries 2000
file:// IEEE
SLA Special Libraries Association
AALL American Association of Law Libraries
Online World Online, Inc.
Internet Librarian Information Today
ASIS American Society for Information Science
Online Information Learned Information Europe

AIIM Association for Information Managment International
Search Engines & Beyond Meeting
Business Information International by TFPL

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