--- Dana Dorsett <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> How much of the mountain is skiable,
> rock-skiable, rock skiable on
> my _brother's_ rock skis, etc.?

The mountain is reporting 26 trails with 25-36" base,
I have 16-36" listed on (the
UNofficial website of BV). The trails with snowmaking
are in great shape, some of the minor trails were thin
Sunday. We should be getting 3-5" today which will
help. They have completed the largest Half Pipe ever
up here which opens today on 'Practice Slope' in front
of the lodge. The Quad will probably not be open this
weekend - still waiting for that elusive dump (like
that 27" we had mid-November). I'll be racing tonight
and will update tomorrow if it's warranted.

>Any good off-piste picks? (I'm willing to
skin/hike/climb for it, of course.)

The Preacher/Devils Playground area (skiers left off
chair 4) may be what your looking for. I have not been
in there yet this year.

Dana - missed you (my fault) over Xmas, I'll be out
there (and at the Tavern) this weekend.


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