Excuse me! Excuse me! :)

   That guy has been antagonized repeatedly over the last two weeks+ by one
simple act. Not a word, not even eye contact is needed. To get him going,
all that is required is the passing of plaid into the region he is trying to
guard. A pattern has been established. One or two or five intruders duck,
weave and bob; then he comes out and starts yelling in vain. For him, it has
reached a level of futility that now has him asking politely for the
intruders' attention. Still, in vain. The latest pillaging came by the
intrusion was of Vertigo. Treeson.

Jim Bauman wrote:

>  My expectations for styrfoam and
>windblown were not too far off, but with a little
>impetus from that wonderful ski-vt zen, tatsy treats
>were found.

     You nailed that. There was a lot of the thicker, slabby stuff, some
lighter stuff was playing hide n seek, and large quantities of the chopped
up, tenderized and mashed up versions of both were all over everywhere. No,
not quite everywhere- nobody had recently skied Everglade in it's entirety.
Weird, thick snow was in there. Untouched and looking like fresh powder, it
was much slower & more work than what it was disguised as. It was still nice
in the steeps & was good enough for a return visit later on.

>Marc instigated BBP and honest to goodness powder at
>the top gave way to a wind-consildated layer on top
>thick snow lower down.

   He certainly did introduce us to a gem! That is yet another area of great
tree skiing with affiliation to the Long Trail. Thank you Marc!

>... the Jerm/Marc/Matt trio off Valhalla.

    Valhalla was excellent! Snow wasn't so thick in there & the terrain was
entertaining at a good pitch. Little drops and trees were well placed &
spaced- but not _too much_; it is a very fun one to take at speed.

>to a little slot towards the end of
>the Tram ridgeline we believe to be called Pumphouse.

    We did hear people call it that, but Marc later spoke of it's origin and
proper name- Couliour Topless. This a _great_ chute with a thrilling pitch.
A short walk in a high alpine environment is followed by some picking and
choosing; finding a steep way through a ski eating minefield. Stumps & rocks
stick up like randomly placed teeth which look poised and waiting to bite.
With more snow this would be easier, and we noted some serious potential for
big drops with just one more good storm... Once below these protruding
barbs, a very long and waysteep shot of successive, gripping, kicking, and
feel fantastic turns were made one after another after another down a
direct, heart pounding descent. A streaming flow of kicked up snow shrapnel
was continously racing it's creators all the way to the bottom. Yeah, that's
steep. It was an injection that created the need for a another dose...

>  ...was reported later to be quite
>the epic...

     Benjie, Jerm and I were standing near each other, tilting our heads and
looking up from similar perspectives. All we could see were constant bits
and pieces of snow raining down into view. This went on for several seconds
until, out of nowhere, a ski came rocketing down like a yellow missile
through the air, landing in the sluff and skidding to a halt. That looked
awesome. I can remember such things happening to me before, now I know what
it looks like.

   Jim & I have only scratched the surface of this day, many more scenes and
stories are yet to be told- I look forward to the words & reports of the
many others that were there.

   Another tidbit- Jerm, Benjie and myself all suck. We left Dan Barron high
& dry at the top of Couliour Topless. While he was taking off his tele's, we
left his view and didn't return to it until the day was over. It was poor
communication on many levels and if this is any consolation Dan, we really
felt guilty after we thought about what happened. We suck.

>BTW, look for the Belfry report from Matt and Jerm

    This time around wasn't super special. Just the normal crowded bar scene
& conversations over dinner and drinks. No bubbly bartender with the happily
admitted urges to ski where you're not s'posed too. But, the bartender on
duty (who was also on last Sat) does have something about her that certainly
gets my attention...

  Next Stop: Orford. Oh boy, we found some silent thunder. Covered in a
fresh, light, deep white dream. More to come...

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