Much catching up to do, including some kind of non-repetitious, if possible by
the time I can get to it, recap of the Jay Orford Sutton Swampfest (Orford was
the star), but this just made my eyes pop.

"C. Bates" wrote:

> One hour and twelve minutes -- 72 minutes -- after
> moving out of my [Spruce] parking space did I arrive at Route 108.

Pray tell, CB, if you can stand the recalling, how is that _possible_?
Did someone stage a sit-in protest? Was there impassable ice? A heart attack?
Or, as I suspect, just a total lack of patience, and too many cars
aggressively seeking to defy Sir Isaac's rule about two objects in one place
at one time and the impossibility, not to mention inadvisability, of same?
(Which reminds me of Jim Dugan and Dick Carlson at Jay Saturday, but that's
another, far tamer story.) The saga time and distance you relate, C., boggles
the mind.


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